Vape Review of Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid (20ML)

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid (20ML)

Vape Review of Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid (20ML)

There's nothing quite like the level of fresh that comes with the taste of freshly squeezed citrus, and this vape juice captures that essence to the max. It's so bright and citrusy, you'll be wondering if the oranges were just picked off the tree!

Vape Review of Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid (20ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid (20ML)

what my fate Maddox how's it all going I
hope you're all well and you were all
enjoying whatever you may be vaping on
today we've got another little eliquid
review for you and yet it's element a
liquid company yet again I'm really
really digging element a liquids at the
moment and this one is fresh squeezed
fresh squeezed it is a ATV g20 PG it's
it's another lovely juice by Elliman I
just did the strawberry whip which was
really really nice and yeah again this
one as well is absolutely killer yet
again it likes it nice and hot nice and
warm works incredibly well on your
drippers buy found it works just as well
in your sub ohm tanks especially with
those lower coils to point 2 to point
freeze that you can really work up the
wattage on about 60 watts you know it
just hmm
it's very very very nice so let's get a
little blast as you can see I've killed
it I'm just killing this juice I needed
to get this review out quick because I
am loving it right okay oh it's nice
it's it's got zing it's got a lot of
zing is very very orangie it's got a
kind of sort of like orange juice it's
got a sweetness to it and a kind of sort
so not bitter but it's kind of like
definitely zing I suppose is the best
word to describe it it just kind of hits
is it in all day vape mmm it can get a
bit much it can get a bit much but it is
absolutely on a hot day and down the
south of UK at the moment it has been
baking is been beautiful and this really
has been going down very very well so if
your out about you know it's hot and
you're thinking to yourself you know
anything refreshing you know like not a
dense kind of dessert flavor or anything
like that then yes absolutely winning is
the the orange squeeze
currently rocking it currently in the
free max star with an Atlantis version
to coil in it the naught point 5 ohms
I've got it on about 28 watts actually
it's still you know it's still quite
these are dripping liquids all the
ding-dong day you know they're high VG
and they work best on your drippers so
let's give this a little rock 60 watts
on a nought point free on coil let's go
oh yeah it just you get it always kind
of got kind of just the fruitiness and
the flavor to it is just absolutely
stellar it's really really really really
nice I don't know much more I can say I
just recommend this range of e-liquids I
mean my girlfriend absolutely adores
them too so much so that she went out
and bought some more from the element
range this morning so hopefully we'll
get those soon and I might be able to
rock a little review on those ones but
yeah these liquids were sent to me by
vape club co2 UK that's vape club or co2
UK thank you very much for sending them
on appreciated especially these element
ones they are just awesome some another
little we're trying to think of more
things to say about the kind of these
liquids other than just gush about them
and blow clouds into camera but you know
they're just really really good and
they're a good price they're 1199 for 20
mils to some of you that may be
expensive to some of you that may be
absolutely fine I mean we've got a local
shop here it's a bad shop but we've got
a local shop here in Chichester and you
know for really high PG week harsh
tasting juices they charge five pound
per 10 mils and you know you may have
one of those shops who are kind of
trying to break the industry like those
and conning people into thinking they're
good liquids you know and you might
think to yourself that that's your
standard and if that is your standard
and that's what you're used to then you
for 20 mils and just a couple of quid
more you're getting absolute
high-quality beautiful juices so you
know I'd definitely recommend going to
vape club I've got a massive range of
stuff it's all reasonably priced and
yeah you're gonna find something you
like sorry if I upset anyone with my
kind of bad-mouthing I'm not going to
name who the shop is but um you know I I
just I think there's some shops out
there we're just out there to kind of
make a quick buck and and get out of the
game and just make as much money as they
can and they don't really care about the
customers to consumers and things like
that and I'm against that I don't like
that because I think they give the
industry a bad name and also you know
they put people off vaping because that
might be the first place they go into
they look at the high prices it doesn't
taste that great and they thinks
themselves this isn't for me and that's
not the experience we want new vapors to
be getting but yeah so they Club Cody UK
thank you very much for setting these on
element fresh squeezed let's have
another little oh it's just very very
very nice let's get a little description
up so specifically designed for use with
drippers and mechanical mods this fresh
squeeze a liquid by element is an orange
themed juice which provides all the
flavours and all our zing you could ever
possibly want from an orange flavored
liquid the layers of flavor create a
natural freshly squeezed orange taste
that they do with sweet notes and the
tiny tones of plenty on both the inhale
and the exhale yeah again nice lovely
description and I would say it sums it
up pretty well if you haven't tried the
element range yet I strongly suggest you
do I have been utterly impressed and
yeah I'm just I'm killing it I'm just
going so quick I love it
beautiful nice okay so um thank you to
all describe subscribers as always very
much appreciated all your comments thank
you to all the new subscribers I do hope
you find what you might be looking for
with this channel from a guy who always
wears a beanie with some crappy lighting
and a bit of a roughest take but
hopefully I tried to do honest reviews
and you appreciate that so big props to
all the people who constantly comment
you know who you are
thank you much appreciated and yeah this
is me out element eliquids boom big plus
to our two and they both smashed it out
of the park which is great so um yeah
one more time for the old vape club
because I do appreciate them sending
these on go out get some fresh squeezed
especially as the weather's getting nice
and hot now you will definitely not
regret it
thanks very much teen pace

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