Vape Review of Element Frost E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Element Frost E-Liquid

Vape Review of Element Frost E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

Feelin' frosty? This is the perfect sweet and icy menthol blend that adds some chill to your vapor! A vape juice that is equally tantalizing in the taste and sensation departments, it gives you that cool menthol taste with a shot of tingle and a sugary side note.

Vape Review of Element Frost E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Frost E-Liquid

all right papers every paper here again
another juice of you from element
eliquids this is frost elementary
liquids is a company from sunny South
Florida producing a great range of
liquids a recent exhibition fake German
UK they won best juice line and my
opinions well-deserved I have reviewed
some of the liquids before I reviewed
some of their standard range now I've
got some of their dripper range to
review as well and it's very good stuff
in my opinion but I'll let you be the
judge of that if you buy some Frost is
described as shake your senses with a
gratifying mental blend frost is mildly
sweet and chilling mental experience
it's all USP grade ingredients organic
nicotine is well extracted from tobacco
leaves 100% u.s. main juice and also
it's 100% steeped and diacetyl free as
well very good to hear
looking at the bottling other packaging
on this it's just a sample that David's
given me but it's um it's still pretty
much sealed P compliant there's no
actual written warnings on here that I
can see to have a chocolate cap and
there is taps or triangles even on the
samples the comes in 20 mil glass
dropper bottles and a 20 mil glass
dropper bottle will cost you in the UK
$12.99 few US viewers you can also get
it in the US as well so frost is a
menthol and it's 80 percent VG so in the
form a triple we are going to try out in
a dripper so I've got it here at 21
watts just a point 6 own bill and it's a
good strong mental or I always take your
breath away mentors but with an added
swing this is a kind of minty taste in
there as well
give me a bit of sweetness let's bump it
up a bit let's go to 40 was as 80% bgt
you would expect a good amount of a
production massive throat hit but that's
because of the menthol in that there
drip arranged that they do is all low
strength nicotine so 0 3 & 6 milligram
so you've got this real take your breath
away menthol and then a sweetness and
the thing about element a liquids is
they give you a mouth texture and the
flavors just go on and on so on the
exhale you're left with this very sweet
minty taste ok let's go up a bit then
let's go up to 60 watts now I'm not the
biggest metal fan in the world
dripping menthol is not my ideal but if
you like your strong mentors this is a
good strong one
but it's got that nice sweetness to it
as well from the sweet flavouring of
mint that they're putting in there so as
I said before you can get that from
elements a liquids dot-com this one is
Frost $12.99 for a 20 ml bottle he'd be
like you meant those checking it out

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