Vape Review of Element Dripper Series - Kiwi Redberry E-LiquidBlack Friday Exclusive

April 20, 2018 12 min read

Vape Review of Element Dripper Series - Kiwi Redberry E-LiquidBlack Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of Element Dripper Series - Kiwi Redberry E-LiquidBlack Friday Exclusive

The Kiwi Redberry E-Liquid by Element is an E-liquid from the Element Dripper Series, with prominent flavours of Kiwi and Red Berry. Coming in 10ml bottle and available in variety of nicotine strengths. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

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Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Dripper Series - Kiwi Redberry E-LiquidBlack Friday Exclusive

just evil
yes I was going with the colored others
that's not helped uh but I need better
lighting light while I can't pit later
because it's a fucking wall in front
amount now I don't know I need better
lighting here folks but yeah we're
looking at a us just today folks sent on
by these fellas deep Club VIP club that
the light the wholesaler from United
staes he liquid
they've even they've even gets some of
not many but they've got a couple of
European like wizard well but yeah like
thanks to the folks at vape club for
sending these all over for sending these
all over looking at element now element
are beasts and floated off that aus
company I generally tend to watch more
us reviewers than Yuki reviewers the big
reason of course as their as more us
reviewers than Yuki reviewers and a lot
of these smaller you and not Yuki a lot
of these smaller to us reviewers do a
shitload of juice reviews I mean really
just what's like me every bloody day
that doing a juice review element has
been getting a lot of good reviews a lot
of good reviews over in the u.s. they
haven't really been held of over in the
UK though now they are a US company now
that's all CLP compliant thing has
started I'll be honest a stunt to pass
me off right because you read one thing
and then juice companies start to do a
little bit of digging and then they find
out something completely different from
what is on the official documentation
that the fucking government's govern oh
no these are three milligram nicotine
if anyone remembers the review that are
done for decadent vapors flavor of the
month next month
that was a sex Mellie Graham eliquid
decadent vapor and I did see that the DV
bottle doesn't fully come under CLP
compliancy I was then contacted by
decadent vapor who said the CLP comply
in serial only takes effect if the
e-liquid has over a certain amount of
nicotine CLP compliancy does not blanket
cover all alike words from one milligram
nicotine contain up to the thirties only
covers alike words containing nicotine
if that eliquid as over a specific
amount of nicotine content so
technically these bottles at the
milligram they don't need to be CLP
compliant see this is why I hate the new
CLP compliancy rules the old chap
compliant said this is supposed to be a
juice review and I've just wasted three
minutes ranting about compliancy but the
old chap compliance it was easy to
follow you know couple of warning labels
Rhys triangle childproof cap you're done
now the CLP thing hats and it's all it's
got to have that has got to have the
labels with the writing all horizontal
has got to have the Nima's got to have
the address has got to have this has got
to have that and all by the wages to
completely main fuck everyone you don't
need to bother with CLP compliancy if
you are under a certain percentage of
neck and your juice so since the DV
bottle technically doesn't have to fall
under CLP compliancy these don't either
because it's only 3 milligram
but i'll give you a quick rundown to see
bits on the actual label these are
American juices so there's lot there's a
lot of American stuff going on with us
basically that's a huge novel and the
side they're telling people a lot of
well not a lot most of the contents are
FDA approved we flap the bottle back up
right again we've got the mean label
Sutton right there clearly tells you
your VG and PG ratio your Melly grab
content of the NUCCA teen and the name
of the juice and may flap around other
side and we get the us in quite a number
he you new key inquiry lot or batch
number expiry date and a whole bunch of
warning labels so that has kind of
eluded warning labels on it but this is
more of a an American style of doing
Able's hence doesn't pull order stuck us
on the side there anyway the first one
will look on our as Zen and the reason
we're looking at Zen is because the
other two is pink lemonade we know what
pink lemonade us and the other one as
Banana Nut we know exactly but banana
not as so it's gonna be pretty easy
reviewing those two so I thought I
packed the hard one fast this is gonna
be a fruity one all boy is that gonna be
a fruity one fleshly right tiger whale
on the old IP vv1 again I thought a
Drago the IP vv1 just to see first a
fucking walkin
and still working so this is Zen part of
the drepung line from elegant ie like
words or element sorry
element he like words based in Florida
checking off at 3.7 volts on a 1.3 m
coil just under 11 boss and off
okay this is going to be tricky um Wow
is that a lot of fruit and now this is
gonna be a very tricky one
I'm sure I'm packing up I came to
plumbing the bank don't there's a
predominant flavor rate at the front of
us and I think it's peach I've been
having over a trouble lately
tying down a peach flavor because for
some reason my brain gets peach
confusable another not another fruit I
think that speech though but as I halt
that's just a load of other flavors
going on I'm gonna have to cheat with
this one I think okay five volts just
under 20 watt it's stable but because
this is a high VG juice I've actually
noticed a slight change in the flavor
profiles not the actual tests but how
far up or down those flavors are
responding there's a couple of other
fruit flavors that have popped up in the
background that went there at 3.7 volts
there's a dropping range mind you it
even says and the ball is made from
apples higher voltage probably sub ohm
coil and that hasn't sabor but I've just
backed up the voltage anyway right now
I'm packing up peach with an absolute
crap load of tropical fruits
I can't pack out the tropicals there's
just too many in there slight kind of a
cream in the background as well slight
hand not much but it's enough to smooth
things over
gonna have to cheat with us Forks that
doesn't no way I can pack out those
fruits no way that's too many tropical
fruits and in the background right we
are looking for element element drop
range we're looking for Zen there was a
fever / fresh he lame-o there's the
effect at the end flavor peach got up
light chi that's tropical
guava that tropical passion flower I've
hit the passion for
enough tasted passion through I've never
had the passion flower though nortz
chamomile and amino acids wet although
unless we know the description
specifically designed for use with
Drupal's and mechanical mods blah blah
blah as an exotic fusion of guava lychee
and sweet peach with complimentary notes
of passion flower up a passion flower a
passion flower chamomile and amino acids
I thank the amino acids things are joke
folks because it says the whole element
range you know it may sound like a
cocktail of chaos when you when your
lust off all the flavoring ingredients
in a roll but the final result was a
beautifully stress-relieving vape which
both relaxes and stimulates at the same
time the way it what I'm getting from
this right as a peach at the front
really nice peach of the front actually
and then just a jumble of other tropical
fruits sitting in the back you know and
I'm picking up a little hand of a creamy
smooth eNOS like a cane a creaminess
it's not much but it's just a touch of a
creaminess setting in the background
along with those tropical fruits it's
not too sweet that doesn't taste like a
candy bar some of our actually does
taste like more fresh or tropical fruits
and because it's a fruit based v it's
not a rich one that one this one yeah
this Zen would be a very good juice to
refresh your palate just chuck it in a
dropper for 30 minutes v po e to clean
out your palate if you've been vaping
heavy custards of heavy desires it's got
a load of high-end fruits on it and the
e liquids with the high-end fruits tend
to be the better ones at refreshing your
tongue if you had been vaping heavy
custards all day so there we go that was
it's peach with a whole crapload of
tropical fruit certain in the background
they've actually matched it quite well
as well because I could not for the life
of me pack out one of those tropical
fruits has been matched that well it's
actually quite hard to pack them out the
peach is way out in front no you can't
mess the peach so that was then what
we're gonna do next with harder
refreshing one so we'll keep the
lemonade to last and we'll have a look
I've been looking forward to this banana
nut yes back again taking a look at
banana nut no here's the question banana
nut cake or banana nut bread
it doesn't actually see in the ball it
just says banana nut I'm a big fan of
banana nut bread cake I don't mean
banana not keep but I'd rather have
banana nut wow I can't get this top open
although here we go can't tell by the
smell if it's banana nut kicker banana
nut bread
I'm guessing banana nut bread because
that seems to be more popular over in
the US so freshly white tiger whale on
the old IP vv1
kicking off at 3.7 volts on a 1.2 ohm
well 1.2 ash is bouncing up and down
again I need to replace the coil and
this little fella right sometime today
thank you
just under 11 watts and it off banana
nut bread can tell immediately with
ourselves it's not sweet enough for
banana nut cake it's banana nut bread
and that is a gorgeous flavor damn
peeled that they've absolutely nailed us
that was three point seven I don't think
it's gonna change up at 5 volts there's
no cream or anything in here and a
caramel in the background as well but
the taste of it that will touch our
caramel and packing up not much thought
it's more than the aftertaste you're
gonna get their 5 volts slightly under
20 watts
it's stable does virtually no change in
the flavor that'll bat stronger than the
the banana side of it but there's no
change the banana flavor yes it's that
same banana that seems to be cropping up
fucking everywhere I honestly think
there's only one major banana flavor out
there in the food flavoring markets I
realize I'm picking up the same banana
with the exception of one company all
the others have tried it's all the same
banana flavor that packing up the nut
I can't pen down with the nut as I
really can't it's not Pekin because it's
not strong enough for a pecan nut but
it's like in a nutty flavor
general nutty flavor going on in the
back you don't know this favor and makes
them with all that as not a kick it's
not sweet enough to be a kick it doesn't
taste buttery enough to be a kick which
means it's a bread it's not a cake
flavor it's not a Victoria sponge Lee
but it's not a pastry flavor
it's kind of an it's kind of an
extremely its bread basically folks its
bread not a white bread because white
breads virtually tasteless is melaka can
a whole meal came the flavor sort of
like that and thought you know what it's
like those breakfast cereal veep's
if you strip out the fruit and you're
left with that kind a very light cereal
flavor get the cereal flavor strap it
down even further you're left with the
kind of bread flavor that's me again on
that I spun up in a nut bread but the
Han economy does Alden talk you don't
really notice the caramel until you're
finished vape and you're only aftertaste
that's a very nice flavor actually
they've nailed us one absolutely kneeled
up if you're a fan of banana nut cake or
if you've tried banana nut bread yeah
but a blast even you even you banana nut
cake fans you might find this rather
enjoyable it does not that doesn't have
the cake flavor on it but the branagh
the banana not
the kneeled us one can't figure it out
that not flavored it's not a peanut it's
not a pecan it's not a walnut for all
mana for all I know it could be unmake
sir two or three different nut flavors
that's why I can't pin it down
all in all of any nice feet it's not too
sweet because not a cake it's not too
rich because it's basically bananas and
nuts is nothing much about bananas and
nuts but that Brazil Academy oh yeah and
it's got a hell of a nice aftertaste
that banana just line goes on really
nice after these so here we go that was
elements banana nut if you're a fan of
banana nut cake gather a shot it's
messing the cake part and they're
replaced it with a white kind of bread
cereal tease but it's close enough a
banana nut key one of the last one no
little bit of a refreshing one here pink
lemonade yes back again under the last
one of the element range thus as pink
lemonade generally lemonade with
strawberries or other red berries in it
or maybe not all right that's the that's
why the such a sudden there's a fucking
citrus though Wow
there says this is a weird color okay
not cloudy color they must have they
must have a little bit of probably PG
based ceteris extract and here if
they're says and I'm thinking it
probably as this wouldn't be one for a
plastic tank folks that's going to be a
lot of citrus on this I can tell because
it's cloudy it's a slight cloudy tons
going on cetera say extract not cetera
or citric oil extract its water based
RPG based propylene glycol the extracted
citrus flavoring of general cetera
fruits sometimes they generally tend to
slightly cloud up any like wit and this
is slightly cloudy so I think that are
using citrus extract unless which means
F yet and a plastic tank for the love of
God don't use this in any way that's too
thick for a ce4 tine that says 80 VG you
are talking about there's no way in hell
a ce4 can whack an atv G juice so here
we go folks that says pink lemonade
freshly like Daigo L on the old IP v v1
kaqun off at 3.7 volts just under 11
watts and off bloody L oh all that
lemony it's got a bit of a bite to it
let's try that again yeah these guys
have went for that the whole mead
lemonade that's got very little
sweetness on it but a shitload of lemon
juice that's got a hell of a bate
Wow I'm gonna keep trying it let's get a
nice flavour but it's that it's that
tangy kick that you get from lemons damn
Arial or the first two or three vapes
forks it's gonna feel like you're
chewing on a mouthful of lemons at
lateral it's gonna feel like it but you
know your tongue starts they get used to
then it sails down this as a very strong
this isn't this is an incredibly strong
lemonade so they've went from the kind
of traditional homemade lemonade instead
of that the mass-marketed crap this get
loads of sugar no no five volts this is
going to be fun at 5 volts now see
that's if you're a fan of traditional
lemonade the old-style way of doing it
right not this mass-marketed fizzy water
not that's mass-marketed fizzy water
crap the traditional lemonade this
generally homemade you can fucking love
less juice you really are gonna love
that so what else is I'm here apart from
30 billion tons of lemons hold on
I was wondering I was wondering why the
citrus cake was so strong I'm packing up
you've got your red berry right pink
lemonade you don't have a kinam a
general red berry
I think they've paths ain't what they've
done with us is that probably popped on
a strawberry and a raspberry that's a
very mid-range that's not a high end or
a low end berry as a mid-range berry
which means it suck that's a red berry
strawberries raspberries the probably
popped a touch and there the aftertaste
is completely different though you're
getting the your traditional pink
lemonade on the end heel and exhale
right when I really strongly am I need
but you're getting there the whole
lemonade flavor but there's another set
restored and as we in the background
Esther does not is that an orange hold
orange there's an orange and there I'm
actually starting to taste it now once
the lemon which beats up your tongue
once the lemons out the way you can
actually test there's a hint of an
orange just a slight hint of an orange
underneath the lemonade this is a very
weird match for a lemonade max Taysom
that boy is the lemonade strong though
anything else in there that's that
traditional traditional homemade
lemonade not that mass-market beg bowl
carbonated fizzy water crap traditional
homemade lemonade it's not sweet it's
definitely not sweet the sweetness that
Sun that's probably coming from the red
berries that the poop that put on so I
very zengyi a very tangy and your face
lemonade that's definitely a pilot
cleanser and it's definitely a sum of
juice lots and lots of red berries just
jumbling away in the background you can
actually taste the red berries going all
the way through the exhale and as the
egg seal starts to drop and you get into
the aftertaste that's when the orange
cake Sun and it's a very we have max
lemonade with orange very we have much
but you can actually taste that that's a
hint of a very fresh orange not your
little tiny ones like your beggar ones
that are more kennis that they tend to
be a little less sweeter and well they
actually they tend to be a little more
sweeter and a little less tangy compared
to your tangerine so it's not kind of
big orange they've got and they're all
in all if you can get your hair drowned
the extremely punchy lemonade they've
got and I mean it's extreme it's right
in your face
I mean really right in your face this is
a nice juice it's definitely on pilot
cleanser could I eat that all day
probably not probably not a convey Pat
for half an hour you know
cleanse the power out but that lemonade
is suing your face wow just wow usually
your tongues been beaten up by a bunch
of angry little lemons that have been
carrying baseball bats that's where that
tastes like bitter star he'll have a
nice flavor and the aftertaste is
gorgeous so there we go folks
big thanks to veep Club kyuki for
sending these over because they are a
brand new company e juice company lies
let us take a look at the vaping with
vech vech chart of jaws yes so I'm gonna
pop on to the why you're looking at
because obviously the video has already
been done so you see the place there but
because I'm doing this video fresh let's
have a look at the place so they're
selling these and 20 ml bottles right so
it's 1099 call it 11 pound 420 ml 20 ml
at 11 pound half that you're looking at
5 pound 50 so you're looking rough
something along the lines of a probably
Matt I probably marked up on the big
chart as 16 pound 50 roundabout that I'm
crap at maths right so you're looking at
roughly 16 pound 50 F they saw the 30ml
bottle but they don't the only Gator and
20 ml balls so they're big all folks
roughly 16 16 pound 50 as trending it's
starting to trend as being the overall
average place for a United States
imported liquid that sold here and the
UK yeah 16 pound 50 that's not bad back
to me again but of course they don't
sell 30 ml bottles forks the only sell
20 ml balls so you're gonna be paying 10
pound 8 & 9 for 20 ml quick look quick
look and you don't get a choice it's 3
milligram on nothing that a dropping
range by the way folks that's why that
ATV G there marketed as a dropping line
of e liquids that is that from me folks
big thanks to vet club for sending these
over and that's it from me have a good

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