Vape Review of Dinner Lady Summer Holidays - Strawberry Bikini E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Dinner Lady Summer Holidays - Strawberry Bikini E-Liquid

Vape Review of Dinner Lady Summer Holidays - Strawberry Bikini E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Featured in Dinner Lady's Summer Holidays range is Strawberry Bikini, a strawberry and lemonade flavoured e-liquid with ice. Available in a pack of 3 x 10ml with various nicotine strengths to choose from.

Vape Review of Dinner Lady Summer Holidays - Strawberry Bikini E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Dinner Lady Summer Holidays - Strawberry Bikini E-Liquid

right welcome back to spinach of reviews
and today we're doing a new range by the
dinner lady and this range is called the
summer holidays now the flavors that
we're doing a called cola shades
flip-flop likey strawberry bikini Sun
Tan mango and black Orange Crush we'll
talk a little bit more about the
profiles as we go vaping on them so let
you know whether they do with a sounder
- now these are 70/30 VG PG and they're
covering 3 times 10 mil in a box and
we've got these in a zero milligram so
did they I think they come in a zero
three and six but we'll check out here
and put it in the show more section but
basically you can add these up on
Facebook's we are Instagram you know
normal procedures and also you can check
out their website as I
said we're going to go through the
profiles of each one we're going to tell
you more about what's in it and what it
does what it says on the tin we're going
to be checking out the class and then
going through step step by stages and
showing you the packaging and how to
lose TPD range lips and all that sort of
goodness so don't go nowhere and catch
us back in a minute right welcome back
to spittin interviews and today we're
really pleased to be doing the new range
from the dinner lady and basically this
is called the summer holidays range and
the flavors that we're going to be doing
are doing Cola shades flip-flop light
strawberry bikini Sun Tan mango and
black orange Krush
basically these all TP 10mil TPD
compliant necessary get your box like
that this is the first one we're going
to be starting with as you can see up in
the corner there this one's called cola
shades and then you slide this off and
then you've got a little pull tab here
you pull that up and there's your free
bottles will be sitting you know we've
got one over here so there isn't only
free bottles in there and we tip make it
a little you know pamphlet that you get
with them your warnings and all that
stuff I do like a go back at the box as
nice little continuing on the holiday
would have videos and all the logos and
stuff I mean like so that we've got you
got these all in like a little lunch box
with yelling page towel and yeah a
little us face viewer to know you stick
and I've wear
we was on the VIP so that's basically
why we got that little you get a little
bonus with them but a lot bigger clothes
do for that yeah Andrew am i thirsty and
a full dinner ladies family yeah if you
look at that that's all the flavors
that's gonna box in every and again this
is the little cases usually a little
handle on the top there it's just like a
little tube cry a little and si our
kitchen which is last in it I mean and
for more information dude check out Facebook Twitter Instagram
Pinterest and snatcher
and just as you lift the lid if you look
there this the little you know summer
look easy logo there this is the logo
that they're using there were 70 VG 30
PG and we've got these in a zero right
you want to read a description on Cola
shame like the first one Cola shades is
deliciously authentic Cola with a twist
of lemon served on the rocks guaranteed
to quench your vaping first so served on
the rocks I think they're all got a
little bit of cool add or something guy
and I can I so I remember fall so we're
going to test this we're going to go
through even though we got read that
cool artists members we're going to give
you an honest opinion as if we did and
we're going to tell you not so much that
we did but more of a I will tell you the
levels that they hit and so first on the
starting with is color crochet and these
are the seminal bottles and I'm so you
get in the box of good cop showed you if
you consuming do you want to do the
smelling and I'll do the Viking on first
and then we'll swap over I mean you're
not smelling the Colin as we as you know
but you're smelly enough busy Oh lovely
fizzy Cola and cool either level I would
say if hundred was really strong in any
fight on the chest here I would say this
is around 45 right it's middle of the
row so it's not too overpowering not too
underdone but it's quite pleasant to be
a bit stronger than what I would have
liked but it's not right in your phone
like a hundred level yeah you know it's
a nose and throat oma and it's not
blowing your chest off but but for the
flavor of the coma
the lovely Cola with lots of fish it's
lovely I mean I'm really impressed with
the flavor of the cola maybe would have
liked to exchange that's a play Lazaro
le 275th Phase II Fuji needs a cloud you
get look at that absolute rollers hello
mmm and again that would mean he was
talking about these little bottles with
the matching lids they really look cute
I mean look at the colors on a minute
they've done really well one I'm making
them I'll show you these two as well
that really look nice so maybe we have a
packaging and all that little extra
they've gone on Corey's were you know
got all the artwork on the monitor stuff
yeah should we move on to the never good
sugar by the way yeah very smooth you
know even though we've got it in there
and a zero milligram mixing it's very
well the next one we're going to be
doing is flip-flop lightly we took a
huge citrus burst and off say it with an
Asian lightly and a liberal splash of
ice to deliver a taste of sunshine this
is the wrong we're doing there you can
just see that they're lovely - lovely
logo again there's an island for a large
enough summer holidays really nice what
smells gorgeous lovely I've got so have
a smelly actual right yeah the splash of
ice is not as much as this the first one
which I'm gonna color but it's up there
near about cool but the citrusy notes
that are in with the lighting
I've got a site up going on hmm
I like that all you know I delight of
signage as well with out the calling but
obviously it's a summer vibe is six it
really a - oh nice and King in cornet
sort of finger but out of it so I'm glad
they went with cool adderall with a
menthol mmm but now you said the citrus
notes this going along so with Eli - Eli
- yeah that's not tasting
the stitchers knows that you get
alongside that light you fruit well and
if you don't really take like none of
that lights you light is more like a
almost you know like a Chinese the white
grape II sort of fuel and but it's got
that that niceness through that that
really fruit nice punchy almost you know
a lot real likely to just beat it and
it's not like there's no skin thickness
going on but you've got that nice bit of
it's not as strong as personal that you
should be you've got that nice bit of
callers call arteries sort of holding
that's going on as if you is if you
having it in a cold color treatment
they're not exactly it's not not as
cheesy as the first one but they're
still nice yeah I like the switches
notes in there mmm well I'll move on to
the next one this is called strawberry
bikini and this is a strawberry smashed
with ice and dropped into a cloudy
lemonade bursting at the seams with
sharp lemony goodness I'm smelling
strawberry commonly smelled eliminate
but a Sydow a nice bit or you can take
it again that's quite a molder cool
adder it's pretty much like the second
one we did like the flip-flop this one's
got that lovely strawberry start goes
into a lashing
I would say borderline fizzy borderline
flats lemonade and with that cool audit
it's almost like you've got a jar of you
know pink lemonade going on so cloudy
pink lemon ice will soon you know some
nice dollops of ice in there you know
mmm it's cleaner it's you know you like
that on you hey smells nice and I'm not
cool are the type of guy but that's nice
good sugar lipids you're on it come on
the clad mmm smells a nice refreshing
sitting in the Sun without one hmm
unreality okay all right next up moving
on this is suntan mango and this is a
complex blend with a simple taste
Alphonso honey unripe mango combined
with ice web sites to paradise I
wondered why the mango was smelling so
creamy incising residents must be that
it's Alphonso hard one to have one so
yeah honey right unripe mango as well
first one we're doing now but and it
smells amazing let me just tell you it's
on par the calling is the last to live
just on us we're like a naughty getting
I'm loving the flavors their proper
punch a proper summary they've they've
gone part of you you could see the
summer holiday sort of vibe you lazy
sauce Jace you've done it yet I mean I'd
like to have seen them without a colada
but yeah that's with you know actually
you know the first one hit a bit harder
than the nose last three we've done but
the juicy mango is just banging this is
probably my favorite so far
it's that honey mixed with that man go
to class love it
nice and cool enough you ever not in
your fight yeah I mean the first one was
in your fight yeah
not badly but it was in your flash it
was a lot of setup in that sort of you
know mmm so 45 touching 58 these ups I
ran sort of 28:30 area this one again
for you at 25 year and now we're going
to be moving on to this one in a minute
I don't know what this one is yet but
we're going to be testing at the mental
block called artery level on that I'll
do like this honey and this and this
mango going yeah just got something that
they both do to each other that make it
the mangos on point and nothing also
spring like looking at you but it's not
your man going a honey mixing together
it's really nice I like it yeah
nice tomato in it they've used a good
mango and its proper juicy juicy mother
but we'll move on to the last one in
this new range and this is black currant
and oranges with many many more
accompaniments all combined into one
kick-ass burst of flavor with ice all
right so I trim it out onto the tank or
you can do it this is that much it's not
too bad I'd say sort of like these two
lazier that sort of level Ramone it's
more like a that I said with a so
backfire for them in the inn
percentage-wise out of androgel as
strong the core libraries but it's a
bloody good black orange it's really you
know nice and orangey fruity all day
Blair comment not stealing it then which
is good for the stands on them not
really it's more of a you know it's
tropically buy in a good way but it's
more orange e for me and I do like it
yes I do like it but I still think the
best one for me at speed a mango and
honey if asked to choose on that was
luscious I'm gonna lock them all and a
lighter seen them all with that called
harder to be thin just add that fruit
you know and but that meant going on it
did something for me no I really do like
it yeah I mean I've got a great view the
mango one's really nice I like the
strawberry one yeah well Asus a nice
good strawberry pink lemonade all very
summery I mean if I finger if we're the
dummies in the winter I don't think that
red the same effect you know lovely I
play out there runs out yeah the color
was nice as one no all right you know
all got your own little you know ups and
dance that you know some have got a more
of a flavor maybe a little bit less at
the colada some got more a colada maybe
a little bit less of that but in a good
way you know like I also got your own
flaws and there I'm good they're all
bold fresh they're all they're all are
cool god
all day votes for people that are into
their coladas yeah you know if I mean
yeah I mean I'm pleasantly surprised
because I don't like kool-aid or advant
like menthol but with certain subtle
hints like the mango one and a
strawberry one then it made it Pleasant
ever growing on are really great I
thought that in the cola was a bit too
much for me mmm but you know that's just
my opinion
yeah you mean you mean to call up a
little older was banging me although
evidently the flavors as their levels of
nodded at me and you're not really India
but we do that to give you a level so we
will talk about like you know out of
hundred ow my besties well in a 35 or
away of that so depending on how many
bits a ninety you know that's just too
much but he's don't know a near DeMint I
don't think any of them have gone over
fifty to be fair I mean that started
before we fire these two around fires
you know this one was even cooler about
like 25 and if anyone went back to
around about 3035 again so so yeah I
mean they're not really - yeah I mean I
think it's another week or so and then
they'll be loose so for more information
dude check out because the
summer fun has begun yeah big after
dinner ladies always getting down there
and does forget you can add them at the
website he was just talking about also
to subscribe to us I've kept telling
friends bass on Twitter Instagram
Facebook as well as YouTube this has
been summarized these under the wing of
dinner ladies their new range I've
enjoyed doing them compared considering
we're not even you know call are a
mental Ferris are quite a lot fewer
though first yeah oh that's nice to
breathe oh yes
catcha spandex almost weekly drip
reviews and enjoy your summer holiday

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