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Dinner Lady Lemon Tart 60ml e-juice is a sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust. Bottle Size: 60ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of DINNER LADY LEMON TART EJUICE

what's up guys my name's Shauna we're
back again so today we're taking a look
at vape dinnerladies a lemon tart right
here now I've actually been meaning to
get to this for quite some time it's
just been incredibly hectic with all the
other juices ahead of this I really got
to start scheduling things down a lot
better I got like a whiteboard back
there I don't know if you guys can see
it cuz it's behind my jacket I'm hoping
that helps me organize things a little
better than I'm doing now
okay so lemon tart right here was born
in the UK and it was sent all the way
over here from across the pond and I now
have it in my possession now this is
another juice right here that's been
very popular and just went right over
the radar with me I didn't really know
much about them until they got in touch
with me and I started looking into their
stuff and they seem to be a very
professional company they have a lot of
juice in their lines they don't just run
one line I believe they run like three
they got tornado 11:11 and the vape
dinner line right here and now the
entire vape dinner line is entirely
dessert faves and I do have two of them
so obviously I have the lemon tart and I
also have the cornflake tart right here
which I will be doing this later on
today so you guys will be getting two
videos today it is like 6 o'clock in the
morning and it's Saturday and I woke up
early to get you guys to videos today
because you know I'm just such an
awesome person like that so right off
the bat it's a yellow bottle the
presentation is really really good on
all their juices it seems like this one
is very yellow it's got a nice
childproof cap on it it has like a very
vintage look to it
I'm a big fan of that I really enjoy
that it's got like the doodling graphics
on there it says dinner lady premium
quality ejuice lemon tart and that's
about all we got on there you got a
batch number on the side and this is a
30/70 blend three milligrams of nicotine
right here you have a warning label and
as you guys can see it in all its glory
right there now lemon tart is a sharp
lemon curd topped with gooey meringue
all cradled into a thin pastry and I
read that straight from their website
right here in front of me so to say
another one those juices where it's a
very bold flavor claim packed into some
edges right here I do want to note that
they do have quite a few rewards and
honorable mentions and things like that
this is award winning juice right here
I'm not sure which ones one were
Awards and which ones haven't but I know
quite a few of them in the vape dinner
lady line have one dessert Awards so I
guess we're go ahead and crack this
thing open and give it the old smell
test right here and see what it's all
about now like I said I have had this
juice for a little bit now so it's all
steeped up and ready to go and as you
guys can see it's a nice clear color and
that's been sitting for about three
weeks right there wow this juice right
here smells amazing this is probably the
best smelling juice I've had in a long
time the lemon smells absolutely amazing
it doesn't smell overpowering at all
I can smell like a flakiness in it most
like there's a lemon tart baking in here
that's still in the oven I can't
reiterate it enough guys this stuff
smells delicious right here okay so I
have this all pre dripped and ready to
go we're vaping it in a 200 watt sigelei
a tugboat RDA some new cotton new coils
and a chuff cap and we're running this
at 60 watts and this is vape
dinnerladies lemon tart no throat it
goes down nice and smooth vape
production is again AIT's a 70/30 blend
so you're gonna get clouds that you're
gonna blow out a lot of clouds but
they're going to dissipate pretty
quickly this isn't something you're
gonna be winning cloud chasing
competitions with or anything like that
okay so let's talk flavor
now the flavor on this is absolutely
amazing this is seriously one of the
best tasting e-juices I have had in a
long time as well as the best smelling
ejuice I already had in a long time I
already went on a rant about that though
now the lemon flavoring on this is
absolutely perfect it's not an
overpowering lemon by any sense of the
word it literally tastes exactly like it
describes it is a perfect lemon tart you
can taste the gooey meringue in it and
again it also has like a very flaky
presence to it you can taste it all in
its entirety if you guys enjoy lemon
flavors I would highly recommend you try
this this is one of those uses where I'm
going to buy again and again this is an
all-day vape for sure I don't say it
often but this juice is amazing I
literally can't put this juice down I
have been vaping it since I opened it up
yesterday and this bottle is actually
almost gone it is literally the best
tasting lemon juice I have ever had in
my entire life and that's a very bold
claim it's coming straight for me I
promise if you guys like lemon flavors
you guys will not be disappointed in it
this is one of those juices where I feel
like you genuinely have to try just once
even if you're not a fan of lemon
flavors and I can also even compare this
to like a cereal flavor as well I know
it's a desert vape but it has like that
cereal presence in it and that could be
because of the lemon just because like a
lot of fruity cereal juices like fruit
loops or fruity pebbles have like an
overpowering lemon to it I would even go
far as to say that I will take cereal
juices and just add a couple drips of
this to it on my RDA just to balance it
all out I feel like that would blend
like really really well together maybe
that's just me regardless if you guys do
want to check it out this is a juice in
the UK so the price comes out to about
15 pounds $14.99 I don't know what that
transitions into US dollars but I will
go ahead and post a link to their
website right in the description right
down there again to thumbs up three
thumbs up like ten thumbs up if I had
them two thumbs up in like two big toes
how about that does that sound good
definitely go ahead and check this juice
out again
if you are a big fan of lemony juices
can't recommend it enough
I know I sound like a broken record but
it's just really good guys like
seriously they've dinner lady sorry I
took so long to get to your review but
it was worth it this juice is absolutely
amazing you guys have done a phenomenal
job here thank you so much for sending
this out to me yeah that's that link is
in the description right down there and
later on today I will be doing the
cornflake tarts you guys can look
forward to that it will be up today I
promise you guys have my word they also
did send me another juice and I believe
that was from their tornado series
however when I got the package said to
me in the mail that juice was completely
obliterated like it was smashed like
somebody just stepped on it and there
was glass all over the place these two
bottles the ejuice were soaked in the
tornado juice and the tornadoes do smell
really good like the whole package smelt
amazing and it was not vape dinnerladies
fault by any means like I can actually
see a footprint on it where the tornado
juice was so one of the UPS guys or
whoever whatever mail carrier service
dropped it off to me stepped on it on
the way here I'm sure they would I'm
sure vape lady would issued me a refund
but I didn't pay for it so it's really
not a big deal
anyway guys if you enjoyed this video be
sure to give it a thumbs up and stay
dude for another one hi

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