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Donuts has released their latest rendition in the donut flavored craze. This tasty blueberry frosted pastry is filled to the brim with blueberry jam and is finished off with an ice cold glass of milk! A delicious rendition of the popular jam filled donut, it’s a mouthwatering treat for anyone! VG to PG ratio: Max VG You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Donuts Blueberry BEASTLY BECAUSE Now you can get your Donuts to go, Indulge on a delicious jam filled pastry! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of DONUTS BLUEBERRY

but I'm on but this is that barley pile
back again with another time your so
review use review do one of the guys
know about but branch that'll really
pile up its from the company that
brought you doughnuts Aegis pebbles
doughnut honey bear that Thai tea though
it's doughnuts a juice blueberry donut I
purchased this bad boy from vape society
supply for the for the purpose of this
review I bought it ain't gonna change my
opinion alright nice presentation comes
to 0-3 and six milligrams of nicotine
it's an 80/20 VG PG ratio it's a 30ml
bottle it costs 1899 on veep's IT
supplies website that's what it looks
like okay
and it's a warm fluffy blueberry donut
dunked in a cold in a well in a glass of
milk give you inhale exhale flavor vape
and throw it I don't want to buy a scale
five beating competition juice all day
vape or a kick to the throat you want to
see a three on on all day vape for
throat hit nice blueberry it's a
different blueberry than any other
blueberry I've ever vaped it's more of
like a authentic original natural wild
feet production gets a four-and-a-half
man nice vape products on an all day
vape throat it gets a three flava flava
flava flava on this bad boy
well when I first tried it I was like
whoa it's definitely really good
anything this is me buy donuts he juice
which is marina vape
all right I've been talking about Marina
vape a lot lately because Marina vape is
my favorite a juice manufacturer at this
time they do a really good job and they
knock this out of the park man if you
like blueberry you're gonna love this
okay it's sweet the blueberry in here is
prominent it's a sweet wild sweet wild
blueberry it's like taking out if you
ever had like those nice fresh
blueberries on pancakes and you had the
maple syrup on top and those those
blueberries a juicy inside like that's
what it tastes like man is so on point
to a blueberry doughnut it's just like
the doughnut eg strawberry one with
blueberry instead of strawberry it's a
little different as well but the
strawberry the blueberry and this is
very prominent and man it's just one of
the best blueberries I'm not like huge
on blueberry man it's one of the best
blueberries of a vape it's different
it's definitely different like they
didn't like like I was talking previous
on honey bear no no no no no they
knocked this one out of the park man
this blueberry is the best blueberry
I've ever had it tastes the way a
blueberry vape should taste can't say
anything better about this juice highly
recommend it to stance of approval
two thumbs up it's in the bag in 1899
for 30ml bottle isn't that bad it's not
so you can find this at beach society link on screen and
description father's video helpful leave
a like share and subscribe we give you
content on a daily basis and remember
squad stage you stop and a catch up on
the next one

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