Vape Review of Element Emulsions - Pink Grapefruit - Blueberry E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Element Emulsions - Pink Grapefruit - Blueberry E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of Element Emulsions - Pink Grapefruit / Blueberry E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

By Ksenia Sobchak

The Pink Grapefruit / Blueberry E-Liquid by Element Emulsions Series comes in a 10ml bottle. It’s a fruity E-Liquid which tastes of pink grapefruit and blueberry flavours. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Element Emulsions - Pink Grapefruit - Blueberry E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Emulsions - Pink Grapefruit / Blueberry E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

hello ello ello ello ello
Jomon telling me how fast you were the
one then says well I was doing four
hundred and fifty seven thousand miles
and how infinity fuck off
what in other news guys go my beautiful
iPhone 7 plus it's fucking amazing
ah I finally got it hashtag fuck
Vodafone because they took three months
to was that soon to them or three months
to get me a phone that he still didn't
get me 24 hours with o2 and just look at
that it is fucking gorgeous I've got a
case on it or ideas not to drop it for
128 gig version in silver iPhone 7 plus
fucking brilliance absolutely love the
thing big fucking ass need I've just put
all this talk on it cuz that was my old
one I used up the six so you can sorta
get the idea between the two of them
there are value better you big phones so
enough of that talk because a lot of
these are up there or Android where we
go and it's not an apple it's stuck an
apple it's stuck an apple it's thanking
mine isn't blowing up just saying for
all you Samsung users so next video up
for review well not a video up for
review don't review videos next juice or
for review is something I picked up
today I actually bought this one I
bought this one I smelt it and I was
like oh so this video is a youth review
and this one is a new flavorful elements
then blue lovely bastards over at
elements and this one is a new flavor in
the emulsions line and it is pink
grapefruit and blue brief I don't know
what you might think of that one boy I
smelled it before open this bottle shit
man shit in a box
that smells gorgeous and the more I'm
gonna be using is the Nugget Pro it's at
the recoil chipper I'm gonna use that
one but yeah
pink grapefruit and Bloo Blee a t20 in
the V
J Trevor range struggled on rapper
because what else would you say man you
could put it in the tank and fucking man
do coils but I'm gonna put it on a
dripper and the recoil is sort of in
need of a cotton change but I've done a
lot of wear to it so here we go so the
car I'm only changing in about mm
another go or two but we should be okay
for now it'll get an off it'll get me
through this one put it that way right
what on what on the recoil and what on
the artery and we're on nor point one
three ohms now 80 Watts pink late freeze
and blueberry by elements does smell
fucking gorgeous to be fair I get more
pink lemonade then I get grapefruits
which is strange
it smells like a lemons pink lemonade
but that Bloo Blee is in the background
very slight whether it comes out in the
flavor well we'll find out won't we a
bunch of cunts book right 80 watts first
vape on it let's do it like it's like
pink lemonade I have a fucking ages very
very very sweet as you can imagine with
elements all their juices are really
really sweet that is not grapefruits
that's pink lemonade whether it's the
blueberry they're not I'm not too sure
or that is definitely pink lemonade and
the blueberry is on the very end lid to
leave your blink you'll miss it it's
sort of like a little phase on the end
it is literally pink lemonade with a
really real slight hint of blueberry at
the end it just gives it a little bit of
an internist and aftertaste but a tea
watch a TV G really really thick liquid
elements always a beard in my opinion
always slightly higher than a TV G it
looks a lot thicker than an easy but use
them on a drip back if you haven't got a
tank if you haven't got something I had
cleats on one to NZ or even a Clio
first-gen or a v8 something like that
don't even entertain Parliament tanks
always dip them like it says on the
bottle it is the River Range I learn
that the hard way by just not put on the
mom drippers and bottom in tanks and
element liquids will chew through your
coils in that particular that mix that
ratio that 80 VG ship or very very tasty
on a dripper I haven't had that flavor
for so long I know I keep on saying it's
pink lemonade it's not it's pink leaf
but I'm getting pink lemonade so you
know that's what I'm getting
but when you have another flavor for a
while they just smack you right in the
face that I ha ha ha ha ha it is very
very good bought it very sweet as well
so for all you sweet to people out there
you're gonna love this but very very
sweet just for the purpose of the video
I'm gonna give this build a little bit
more power than what the Arthur T Pro
can give it that no give Brown I've been
vaping this tank now on hundred and
twenty all day so this build
should the easily take 120 it's on 120
I'll put it I put up wondered on it and
see what we get out some flavours lately
the like home the monsters they just
literally want more power does they give
me more gimme more and you'll get them
it's all over under what so let's put a
bit more on it because that is a little
bit dry we'll see how you get on well
very very thick liquid you can just tell
just from that bottle these fucking drip
is a shit on this bowl over this and
that's not very good a bit more on there
like I say using the max I wondered what
put a little bit more power through it
and I'll see what we pull from that this
time here we go
any old fucking hell Wow more power
blueberry comes in the blueberry comes
in a lot fucking more wow that's tasty
lock more vapor production fucking hell
man if I pink lemonade it's still pink
lemonade a clay foots fucking not even
getting a lock in it there's no chance
that's grapefruits and the blueberry
really comes in strong the more power
you give it at an interest and flavor
that I like the way flavors do that you
get them a bit more power to change less
power they just fucking die Bor 100
that's fucking gorgeous that really
really sweet liquid oh yeah dad ain't
gonna last long that one 20 20 mil
really really really nice have to taste
on as well really the freshness of taste
like I said you get the lemonade because
fuck laid fruit and then the blue be um
a tea watch on them artery with a little
bit like on the end I hit one to the
console but couldn't ordered walked on
the Mac so four fucking batteries
kicking it dead in its a lot more
stronger predominant whatever you want
to say comes and halfway through and it
is a very realistic blueberry as well
I'm really liking that element so
smashed it but that wants to be fair
it's in the emulsions range so it's
basically other man mix and all the
flavors together the two of the flavors
together but I like key lime coffee and
frost in that line it's very cold lime
is very very good but that's beautiful
that is a really nice juice oh yeah oh
yes that is very sweet banging what I
like really really sweetie sugary sweets
probably not good for coils whatsoever
that's why you they put on it but the
flavor a lot one thing elements of
always daughters made brilliant flavors
a lot of flavor goes into their liquids
there's never been a dull flavor with
elements they've always been really
strong but that takes the piss that's
one of the main element flavours I've
ever tried
gorgeous absolutely gorgeous 3 milligram
nicotine smooth as you like no nicotine
hit no PG hit nothing like that really
Pleasant really smooth vapor very very
good flavor that's a 10 out of 10 for me
that was a damn good juice and bake that
all day long but yeah one down or one
juice to go and I'll give it a sneak
peak of what it is pick the top today
it's sour house by neighborhoods which
I've tried their liquids in the past at
all the line with the converse on the
box and pick this up before in a
different shop yes I do go to all the
shops you know and so that's up for the
view next I'm gonna steal that one cats
on 60 ml 50 milligram nicotine not sure
on the VG just yet it doesn't merely say
anywhere but I think the last one was
70/30 it doesn't tell me whatsoever on
the box nope it just says 60 mil 3
milligram nicotine so we'll look into
that more in the next video anyway you
know what you've got to come and socials
and shit will be below I like to say
you're interested in women and Arthur
the mix ad mods don't check the last
video and leave a comment on the video
and you can win yourself a nice new mod
single 18 650 80 watt sexy times to be
had by all
don't leave a comment and yeah I will
see you all in the next video guys bye
for now

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