April 23, 2018



You can practically taste the nostalgia with Corn Flake Tart! Dinner Lady Corn Flake Tart is a delicious mix of sweet syrup and tarty jam mixed with old school cereal flakes! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Dinner Lady Corn Flake Tart BEASTLY BECAUSE Dinner Lady Eliquids are geared towards the needs of the consumer which is why they use only the finest ingredients! Enjoy some of the most exquisite blends available on the market! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of DINNER LADY CORN FLAKE TART

hello and welcome back to Steve Bates
today is one I've been waiting for today
I get to be at dinner lady let's get
into this one so today we are looking at
conflict time but before we get into
that if you haven't heard of dinner lady
where have you been
did you know see all the reports back
from Expo really know they won best
exhibition best and Expo as far as him
why they didn't win any of the best
flavor ranges which they should have
done my personal opinion if I was a
judge well they'd have probably got the
full board but hey that's my personal
opinion so let's dive into the review
obviously we've got conflict art today
now the bottles really snazzy it is a
cord glass 30ml bottle and you've got
yeah 70/30 mix VG heavy you've got your
image warnings on the side lovely
branded on the Dena lady bottle well
let's give her a vape and see what she
pops out
Bay productions really nice now on your
initial vape on the way in on the inhale
you get kind of a well I'm getting a
golden syrup with a slight conflict
biscuity taste yeah it's like a golden
syrup our maple syrup on the way in
quite sweet until I hell you've got
quite a strong strawberry jam with an
undertone like a biscuit it is really
really really Moorish this stuff you
could go through the bottle in a day
easily I'm not recommending you do that
but he'd be easily done so don't ladies
conflate time it's as close to the
complicate you used to get at school you
remember yeah I used to go back for
extras because I was a bit of a fat kid
but hey ho it's as close as it damn can
be and it's really good really good this
hardly any throw hit with this either
sorry I'm enjoying it too much please
stop me
I'm filming I'm not just vaping okay so
the Donal ad rage is available from
Sagara which is their main stockist and
for the 30 ml bottles you're looking at
$14.99 which is for the quality of the
liquid is really really really really
good price absolutely amazing
and then lady vape they do have three
other juice lines in their range and
you've got the double one double one or
1111 however you want to pronounce that
one you've got the tornado and then
you've got that didn't the lady range
now the one one one one
it's a backhaul based juice line there
is a menthol and a fruit added to the
tobacco to give it a bit of a twist on
the tornado you've got more of a fruity
range going on and the dinnerladies
is desserts and their desserts to die
for I have got another juice lined up
from dinner lady on the dessert range
and I've got one it's on a dose to
review as well so far so good I have to
say I was I loved their standard x-bow
Evan on the business-to-business state
that stand was part
absolutely packed you couldn't get in
and the girls are out promoting it
didn't eat him because the public we're
doing it deal the vapors that were
wandering around but have you been over
there yet it's a good reason the product
bang on bang gone so thanks for watching
Steve Apes and we'll see you next time

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