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By Elena Ognivtseva

Drip Wich Pecan Caramel is the newest flavor in the legendary Drip Wich lineup! Just like the previous flavors it is a tasty waffle ice cream sandwich only this blend uses butter pecan ice cream instead of vanilla. Let’s also not forget the tasty drizzle of rich caramel on top. An absolute must try if you’ve enjoyed their previous flavors! VG to PG Ratio: 80/20 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Drip Wich Pecan Caramel BEASTLY BECAUSE Drip Wich is not only a unique and delicious blend but it is offered in 60 mL bottles for big savings! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of DRIP WICH PECAN CARAMEL

right there check that out mmm how's it
going guys token vaping
so today's juice review as you can tell
by right there is the third and final
flavor in the drip which line which is
made by the Marlins steam company you
can check them out at Marlins steam com
they do have their own well it's all
their line but they have an original
line and then they have the drip which
line which is the one that we're doing
today this is like I said this is the
third flavor in this line so we're gonna
go ahead and jump into the flavor and
vape of it first just so to save a
little bit of time because I've had a
few people ask that you know doing all
the talking first seems to drag the
video out and that's not what I'm trying
to do so we're gonna jump into the vape
and the flavor and clouds and everything
first and then I will go into the
information on the the line and the
company itself so we're gonna do first
day first with you as you can see it
does have its security ring which is
pretty solid if you've seen me do the
previous two videos on the blueberry and
the strawberry you'll know that this is
a very sturdy security ring it is going
on a fresh cotton wick as I always do a
quick shout out to us VD unite society
of eight for the US vol mod that I have
reviewed on my channel for them and
Texas stuff cotton just works really
well for me it's just quick and easy
especially if you're in a hurry the main
reason why I do like it is that it has
little to no break-in time so you
basically get as much flavor as possible
a lot quicker than as compared to some
other cotton that I have tried so we're
gonna go ahead and as you saw I just pop
this open here and this was sent to me
for the purpose of this review and this
is a butter pecan ice cream sandwich
between waffles with a caramel syrup
which basically the three flavors are
all a waffle Ice Cream Sandwich and then
they have the different flavored syrups
like I said blueberry and strawberry the
other two that I did reviews on and this
is supposed to be a caramel but it has
actually a very sweet a sweet smell to
it so we'll see if
the flavor of it is going to come off as
super sweet or like like a sugary or if
it's actually going to fall in line with
the other two and have more of a
smoother creamier taste to it and then
you just have the sweetness of the syrup
topping on the end ironically butter
pecan ice cream is about the only ice
cream that I do eat I do have not that
anybody really needs to know or care but
I do have a bit of a lactose issue so I
don't eat a lot of ice cream
but butter pecan is probably one of the
only ones that I kind of have a weak
spot for so it definitely fits in this
flavor but again we will see so do a
quick burn just get the juice flowing
through to get started
it definitely has a hearty dessert
flavor to it on the on the burn so go
ahead cut that up as always being at 75
watts so this is the caramel version of
the drip which line from Marlin Steen
and as you can see the clouds are
definitely solid so I'm gonna go ahead
and do a quick read rip and this is just
to ensure that I did not overlook
anything on the initial beep and then
I'm not missing anything in the flavour
which in turn then so that I don't miss
inform anybody out there of what this
flavor is coming off as or what I'm
getting out of it
I really like the denseness of this babe
definitely nice clouds and the reason
for that is that it is an 80/20 mix
ratio so you're definitely gonna get a
solid vape you're gonna get some really
nice clouds off that as you saw
now flavor-wise I normally ma I've
discovered that I'm more of a strawberry
flavor vapor definitely with the
custards and creams and things like that
I'll tell you what this flavor I'm not a
caramel person I don't eat candy I'm not
a super sweet person but this is
actually I can definitely see it as
being an addicting flavor off the vape
itself you definitely do taste the the
butter pecan ice cream aspect of it I've
eaten enough of that too I can
definitely taste the butter pecan in it
now it's not gonna be as slam you in the
faces like the actual ice cream hence
because it's a vape but you definitely
do taste butter pecan you do have the
smoothness in the the ice cream aspect
of it but it's not a custard and it's
not a yogurt so to be able to hit that
fine line between them is actually
pretty a pretty impressive but it does
have the the the smoothness of the ice
cream the caramel does hit nicely on the
end now it's not a hint of it definitely
you definitely do taste the caramel but
it's not overpowering for the vape
flavor itself and it does not overtake
the rest of it the waffle aspect
depending on your ear sensitivity to
flavors and your vape style and your
preference and I'm proud of probably or
the wattage level is gonna make a little
bit of a difference as well the waffle
flavor you might pick out I don't get it
as heavy of a hit of on it as I do the
rest of the vape which is fine because
realistically I mean when you've got
that much flavor going on with the ice
cream the butter pecan the caramel the
waffle aspect just as a light pastry
flavor the the doughy aspect of its
gonna get a kind of a little bit lost in
that even if you're eating the real
thing so the fact that it's not a
prominent flavor in this is not to me it
is not a big deal now everybody is
different they all have different
preferences so some people might say
that you know they're missing out on it
but for me in this particular flavour it
does not make a break this flavour it is
a rock-solid flavor
like I said the caramel is just enough
and that's coming from somebody who does
not like caramel or an overly sweet
flavor but it's just enough to add a
little bit of sweetness to the the
butter pecan ice cream aspect of it
super super smooth that 80/20 mix is is
perfect for this in my opinion I mean
it's no throat hit whatsoever and that's
on fresh cotton and I don't feel it at
in that area definitely thicker so
whether you're using a dripper or a tank
I mean you're definitely going to get
some solid flavor and some great clouds
out of this but definitely check it out
it's the caramel syrup flavor from drip
which like I said there's a blueberry
and a strawberry they also have their
own the original Marlins themed flavor
line as well you can also pick up some
shirts and hats and different things off
their website as well it's Marlon steam
Calm they're also on Instagram Facebook
Twitter Google+ you can email them
directly as well
definitely worth checking out they are
they do have two main brick-and-mortar
shops in North Carolina but they're on a
bunch of different vaping websites as
well but this is the bottle and
basically it does have the waffle Ice
Cream Sandwich with the butter pecan and
then the caramel representing the syrup
on top it does say drip which here and
it has the nicotine level and the bottle
size it's a three milligram 60 ml bottle
it is offered in a 0 a 1 point 5 a 3 & a
6 it does have the warning and
ingredient label on the back and then
what's also really cool is that it has
the born on date and the batch number
batch code as well so if for whatever
reason there is an issue that you find
in a bottle that you purchase or things
like that they can actually narrow down
specifically what batch when it was made
things like that you know to figure out
if it was something in that specific
bottle or if it was something that
they'd have to go further into to find
out but it's just that level of detail
that they put into it is actually a
pretty impressive and a born-on date it
was actually on my
birthday which is actually really cool
as well also but it's basically it's
just a rock-solid line if you are
breakfast dessert I mean a lot of people
like having waffles for breakfast or
dinner or things like that but it's more
of a dessert flavor in my opinion
because it does have the ice cream and
then it does have the syrup on it as
well it's not as heavy as you think it
would be and I'll say that now and I was
impressed with that aspect with all
three of them even though the the VAP
when you vape it it does have a heavier
flavor and you would think with a syrup
kick to it that it's gonna have a
heavier taste to it it's not as heavy of
a dessert or vague flavor as it sounds
it's a lot lighter which to me
bakes it basically makes it more of an
all day vape option especially on warm
days because the the ice cream part of
it does give it a slight bit of cooling
now it's not like a cooling like like a
mentholated or mint or anything like
that but the ice cream aspect of the
flavor does make it a lighter flavor
mixed in with the syrup and everything
else so it's definitely not as heavy of
a normal dessert flavor but it
definitely does have a nice flavor punch
but either way it's a rock-solid line
all three flavors are really really well
done all food flavors have a really good
flavor flavor profile and they do fit
what they're supposed to so definitely
check it out as I said it's Marlon steam
dot-com I definitely will try to get the
the original line of theirs as well to
do future reviews on that if nothing
else Marlins team thank you so much for
the opportunity to review your drip
which line it's a great great line as
always guys I'm token vaping I'm here on
YouTube Facebook Instagram snapchat and
Pinterest anything that I myself can do
to help further enhance your vaping
experience and make it more enjoyable
for you it's the only reason why I do
this so definitely reach out to me if
you have any questions comments concerns
a particular video that you'd like to
see I will do everything in my power to
try to make that happen for you until
next time no matter what always remember
morning noon night doesn't matter truly
love yourself a pond babe strong guys
have a good one

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