Vape Review of Element Emulsions Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie E-Liquids Black Friday Exclusive

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie E-Liquids Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie E-Liquids Black Friday Exclusive

The Element E-Liquid comes in a 10ml bottle; it’s a sweet fruity mix consisting of fruity pink lemonade combined with citrus biscuit Key Lime Cookies. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie E-Liquids Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Emulsions Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie E-Liquids Black Friday Exclusive

you ready guys up ready either
hi guys and welcome back to vapor keys
are today we've got to take a bit
different for you we are on set on set
on location location even you're on
location at bat sets so studio and vape
shop you'll be owner wears this is Wiz
from fat Bates who's finally going to
give us some new jutsu two of you today
what we got for us was I've got to
banging douches yeah you got strawberry
whipped and banana nut from element of
lovely and you've got a pink lemonade
and Key Lime cookie lovely to this yeah
these are the emulsions juices with a
mixer two of the other flavors put
together something we're going to do a
versus yeah okay well I've got some
stuff in one gal your juiced up any
other I think we're good to go got me
because you feel that was don't worry we
share that do your thing and banana not
you are you are probably new know what
let's give this a go
I mean straight off the bat that is
lovely so we go get strawberry initially
and then it comes in with a banana or
afterwards yeah whispers why about
banging I mean I like any bacilli lot
they were dude are convinced they're
yeah can't really go wrong with them
none skip much not personally
I'll get the strawberry okay no that's
when I get a hint I don't know yeah
those juices don't see starts to the
you could definitely taste the
strawberry from the from the off and
then the banana comes in and that's the
the kind of lingering flavor you get the
banana but Robbie the second you hit
down which is not so much Oh some juices
you don't get story showing when you get
a bit yeah I mean yeah I mean how and it
seems you're finishing hang but that is
strongly just sitting all those in
instantly and then as I said it softens
it with a banana log and that's the
thing I never met elements I personally
am definitely not getting much nut I'm
just not getting much not in there
destroyed on there differently and I
think we've we've elements as well one
of the reasons I like animus the
lingering flavor doesn't stay along it's
just enough beauty of our case there and
some know sometimes you get a linger
flavor yes changing now I'm not quite
I'm a massive fan of that
I think a very very big fan but one more
go this is small that's just lovely
I'd probably go as far as saying that's
nicest strawberry do so I've done so far
I actually prefer that for the knowledge
lobby with yeah you're a big fan of this
probably hence the reason you know what
happy when we see we're doing this today
yes yes so grab enough gone and you have
you've got that one more time and give
me your score girl well I'm a big fan of
it of course sound written I really did
like it hope you better mate
yeah night from me I'm gonna go seven
personally yep so it was at seven or
seven point five that's not good I think
I fucked sports be night so fast that's
a day an hour tops cream then I mix top
squirrel type of seven yes this is
significantly and producers would review
so far what updates did my mod my myself
I've got the element pink lemonade and
Kedar cookie and now that Pingdom ladies
like crap to me
I bought four bottles a week ago and buy
into the first I've done sales and I
thought about 40 meals in a day
apparently made yeah so every time you
speak to somebody elements yeah pink
lemonade yeah of all I think lemonade I
think was the first lemon juice I tried
to read your facial expressions about
was one of theirs amazing the my big
issue with pink lemonade elements is
it's hard to want to go to anything else
after you made of pink lemonade elements
okay yeah I think I've only been to that
I was worried about this because I'm not
I don't mind the kid I'm cookie bun
don't cook you so much and I don't get a
kid it might be my taste buds I don't
really get the cookie I'll get the key
lime yeah I know it's taken a little bit
this is a sweets out a little bit of
sourness to it missing yeah exactly
yeah I know what you mean but it's
counteracted yes lovely line you I'm
loving I am NOT in this one this juice
yeah I think it's no words I didn't hold
back no good
I've got I have another one you give me
one so far so let's go again
just every tiny just just it's just
chocolate ah top scores right I'm gonna
I'm gonna come down okay if this I'm
gonna score it I don't give me a perfect
school because I leave no room ready to
be able to come in but I'm gonna give
this as close to perfect scores I've
given anything and that's a straight
line for me yeah days ah
I mean dude
I think I'm gonna have to give you a 9
as well
ice my favorite juice with a mix this
than a point it's a nine nice across the
ball to think things mr. go knowing it
is Battle of the two winner is yeah pink
name and I just give it a little shot
there Matt is our winner so if you're
looking to go by and it's either one if
you gave a one you're gonna be happy
you're really not gonna be upset away
but my solid recommendation is pink
lemonade and key like that is so nice I
hate so on you know I'm a big fan of
your man indeed I prefer that one to be
it that's why I praise him dude that is
really - I'm gonna try this out what
that's done for that one and absolutely
even big fat bacon selves thank you very
in this film and the fact you go
surprises and juice it's a study
so remember leave it on the bait and
keep it clarity guys

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