Vape Review of Deja Voodoo E-liquid by Wick Liquor

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Deja Voodoo E-liquid by Wick Liquor

Vape Review of Deja Voodoo E-liquid by Wick Liquor

By Nataly Komova

Offering a smooth blend of exotic coconut husk and sweet Chula Vista Sugar Cane, Wick Liquor's Deja Voodoo e-liquid will have you coming back again and again. Sweet, tropical and definitely unique, this is perfect for cloud chasers who want big, memorable flavour. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths About Wick Liquor Produced in the UK, Wick Liquor e-juice has created a streamlined collection of four premium blends for vapers to enjoy with complex flavour blends that keep people coming back for more.

Vape Review of Deja Voodoo E-liquid by Wick Liquor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Deja Voodoo E-liquid by Wick Liquor

hey guys London vapor back for an e
liquid review now the liquid we're going
to take a look at today is the second of
three kindly supplied to me at vape jam
by Witt liquor and it is deja voodoo now
we discussed wit liquor in the previous
video but a quick recap they are a UK
e-liquid manufacturer based in Tamworth
in Staffordshire and if you head over to
their website wit liquor calm you
currently find four different liquids
available across varying flavor profiles
alongside some merchandise as well so go
over and take a look let's head into the
review use your weapon of choice from
eat the Mako shorty with 1.2 I'm your
core build and this time we're sitting
on top of the I 41 and we're going to
kick off at 20 was
and as you can see 80 bgg so the vapor
production is excellent and this is
another strange one it's really weird
flavor this one it hits you quite early
on minute you inhale I'm getting a
coconut in there there's not a
desiccated coconut it's a fresh coconut
and getting like a fibrous flavor in
there as well that could be well to me
anyway a bit of the actual husk of the
coconut in there alongside the flesh
part it's a very creamy very smooth
white but back halfway through the
inhale getting a sweetness coming up
through that coconut and that creaminess
and to me it's very reminiscent of
sugarcane because it's got that slight
bite to it over a powdered sugar or a
granulated sugar and it really sits on
your tongue right into the back of the
inhale and the exhale is so smooth it's
unbelievable but to me there's something
else in there so what I'm going to do
I'm a pumping up to 25 watt and see if
we can nail down what else is there
and at 25 watts the creaminess of that
coconut has improved just a touch the
sweetness is still there but there's a
perfumey after note into the back of the
inhale on this one it's weird it's quite
weird to pin down I can't grab what it
is it may just be the way the liquids
been blended but it gives you a butt
like a perfumey flavor in there as well
and that mixture they've got of the
fresh coconut and the sugarcane sits on
your tongue all the way through the
inhale all the way through the exhale it
is so smooth it is like a bit of black
magic this liquid because to me that
combination shouldn't work but it does
is it no day vape I could quite happily
like this on a dripper all day or in a
sub on tank with no problem because of
course being an AC VG you're not going
to be at user in your standard tanks but
it's a real change for me because you
get used to certain flavors again and
again this one's come completely out of
left field and you guys that are looking
for something different I would say to
definitely say to you go out and buy a
bottle of the of DejaVu do because it is
a really different Pleasant smooth rape
so there we go that was the review let's
have a look at what you need to know now
as I said wit liquor or a UK e-liquid
manufacturer and their website is wick
liquor calm the bottle sizes available
are both glass there 15 mil or these 30
little clear glass bottles with the
dropper tops and the tamper-resistant
seals as well and as an added security
measure all the bottles come
shrink-wrapped on top so you know
nobody's been fiddling with them really
nice labeling nice and clear there with
the name of the juice the company the
nicotine strength there you've got all
your information on that side and all
your warnings and you're not under 18
on that side your PG VG ratios available
are a TV g20 PG your nicotine strengths
are zero milligram 1.5 milligram which
is another change you don't often see 3
milligram and six milligram and your
prices excluding shipping for a 15 mil
gloss but all you're looking at seven
pound and for a 30 ml glass bottle like
this one you're looking at 13 pound and
worldwide shipping options are available
so there you go folks that was the
review for WIC liquors deja voodoo thank
you for watching and I will catch you
next time

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