Vape Review of Element Emulsions Key Lime Cookie + Frost E-Liquid

April 18, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Key Lime Cookie + Frost E-Liquid

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Key Lime Cookie + Frost E-Liquid

Element's Emulsion series e-liquids come in 20ml and 60ML bottles and combine their best flavors for a sweet and unique blend sure to please vapers alike. With Key Lime Cookie + Frost, enjoy flaky, velvety cookies with notes of lime and mint to wake up your taste for something you've never tasted before. Pick it up today!

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Key Lime Cookie + Frost E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Emulsions Key Lime Cookie + Frost E-Liquid

welcome back Empire vape shop we're
doing a review on element today name's
Graham my name is Dustin and this is
what we got element stepped on the scene
my first taste of it was pink lemonade
just this thick juicy lick your lips
vape it was it was like drinkin pink
lemonade and it absolutely blew my mind
when I first tried it I got I felt so
level that I put it in a tank and I
baked it non-stop for weeks I could not
get enough of it I tried to make it I
tried to clone it it just wasn't
happening I just had to suck it up and
keep paying that price for it but uh
it's that good it makes me just want to
not stop I haven't seen somebody not
like it yeah it's awesome the first one
I tried was actually fresh-squeezed one
of our team members brought it into the
shop was like hey this was forever ago
you need to try this in a bottle of
fresh-squeezed and it's like biting into
an orange it's like a really sweet
orange juice it's in your face it's at
warm relic to vape at warmer
it's absolutely delicious it's it's like
eating or drinking orange juice there's
a lot of orange flavors out there there
are none like this this is a very unique
orange flavor it's pretty
self-explanatory it's a simple flavor
but they just really did it right they
nailed it on the head so those were the
two citrus flavors were the ones that
were really have made I think a staple
in the liquid industry for element there
other flavors in the dripline are really
awesome as well but these were the two
that I get asked for most often and I
think the ones that grew to be really
popular and then when they came they
announced that pink grapefruit was
coming out which is their latest
addition everybody got really excited
because we know how awesome they they do
with their citruses
and when we tried it we had an
opportunity to try it for the first time
it was no surprise how awesome it was so
um labeling packaging man bright blue
bottle bright white label periodic table
style it's got all the disclaimers and
anything and everything that you would
want to see on a legit company they
really nailed it with this marketing um
120-125 flasks um what are they called
again Erlenmeyer beaker Erlenmeyer
beakers that's a mouthful and so's the
juice man they're just sexy you don't
see this anywhere 125 plus or minus five
I mean look at the levels on they just
they're very generous they just dump it
in there man
it used to be a novelty item actually
these guys were making these for vaping
connoisseurs and some shop owners and
they were really limited and then people
started realizing or I'm assuming
element started realizing that
motherfucker's want these oh and then
they they finally bumped up production
onto these we used to have a limit for
how many a month we could carry at the
shop no more limits anymore so these are
all over the place you can get any of
the flavors in the flasks they're pretty
awesome they're a little bit you got to
have an extra dropper if you're going to
drip juice out of them because they come
with this cork that can get a little bit
leaky but other than that it's a cool
novelty item I won't say I haven't drank
rum and coke out of one of these before
but they're very cool flask that one off
the bucket lid so let's jump in let's
let's rock out this pink grapefruit
because I love grapefruit I grew up
eating mom's grapefruit don't take it
there but yeah I like grapefruit it's
good shit curved curved River pretty
sweet and I believe that's exclusive to
the drip line they have another line of
liquid that are 50/50 blends and they
have a few other flavors and I'm a few
of the flavors from the drip line are in
there 50/50 blend line but if you aren't
yeah so they have this other line is
well and I don't think the droppers are
curved your mom leaves 50/50 she doesn't
she likes she likes 70/30 blends gotcha
look I'm licking it it's that good mmm
I'm all juiced up I'm all missing out
let's rocket help grapefruit
I'm over it I was the anticipation that
had built up to it
I had been so excited waiting for it and
it was too such a like no surprise to me
how awesome it was I didn't even get
excited about it I was just like yep
this flask is mine I'm going on with it
you know you know it's that good like
wait we literally knew it was going to
be exactly what it is because that's
what we've come to expect from them I
can't see I can't wait to see what they
come out with next so yeah element
eliquid is in all of our shops in maine
we have all the other flavors if you
guys want to hear a review on the other
ones let us know drop a comment in the
comment section see if you want to see
if you want to see another element
flavor talked about they've got some
other good ones we just picked up
watermelon chill that one's been doing
really well so let us know what you guys
want to see thanks for watching has
anything you want to add we did it
they're cool I'm have a quick baked
keep it cloudy keep regarding
motherfuckers what's up there YouTube
today we're going to be talking about
eliquid and vaping and what the what it
does to your body see it drives you out
it drives you out big-time I got dry
knuckles my knuckles dry the
my muscles tense up in my arm they get
really real tense in my arm I get muscle
spasms in my arm and I'm fat and
overweight and I don't exercise but I
like my 50 PG my 60 VG my 70 VG my 80 BG
my 90 BG my max VG I like all my VG my
PG in my different juices so I refuse to
do anything about that in order to make
my experience better so I'm just going
to continue on vaping what I want to
vape on and I'm going to find another
solution and that solution is these
essential oils by plant therapy and they
are not paying me to do this review
plant therapy and I just take a couple
drops like this and I do like that and I
put them on my draw knuckles and I just
rub it in I rub it in and then I drink
my because this is a paid advertisement
I have to take my label off my water and
take drink my water like that keep
yourself hydrated no more dry knuckles
I'm gonna take quick vape
yeah this is rip drippers and remember
give me all your money
send me your free stuff I'm going to
sell out this whole fucking industry

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