Vape Review of Element Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid (20ML)

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Element Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid (20ML)

Vape Review of Element Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid (20ML)

By Elena Ognivtseva

The taste of the Florida Keys, all the way! Tangy and sweet, yet buttery and smooth, Key Lime cookies are the perfect balance of citrus notes and sugary cookies. This vape juice captures it all with the very finest ingredients for the absolute best performing.

Vape Review of Element Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid (20ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid (20ML)

hey youtubers I'm JP vaping and this is
Key Lime cookie by element now this is
an 8020 vgp g-mix it's an American
company and it's the most amazing juice
the flavor in this is insane it's
absolutely insane it's a mass amount of
key lime it is tremendous I got the rule
Oh with the mutation XV four then I'm
going to be vaping this on and I'll
start it off of 40 watts I'll tell you
what it's like bags a kilo I've been
vaping this for a long time now I've
never been getting cookie from it at all
you might vape it and get some other
kind of experience some other kind of
tastes but you know I just keep on
getting bags a key line that's it I take
it up to 50 under here and vape it again
and tell you what it's like 50 watts on
the rule oh you could probably pick this
up from any vendor that you're close to
them it's that good everywhere I known
this stopped it every website and pretty
much has got it I'll put it on I'll put
links to websites that you can get it
below and yeah it's just bags a key lime
if you put more power through it you
could just get more key line with more
key line for a 7020 mix it's surprising
how much flavor thing that it can
produce it's not a synthetic flavor it's
not an artificial flavor that that that
comes out of this it's like your reason
the real thing it's really really juicy
it's really really intense it's a strong
strong line and it's not too much is
sharp you know like a natural line would
be so when on the description it says
melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookies
brightened with a sweet yet tiny citrus
the world famous Floridian key limes
well it's amazing it is amazing so if I
was you I'd get as much as I could of
this stuff they sell it in 20 ml bottles
they sell it in 125 mill these lovely
presentation bottles like a science lab
bottle and it comes in two different
strengths three mil of nicotine and six
male nicotine and yeah it is what it is
it's key lime it's amazing to honestly
go and get some go and get them it's the
most amazing stuff I could just fight
this although I could write this in my
sleep I wake up in the middle of the
night and I'd be like where's the key
lime I need to fake this stuff man so
get yourself some I'll put some links in
the links below and you can get me on
instagram @ JP vaping you can get me on
facebook join the page there JP vaping
give me a like on either or write some
comments below like and subscribe to my
page I'm going to be bringing you some
more chief reviews I'm going to be doing
some hardware review so I'm going to
review in my mir das and my tanks and my
mods and stuff and yeah take you through
my vaping journey um that's it it's the
best thing that ever happened and be
vaping best thing that ever happened to
me and i'll be i'll be doing a video on
i'll tell you all about vaping genie
this is Key Lime cookie by elements go
and get yourself some go and get
yourself some I'll take it up to 60
watts I'll tell you what it's like this
mod is amazing by the way go Gabe don't
get yourself long 318 650s take the back
it's just fantastic it is fantastic best
of all I got bags of flavor bags and
bags of flavor the amazing vapor
production amazing everything a vapor a
sub own work at once this the point
three two you could make this on
anything if you chuck massive clouds
this is this is a good juice you're
going to get bags of flavor with those
massive clouds you're not going to
compensate for either or it's it's that
good it's that good I can't rave on
about it anymore all the links will be
below thanks for watching wherever you
are I'm JP vaping like and subscribe to
the page and I'll see you soon guys bye

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