April 20, 2018



Ed Hardy is both bold in flavor and presentation! Blue Dragon isn’t just any turnover flavor, it’s the turnover flavor. Delicious blueberries are layered with rich custard to create a blend that practically melts away in your mouth! VG to PG Ratio: Max VG You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Ed Hardy Blue Dragon BEASTLY BECAUSE Presentation is a must with any premium Eliquid and Ed Hardy hits the nail on the head as this line is an eye catcher! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of ED HARDY BLUE DRAGON

hey what's up YouTube vapor people got
another quick short ejuice review the
flavours called blue dragon 3 milligram
Nick nice cool graphic labeling warnings
on the side and I guess these guys are
on Facebook Instagram Twitter and
there's another one Google+ so the name
of the company that makes this juice is
called a juice company or a juice -
company calm I did pick this juice up at
bodega vapes in Granada Hills here in
the San Fernando Valley and yeah let's
go with the product description
delicious blueberries with like menthol
dragon fruit infused with Kiwi okay so
there's that let's uh smell it excuse me
yeah blueberries and menthol picking up
that yeah so I'm picking up blueberries
menthol there's some a very light Kiwi
note back there and the menthol is not
strong because you know most menthol if
you guys are into menthol vapes I should
put put it that way
you know the menthol just fucking way
I'm just fucking kicks you right in the
fucking face this doesn't have that it
doesn't come off like you're opening up
a jar of vicks vapor rub
but yeah the the menthol is back there
just real ume like way back there I'm
predominantly getting blueberry and Kiwi
so I do got this dripped already in the
Mose a RDA sitting on the minikin
working with 65.1 watts 0.26 build i've
been running the same bill just some
fresh some fresh cotton been using this
cotton bacon all day it's a good shit
right here so yeah let's take it for a
so the VG PG ratio on their website
there's no they don't list their VG PG
ratio but I would venture to say it this
is really runny sauce I would venture to
say it's like a 60/40 at best maybe a
70/30 so uh vapor production is actually
really pretty good super white dense
milky vapor that dissipates right away
but it does drop to the floor it's
pretty good vapor production I'm gonna
give this one a solid three as far as
vapor goes as far as the flavor goes
this doesn't leave you with that menthol
taste after you vape it it actually goes
away with the other tones of flavors
that are in this juice but I'm picking
up a Kiwi picking up what is it they
said a dragon fruit so I'm getting a
dragon fruit and kiwi on the exhale on
the inhale I'm getting blueberries and
just the old ever so light head of
menthol absolutely no throat hit zero
throat hit and knows absolutely buttery
smooth on the on the nose hit so yeah
we're at three minutes and 35 seconds
that's my time thanks for watching and
don't forget to smash that subscribe
button I'd really appreciate it and if
you're in the si if you're in the smv
check out bodega vapes alright guys take
it easy

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