Vape Review of Element Apple Acai E-liquid (60ML)

April 18, 2018 12 min read

Vape Review of Element Apple Acai E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Element Apple Acai E-liquid (60ML)

Escape to a tropical terrace of tantilizing taste with a bottle of Apple Acai E-Liquid (60ML) by Element. This amazing vape juice captures the pleasure of island acai and tart green apples into an instant all day vape. As you take the first draw you'll experience a blast of juicy tartness from a crisp apple. An exhale of island derived acai berry brings ecltic notes of juicy sweetness. Be sure to get a bottle of Element Apple Acai E-Liquid (60ML) now!

Vape Review of Element Apple Acai E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Element Apple Acai E-liquid (60ML)

what's going on ladies and gentlemen
Maddy ice from convicted babes
it's a nice shirt you got on by the way
it looks familiar
yeah I was gonna say it looks real
familiar anyway coming back at you with
another ejuice review I forget who sent
me this line guys it was an element it
was a shop that carries them but this is
element eliquid x' and they're known for
their fruit flavors they're natural
fruit flavors they have a bunch of
different flavors actually there's a lot
but we're gonna be taking a look at five
flavors tonight from element we got pink
lemonade pink grapefruit
we got Key Lime cookie we got strawberry
whip and we got fresh-squeezed and I'm
sorry I forget who sent these to me I
apologize if you're watching but anyway
Justin tell these guys what size bottles
they come in the price they come in a
twenty milliliter and a 125 milliliter
125 is $69 flat and the 20 milliliter is
$14.99 and it comes in zero three six so
the price is in bed 69 70 bucks for 125
milliliters not bad at all they come in
a beaker which is pretty cool yeah the
beaker bottles are awesome they look
fucking badass but uh we're gonna start
off with the pink lemonade I mean the
excuse me the pink grapefruit now okay
guys I love grapefruit in real life
Tristan does not like grapefruit so
maybe that'll I don't know maybe we'll
have different opinions on this juice
but I love grapefruit in real life you
know fresh pink grapefruit cut in half
sprinkle some brown sugar or some sugar
on the top delicious now there I've
never had a good grapefruit flavor I
haven't had any grapefruit flavors
period anything so I mean I haven't had
any so there's not really too many great
fruit flavors and if there is a bunch of
them I can't picture them being too good
but anyway this has an 8020 VG PG it's
ATV g20 PG so it's a high it's a max VG
juice it's 3 milligram nicotine very
cool cobalt bottles nice
labeling coil and a dripper now the
bottles are cobalt as you can see and
the interesting is the interesting thing
is they come with this they all come
with these bottles anyway the 20 mil
bottles all come with this weird curved
dripper it's it's odd it's like a little
spout that's pretty sweet but let's do
we're going to do a smell test we're
going to do a vapor production test
we're gonna do a throat hit on a scale
of low medium and high then we're going
to talk about the flavor and we're going
to try to blow through all five of these
flavors I know when it comes on an angle
so yeah it's great you get all the juice
out of the bottle with that weird shaped
dripper but this smells it smells like
you squeezed a fresh pink grapefruit
into a glass it's I mean there's no
difference between the fruit juice and
this juice it smells like a fresh
squeezed pink grapefruit it really does
there's not like a candy no it's no no
it's like real fruit mm-hmm like you
might cut one in half before you dump
ten pounds of sugar on it exactly like
no artificial like fruit smell to this
at all I have this loaded up in the OIA
olace light with dual MTurk alien coils
so let's go ahead and give it a vapor
production test let me make sure I'm
dripped here nope and I'm good thing to
check I'm drying the bed yeah I really
like that the whole design they have
gone and there's two cool things they've
done the curved dripper and the flask I
think that's pretty neat
yeah the beakers are nice I've seen them
I've seen people carry them before
they're it's like a real it's like a
scientific apparatus the beaker it's a
real Pyrex beaker that you would use in
like science class but all right let's
do a vapor production test I mean it's
an 80/20 it's a max VG so you should get
decent vapor production out of this now
guys a lot of fruit flavors like this
especially like grapefruit or orange a
lot of the times they come off harsh so
I'm hoping this is smooth
that smells wonderful
I like the smell a great for the amount
of flavor great for flavor for vapor
production is great thick milky clouds
that sink to the ground they linger in
the air they don't dissipate quickly
vapor production on this is for all day
long full I'd give it a four and a half
on top notch on the vapor production
everything you'd expect out of a max PG
juice good vapor production lingers say
it lingers in the air like heavy it's
heavy vapor throat hit there's no
there's no bite on this at all on a
scale of low medium and high you're
getting to throwing it now I'm not
getting any throat hit whatsoever
especially for like a natural fruit like
this a lot of the times they come off
with like a throat bite this has no
throat hit at all
it's definitely low on the on the throat
hit scale no burning or stinging out the
nose it's actually quite refreshing oh
boy this is a summertime vape flavor
tell them about flavor a little bit this
is I hate grapefruit in general I also
I'm not a blueberry person you then you
see me go wild over blueberry custards I
like this this is good it's very smooth
and the flavor on it is on point it
literally tastes just like a grapefruit
it's an authentic grapefruit there's no
there's there's nothing artificial about
this flavor at all nothing it's like
it's like literally like you're vaping
fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice it's
refreshing and it's got a sweet a little
bit of a sweetness like that like almost
like you put sugar on top of the
grapefruit a little bit it's not it's
not bitter that's what I'm trying to say
but you actually taste like the Rhine oh
yeah great for yeah you know what I mean
like it's like legit eating a piece of
grapefruit it's pretty fucking
impressive this flavor is fucking great
um I love it
I'm a big grapefruit fan this is
something special for me for you guys
that are looking for a good Freight
grapefruit ejuice I mean look no further
this is probably the best you're gonna
find sure this is it doesn't get any
more authentic than this no it doesn't
that's like dead-on
it's which I did not expect it's spot on
spot on pink grapefruit pink grapefruit
it's the
just like a ripe sweet juicy grapefruit
with sugar on it delicious
next we're gonna do and their labeling
is good too for what it is it's just
love it we're gonna do fresh-squeezed
and does their flavor profiles on the
website it is but because they are not
categorized I'm gonna top that down so
fresh-squeezed it's an orange flavor I
know that fresh-squeezed is an orange
I find it
there it is found it oh my god it smells
like fresh squeezed orange juice stop it
again it smells smell that again it
smells completely natural let me read
you a flavor description babe the taste
of fresh-squeezed orange is there you go
that's exactly what it smells like we
peeled back the secrets of creating
natural freshly squeezed orange flavor
in this sweet and tangy citrus blends
our premium drip rate liquids are
specially formulated with higher
concentration of VG and less nicotine
produced the purest densest clouds
possible available in five of our most
popular flavors these are ideal for use
with mechanical mods and drippers so
this stuff is meant to trip guys this
smells and the price is the same as we
mentioned before $14.99 for a 20 ml
bottle $69.99 for a 125 ml bottle so the
price is good but that juice tastes good
it's me yeah it's guys it's like a fresh
squeezed orange like it's spot-on fresh
squeezed orange juice like you squeezed
it right in this bottle
hmm juices arrived pre steeped pre
okay so these they steep these juices
before they send them out and they look
steeped they got some nice color to them
like they've been sitting which I like
oh my god it's fresh-squeezed orange
juice that's holy shit that's fucking
uncanny it's uncanny how spot-on that is
you know Oh J gives me heartburn
I miss that that is right it's spot-on
that's unfuckin real vapor production
the same as the other one four and a
half great vapor production throat hit
I'm not getting any butter butter
fucking smooth for an orange juice
flavor that tastes like that it's a I've
had a lot of orange juice flavor to eat
liquid before that's supposed to mimic
fresh squeezed oranges and they all come
off throaty a throat hit this is fucking
smooth as bara I don't know how they did
this this is fucking amazing
juice y'all some wizards you know you
had it expecting it to have that throat
hit but it never comes this is the best
iron trade by the red Oh hands down it's
not an orange and cream no because I've
had a really good orange and cream
before lady boss vapors the orange
creamsicle or orange and cream this is
just the straight-up fresh-squeezed
orange juice this is absolutely
like I said same as the grapefruit you
almost taste the Rhine
I'm the orange with it it tastes like
you squeezed an orange in your atomizer
like a like a legit homemade
fresh-squeezed not something that came
out of the carton no like that no like
no this is laying right out of the
orange there's nothing artificial about
this at all
this tastes like 100% natural
fresh-squeezed orange juice like
Valencia orange yeah holy shit this is
fucking good I don't know how you do it
holy shit how did they do that to make
it so smooth at the same time they have
the flavor be that accurate
yeah like I've had pretty accurate
fresh-squeezed orange flavors before but
they come off throw D is fucked too
harsh to vape this is fuckin phenomenal
Wow this is a two thumbs up on the
fresh-squeezed that's two for two so far
that's pretty fucking amazing we're
gonna do
pink lemonade next you know something
this was just new come morning breath
yeah that's a fucking that is this that
fresh-squeezed is unbelievable they're
both good the grapefruit and the
fresh-squeezed that they were both
phenomenal so far holy shit that was
next next we're gonna do pink lemonade
look up the pink lemonade same price
same nicotine level 3 milligram 80/20 VG
PG and again it smells like fresh
squeezed pink lemonade smells like the
Minute Maid you ever have the Minute
Maid pink lemonade in the carton oh
that's what this smells like mommy that
smell that there you go and on the pink
lemonade it's gonna be zingy lemonade
blend with just the right amount of red
fruit a slight Tang on the tongue gives
way to a smooth citrus exhale a red
fruit I'm guessing maybe it's a
strawberry in there again $14.99 420 ml
bottle $69.99 for 125 milliliter beaker
bottle taste it before you do you have
to oh man that smells
it tastes exactly like pink lemonade
exactly mmm again nothing artificial
about the way this tastes
let's drip this in here what please do
wow these are some of the best fruit
flavors I've ever had them how the fuck
did they make these so smooth and a max
VG de and they're really flavorful
they're not light they're like it's
heavy on the flavor it's its strong
flavor but it's smooth and the cool
thing about it is we're vaping it really
hot and you know when you bake something
citrusy it's usually really sugary and
burnt it is straight-up frost them on
the dryn clean it's all refreshing Wow
that's pink lemon
Wow no burning or stinging up the nose
very low on the throat hit on a scale
low medium and high extremely low vapor
production is excellent the same as the
rest of them
sorry tell them about the flavor Tristan
it is it's insane
every one of these has been a win like
this is not a joke this is some quality
shit here I mean wow
and I mean we've just gone back to back
to back to back I don't feel like crap
in there
no the nicotine is good it's not it's
wow that is fucking unbelievable let me
take a drink here real quick I got a
switch atomizers for the needs of these
next two flavours we got Key Lime cookie
ooh and strawberry whipped which is a
strawberry whipped cream let's do the
Key Lime cookie first I should
all right Key Lime cookie guys I got
your description right here melt in your
mouth buttery cookies brighten with the
sweet yet tanky citrus flavor of the
world-famous Floridian key limes so it's
like a key lime sugar cookie is that
basically what I'm saying that's about
the gist of it yeah looks that way all
it smells like it smells like a sugar
cookie with Key Lime that's what it
smells like exactly how they describe it
smells good smells good it doesn't smell
as good as the other ones though I mean
another for nothing that's really hard
to tell I mean yeah that is really hard
to shut that orange though yeah man that
grapefruit and then aren't holy shit
that blows my mind
it seems like the cold is a little bit
more accurate - yeah you could really
eat your coils with this curved Ripper
less waste I got this in the vaping
keiko RDA with the loose top that falls
off which I did a review on I love you
Kiko but this RJ's it's whacked vapes
good but the top just falls off they
were driving me bananas he's making a
new dimitri box at dimitri mini was he's
sending me to review so that should be
but all right here we go cue on cookie
a vapor production is good solid for in
the vapor production no throat hit I'm
not getting any throat hit burning out
the nose nothing I'm not crazy about
this flavor the cookie note is good but
it clashes with the cue it clashes with
the key lime I'm not crazy about this
flavor it is definitely what they say it
is it's like a sugar cookie and a key
oh for sure hi it's almost like a key
lime pie sugar cookie type VAP odd it's
just not crazy about that profile it's
not bad no the cookie clashes with the
lime too much it's not for me it's not
bad it's a good juice this you know I
could see a lot of you guys liking this
a lot mm-hmm but it's just not for me
not from you
yeah I'm not a fan the cookie no it's
good though it is I wish I just had just
the key lime and then just the cookie
yeah I'm not not not for me really not
for me um let me burn this off all right
we've amped up the sweetness in this
decadent strawberry blend blushes
berries and cream create irresistible
Shortcake V it's supposed to be a
strawberry shortcake type deal hmm oh it
smells like strawberries and whipped
cream it smells like a natural
strawberry too doesn't smell as good as
the other ones oh it does oh my it
smells it smells good oh yeah
still doesn't smell as good as the
grapefruit the orange and the pink
lemonade though
well that that is good okay it smells
like a strawberry whipped cream mm-hmm
the ready whip you ever have the ready
whip strawberry whipped cream yes that's
what it smells like all right here we go
paper production is great solid for
smooth as butter this one is extra
smooth no burning or stinging out the
nose no throw hit extremely low on the
throat hit flavor I'm not I get like an
artificial strawberry I'm not crazy
about this one either yeah that's a
shame right do you get that it's like an
artificial type strawberry yeah it's
like a candied strawberry cake and yeah
I wish the strawberry was more natural
the cream notes good though the whipped
cream no oh yeah the whipped cream note
is really good not really a big fan of
this one put the vapor production on
it's not paper rush it's great yeah
bananas not taking the flavor as much as
the other ones good point but it's good
but it's not great it's coming off I get
like a like a candy strawberry it's not
coming off like natural like the other
ones the fruits great guys out of these
five flavors I'm gonna say the pink
lemonade the pink grapefruit and the
fresh-squeezed the the orange the
fresh-squeezed orange those are the
three winners the Key Lime cookie and
the strawberry whip is end and take it
or leave it I wouldn't buy them but the
other three I would buy that's they're
amazing I mean fucking phenomenal fruit
flavors the whipped cream in there is
good it's a good name it's a good nose
the cream note is really good with the
strawberry he's just not doing it for me
I think they were going for like you
know you have to be you put the
strawberry with the syrup kind of thing
on top of like a cake you know what I
mean like that like strawberry shortcake
yeah yeah it's not doing it for me like
I said the pink lemonade the pink
grapefruit and the fresh-squeezed
fucking two thumbs up all day long it's
a win man they are fucking out of this
world good for you guys that like fruit
for you fruit people I know you guys on
the west coast they're really big on
fruit this is top notch I mean it
doesn't get any better than this as far
as fruit flavors go this is completely
natural it's like they squeezed fresh
fruit into your atomizer with these
juices two thumbs up overall the
flavors I reviewed they're all pretty
good they're all pretty good but those
three are extra special that's all I got
for you guys subscribe comment like
share thumbs up thumbs down you love me
hate me whatever the fuck you want to do
check out the convictive babes Facebook
group all capital letters there's an
icon for Facebook on the top of my
YouTube channel click that it'll take
you to the real convicted babes group on
Facebook we'll get you in there
convicted AC juice will be in stock
Thursday guys Thursday's the de vivir
vibes calm on Thursday we'll have 60
milliliter bottles of the convicted
flavors for $29.99 check me out on
Instagram we're having a huge giveaway
at the real convicted vapes there's
going to be three winners get in on that
and that's all I got for you guys Keep
Calm vape on and Tristan tell them take
it fucking deep to the fucking shoulder
and beyond yes yes take it take it
retin-a deep take it fucking moustache
take it moustache deep let me clean off
a spot for you to sit down hold on
alright he's got me beat what can I say
happy mad on motherfuckers

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