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Ed Hardy is both bold in flavor and presentation! Firebird is delicious strawberry shortcake filled with rich vanilla custard, soar on a sweetness with this tasty treat! VG to PG Ratio: Max VG You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Ed Hardy Firebird BEASTLY BECAUSE Presentation is a must with any premium Eliquid and Ed Hardy hits the nail on the head as this line is an eye catcher! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ED HARDY FIREBIRD

hey everyone and welcome to another
fragrance review today we're going to be
taking a look at a fragrance from the
designer house of Christian Audigier and
the fragrance is called ed hardy love
and luck now this fragrance was released
in 2008 the perfumer for this fragrance
is Olivier Gill tongue Olivier guiltin
has done many other designer fragrances
mostly celebrity fragrances he's on a
fragrance for Mariah Carey I know he's
done wonderstruck by Taylor Swift mostly
designer fragrance is a few of the
popular ones that you might know our
deal or hire a flank route to that D or
higher black even did Polo red by Ralph
Lauren which came out in 2013 so yeah
he's dabbled he's gotten his foot in the
door and I believe the only nice
fragrance he's released is one for the
house of Tom Ford part of the private
blend line called reeved Umbra which is
part of the Italia Dorian collection but
with the exception of that fragrance
he's really only done designer
fragrances and this fragrance is of
course no exception to that rule
now with this fragrance it is the ed
hardy name under the Christian Audigier
brand ed hardy of course they started
off making t-shirts and I believe belt
and trucker hats
I believe they popularized or
revolutionized or even brought back in
style the trucker hat and they when they
decided to branch out into the perfume
industry they decided to carry over that
name or that brand as well so it does
translate into fragrances as we see here
and as is the case with many other of
his fragrances now ed Hardy gets his
name from a popular tattoo artist by the
name of Don ed hardy and he's really
taken asian-inspired artwork and made it
the basis of his career so as you can
tell by the bottle and the box there's a
lot of Asian themed or asian-inspired
art work on the presentation of his
fragrances on the front of this one it
says love is a gamble so it kind of has
like this gambling casino theme to it
but the fragrance was really inspired by
the nightlife in Tokyo Japan
now while after reading the note
breakdown I do see the spices that could
possibly be a tribute or an homage to
the lifestyle in Japan or Asian culture
in general unfortunately I don't really
smell or sense those spices too much in
this fragrance I'm going to let you know
a little bit more about the smell later
on next up let's take a look
presentation for ed hardy loved and
loved by Christian Audigier
love and luck is available in two sizes
1.7 ounces in 3.4 ounces the size that
you see here is the 1.7 ounce bottle you
can also find a many of this online with
a bunch of official samples and this
fragrance is only available in oh de
Toilette concentration so first up let's
take a look at the box what you have is
a cylindrical cardboard box you have the
Asian's part of artwork here on the
front it says love is a gamble at the
very top here you have the same exact
thing in black and white this top
actually comes off and on the inside you
don't see any corrugated paper on the
inside that serves to hold the bottle in
place so when you do purchase this it
does have a tendency of rattling around
I really don't like that about this but
other than that it's okay the cardboard
is a little flimsy it has a bit of a
gift to it if you squeeze it on the back
here is where you see the ingredients
some more information the batch code and
then at the very bottom is where you
have your UPC code your barcode that's
pretty much it for the box or the
cylinder and then next up let's take a
look at the bottle the bottle you have
the same exact design here in the front
it says love is a gamble you have some
other more intricate designs in the blue
here on the very back is where you have
the ed hardy name says ed hardy by
Christian Audigier and at the very
bottom is where you have the information
that should coincide with that found on
the bottom of the bottle or on the back
of the box actually and then over here
at the very top you have this crest
it says deh right above a bulldog that's
what it looks like deh stands for don ed
hardy of course and the sprayer for this
fragrance does not work particularly
well distribution could be better and it
could spray out a little bit more juice
just to kind of compromise or to work
hand in hand with the concentration of
this fragrance but other than that I
think it's a pretty cool presentation
some have found it tacky but that has
pretty much been the presentation for
love and luck a by Ed Hardy
now what you're going to notice from
this fragrance when you first spray it
is that there is an overabundance of
citrus when you look at the note
breakdown you see mandarin orange you
see orange you see bergamot and even
cardamom is listed as a top note in this
fragrance unfortunately I don't really
get the spices like the cardamom in the
opening the sage in the mid but I do get
the citrus now I have to say that it
doesn't smell overly natural and I guess
that kind of upset me a little bit
because I believe that the reason why
this fragrance originally sold like
hotcakes is because word got out that it
bear resemblance to another very popular
and expensive fragrance from the house
of Creed called Villa seem Imperial and
that fragrance has a very natural
smelling citrus in the opening this
fragrance on the other hand smells a
little bit synthetic now that does not
necessarily promote a bad thing I still
like this fragrance and I still think
that the smell of this fragrance is good
now I believe what's responsible for the
citrus qualities in the opening of this
fragrance is the fact that it contains
two aroma compounds by the name of Linda
Lou and citral Linda looool if my
research is correct is derived from
plants and it has a bergamot oil type
smell but with a spicy kick very mild
and then citral is like a generic
smelling citrus with a lemon like odor
so it leans a little bit more in the
lemony side and that's really what I get
from this fragrance at times it smells
lemony times it smells orangey
at times it smells like a neutral citrus
and unfortunately it does smell a little
bit synthetic so you really get what you
pay for and this is a very affordable
fragrance of course now once it starts
to dry down in the mid we have notes
like sage don't really get any of that
cypress don't really get any of that and
we do have the listed note of absinthe
now I agree with that and I disagree
with that as well
absinthe is a type of spirit it's not a
liqueur because it's not bottled with
added sugar and it is created when you
ferment wormwood annecy nutmeg and a few
other spices if I'm not mistaken with
this particular fragrance I don't
necessarily smell absinthe
but I can kind of get like a wormwood
feel from it and the reason I say that
is because when I was smelling it one
day for a split second I thought to
myself wow this kind of reminds me of
another fragrance and when I really
thought about and thought it through the
fragrance that it
me off is LeBeau mall by Jean Paul
Gautier and that fragrance also contains
the note of wormwood so while I would
not argue that this friggin smells like
absinthe I wouldn't doubt that there
might be a little bit of wormwood in
this fragrance or at least an aroma
chemical that smells like wormwood but
that's really what I get in the mid and
the dry down it gets musky you are gonna
get a lot of musk in the dry down and
there's also the listed note of vetiver
that I do pick up on sincerely I really
don't get any cedar wood I know cedar
wood is listed as a note I'm very
familiar with the smell of cedar wood
and many of my favorites one of them
being straight to heaven by Killian this
fragrance unfortunately I do not get any
of it but I do get the vetiver funny
thing about the vetiver in this
fragrance though I really only pick up
on it when I exhale on the back of my
hand or wherever it is that I happen to
spray this fragrance and then I quickly
inhale again that truly when I pick up
on it other than that it's very easily
overlooked I think so the bottom line
for this fragrance it starts off citrusy
the citrus actually lasts for a long
time and I think that that's an
exemplification of the molecular
integrity of the aroma chemicals I think
the structure is very solid so it lasts
a very long time and it smells citrusy
for a long time it gets musky in the dry
down and a little grassy at the same
time which kind of gives you a false
impression of it being citrusy when the
citrus is no longer there but you still
get the ghost of that citrus I know it
sounds funny but anybody who's smelled
this pregnancy's I think knows exactly
what I'm talking about
in terms of compliments or complaints
what is this fragrance going to get you
I think this fragrance is definitely
going to get you a compliment this is a
fragrance that the ladies love I have
gotten a couple of compliments from this
Regan's I wore this in front of my
girlfriend for the first time and she
complimented me on it right away I think
it's a very versatile fragrance it's
very easy to wear the smell is good
despite the fact that it's synthetic and
I just think it's a very nice smelling
fragrance overall very clean smelling
fragrance as well
lastly have I worn this fragrance
outside of testing yes I think this is a
perfect pregnancy to wear as soon as you
got out of the shower to supplement or
enhance that clean smell that you get so
there you have it that was my review of
of this fragrance last up we have the
rating take care
first up we have uniqueness and overall
smell and I'm going to give this
fragrance a three out of ten now don't
get me wrong I do think it's a good
smell but I think it's lacking a lot
this fragrance to me is lackluster it
really left a lot to be desired and it
really lacks that density in the
personality that other fragrances
possess so well I feel like this
fragrance just doesn't have it and
additionally on top of that does smell
quite synthetic too now I do think that
this is a nice smelling fragrance it's
I think it's very wearable and it's
bound to get you a compliment but I
don't think that any creative risks were
taken here I can't really give this
fragrance points in terms of aesthetic
merit I don't think it does anything new
especially considering that its
predecessors have done something very
similar to what this fragrance does and
even better than that
so unfortunately couldn't give a point
for that also I don't believe that fixes
were used entirely successfully in this
fragrance hence the reason why it
doesn't last for a very long time but
other than that I think the smell is
very nice so please keep that in the
back of your mind I do like the way that
it smells I ended up giving it a three
out of ten
all things considered them next up we
have longevity I give this fragrance a 4
out of 10 now this fragrance on my skin
lasts an average of four hours I do get
six hours on a good day so 4 to 6 hours
is expected especially considering his
concentration but on average I get 4
hours so I ended up giving it a 4 out of
10 next up we have projection I give
this fragrance a 3 out of 10 now this
fragrance radiates a little bit below an
arm's length for about a half hour to an
hour and I believe that because of the
volatile citrus notes that are contained
in the opening after that it starts to
sit a little bit closer to the skin and
I'm talking about letting one hour to
one and a half hour mark and it turns
into this type of skin scent where you
really have to get close to somebody in
order for them to be able to smell it on
you I ended up giving it a 3 out of 10
per projection next up we have
versatility I took it up a notch I gave
it a 5 out of 10 two notches I do think
it's a more versatile fragrance than
many but unfortunately it does lack in
some categories first off I think the
citrus is very unisex this fragrance on
the other hand surprisingly I don't
think is
to unisex just because of the mosque and
the veteran the dry down I think that
that's some of the characteristics and
this radiance that really making more of
a masculine fragrance in terms of social
scenarios I can only really wear this
fragrance casually and that's because of
the smell and the price all things
considered I doesn't really have the
sweet qualities that would make it a
good contender for a night out fragrance
and I don't think I would wear this in a
suit and tie I would reach for something
a little bit more refined a little bit
more elegant if you will I do think that
uh you know teenager can wear this
fragrance all the way up and up to
somebody in their 40s or 50s I don't
think it has a very mature quality
though but in that range I think is very
appropriate and in terms of seasons this
is a hot weather fragrance and the
citrus just screams that loud and clear
I don't think that because of its
performance this would do well in the
colder weather so I ended up giving it a
5 out of 10 for overall versatility and
then last up we have presentation you
already know what I think about that I
ended up giving it a 6 out of 10 for
presentation and then that brings this
fragrance to an overall rating or an
average score of 4.2 out of 10 so there
you have it guys that was my review of
Christian Audigier ed hardy love and
luck if you have any questions comments
or concerns please feel free to let me
know please don't forget to comment rate
and subscribe if you own or have smelled
this fragrance please let me know what
you think by leaving the comment down
below and if you have any questions
shoot me a message I will try to get
back to you as soon as possible so again
thank you so much for watching this has
been Steven with another fragrance
review from R adolescence take care

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