Vape Review of Element Emulsions Green Apple-Kiwi Redberry (60ML)

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Green Apple-Kiwi Redberry (60ML)

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Green Apple/Kiwi Redberry (60ML)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Ready your tongue for an explosion of exotic fruit and classic flavor profiles with Element Emulsions Green Apple/Kiwi Redberry! This blend of crisp green apples flies head-on with a basket of freshly picked red berries and delicious kiwi. An inhale of tart green apples provides a bite of crisp delight with subtle kiwi undertones that will makes its way in silence to the back note. The exhale is filled with an assortment of red berries combining with a satisfying note of juicy sweet kiwi finishing this vape juice to perfection! Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of Element Emulsions Green Apple/Kiwi Redberry today!

Vape Review of Element Emulsions Green Apple/Kiwi Redberry (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Emulsions Green Apple/Kiwi Redberry (60ML)

what's going on guys today I am bringing
you a juice review of the element vapes
emotion line this one is the green apple
with a Kiwi red berry and I just put
some new cotton on my RDA and just get
it all juiced up so now I'm going to
take a little fake and I'll tell you
what I think about it so I'm getting a
lot of Apple coming through on that
which is great i really like apple and
then the kiwi kind of comes in at the
backend and so does the red berry it
blend up really really nicely though
none of the flavors taste super candy
not super sweet it's nice and subtle
flavor I think this is going to be my
holiday today from now on
it's just got the right amount of
everything now it's got the down-home
fruit it's got the kind of exotic fruit
and you know the red berry I'm thinking
I'm thinking that that's a strawberry
and a raspberry so also down-home fruit
so kind of brings in all the things that
you want to be in a vape it's kind of
tropical but it's also kind of mixed
berry and then you get the nice green
apple punch in there it also seems to
have kind of a little bit of info I
could be wrong it might just be the way
that the flavors mixed together but
almost tastes like there is a menthol
and also it does not come in this bottle
it comes in a nice 60 ml bottle without
a dripper so they give you a 60 mil
unicorn bottle to put it in now whenever
I filled mine up it almost overflowed
out of the top of the unicorn so they're
actually giving you more than 60 mils
which is also very awesome I actually
use the rest that was still in the
dripper bottle to juice up the RDA mmm
the price point for this is not that bad
either for what you're getting it is an
80/20 mix so you get a lot of flavor and
also you know pretty good date
but I mean the whole line dripped a few
of my fingers and the whole line seems
to be pretty spot-on for what they say
it is and what they've done actually is
they had all of these flavors and they
decided to make this line which is the
emotion line and they mix those flavors
together so you have the green apple
plus a Kiwi red berry and then you have
things like the pink lemonade fused with
a key lime cookie which is just insane
and also very very good on my finger
have not vickie yet might be doing that
soon when you have the Lamone with a
watermelon chill so one's also very good
as a lot of menthol in it but it's a
very interesting interesting flavor it's
going to be perfect for summer to stop
by pick you up a bottle at least come
try it it's definitely worth it and
that's it for this video
y'all take care

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