Vape Review of Element Crema E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Element Crema E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Element Crema E-liquid (60mL)

Take a moment to treat yourself with this delightful dessert blend from Element. An eclair, cake roll and tiramisu vape juice elegantly combine to form Crema, a vape that's delicate in flavor but truly satisfying. Element's premier Dripper Series is formulated with a higher concentration of VG to produce thick and voluptuous clouds and the purest flavors imaginable. Buy your 60mL bottle of Crema vape juice by Element today!

Vape Review of Element Crema E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Crema E-liquid (60mL)

I think I'll call this one part 2 of the
element illiquid premium dripper series
line of ejuice today we're looking at
key line cookie and crema let's check
him out
hello beeping friends welcome back to
another product review here on review of
mine with Josh price and today we're
looking at another to eat juices from
the element a liquid premium dripper
series ejuice line this is part two of
that series of videos today we're
looking at the Key Lime cookie as well
as the crema super excited to review
these guys with you I've been vaping on
these for a few days now probably four
or five days super super stoked about
these e-juices this whole ejuice line is
just top-notch I mean out of this world
probably now today probably one of my
favorite e-juices lines so far over all
that I've tasted super super loved and
easy juices give you a little bit of
rundown I know I'm discussed in the
previous video on the last two flavors
that we reviewed I'll put that link
below in the description for you the
element a liquid premium dripper series
line it's all american-made organically
extract at nicotine 100% Priest steeped
pharmacy grade USP VG and PG 20 ml glass
bottles with the nice squeeze J top J
tip droppers really really nice for
dripping and available in zero three and
six milligrams of Nick in these premium
dripper series Aegis line 20 ml 's
really nice labels really really nice
glass bottles nice J tip drippers can't
be beat the the ones I'm vaping on today
are both 80/20 VG PG and they are both
six milligrams of Nick the first thing
we're going to do is the crema super
super excited about I've got it all
whipped up here at my L Cumberland RDA
you got a point for to build on here
vaping a 65 watts
let's give it a vape so we think the
Chuck a tons of vapor just great great
vapor production on these e-juices and
the flavor is out of this world I cannot
explain to you the flavor on these
e-juices especially this one here this
crema is just I mean it is a top-notch
flavor definitely a nice nice creamy
flavor with this one the online
description says it's the ultimate
desert vape eclairs cake rolls tiramisu
it's that sweet cream filling that makes
these treats delicious and that's what
they're aiming for here that sweet
creamy flavor that you get in those kind
of desserts like tiramisu and eclairs
and different cake rolls that you get at
a nice restaurant or a nice bakery
that's the flavor you're getting with
the crema just a top-notch cream flavor
very smooth great great vapor production
on these and top-notch flavor take
another hit for you great great flavor
here loving this one check it out for
yourself this is the crema the other
flavor we're reviewing today is the
keyline cookie
I love Key Lime vapes I've baked a few
different key lime pie flavor ejuice is
in the past that you know if you've seen
seen those videos and I love the Key
Lime flavor I love Key Lime Pie itself
and this one is a great one right here
let's get give this one a vape I'll
change out my cotton and we'll give her
a try chucking the vapor on this one too
and the flavor is on point I am loving
this one probably out of these two this
is definitely my favorite love the Key
Lime cookie flavor the online
description says this is the dessert of
the islands melt in your mouth
buttery cookies brightened with sweet
yet tangy citrus flavor of world-famous
Floridian key limes top-notch right on
point with this one
definitely a nice Key Lime flavor and on
the exhale you're getting a little bit
of like a buttery cookie flavor with it
and still getting that Key Lime flavor
coming through on the exhale with it as
well just delicious take another hit
Chuck clouds all day with this ejuice
line loving the flavor you're not gonna
find a better ejuice right here Key Lime
cookie really really good so where can
you get these right now over at vape
easy here in the middle high Valley the
addresses will be below in the
description for you to both of their
brick-and-mortar shops you can also find
them online unfortunately right now
their website is still down currently
being worked on hopefully we'll have
that up soon but it is vape easy dot biz
if you want to check that out as soon as
it gets up and going again I will try to
notify you guys as soon as they do but
you can go check them out at their brick
and mortar shop also check them out on
Facebook I'll put the links below to
their Facebook pages also in the
description you can get these nice 20 ml
bottles of the premium dripper ejuice
line from element eliquid over at vape
easy $12.99 for these 20 ml bottles
that's a fantastic price you're not
going to find any better than that
just top top-notch e-juice great for
dripping great for running through
regular tank if you want to - well
that's it for today's review I hope you
guys enjoyed it thanks for coming over
and hanging out and check it out - Maury
juice is here from the element eliquid
premium dripper series line available
vape easy here in the middle high valley
definitely swing over and check them out
for yourself don't forget to subscribe
to this channel if you haven't done so
yet follow me on Facebook follow me on
Twitter check me out on periscope keep
on vaping have a great day we'll see you
next time

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