April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk E-Liquid

Unicorn milk contains a flavour blend of strawberry extract and cream.

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk E-Liquid

what is going on mr. crazy 187 zero and
I wanted to share with you guys really
quick one of my well actually this is my
favorite top flavor a juice I mean I
really can't get off this flavor at all
so this is a called unicorn milk by cut
wood and it's super super good like I
said I'm really really addicted to it I
do have it in a six milligram negative
level we can pick this up in a 15 mil
30ml and also 120 ml and I believe it's
available pretty much nicotine levels
all across the board which is 0-3 612 I
think goes up to 12 but I'm not exactly
sure but it's really really good again
it's a it's a that strawberry sort of
cream flavour it's really really bomb
thank you guys a quick little vape
real real delicious that strawberry
milky sort of creamy flavor which is
again this is my favorite I'm really
addicted to it I can't get off this
juice at all and if I'm off it I'm
probably operate for like a day because
I can't get my hand on another one
but other than that I'm back on it
unicorn milk by cutting with super super
bomb go ahead and try it out I'm running
this at a six mugger nicotine level and
throw it is on point for my liking
really really good so go ahead and try
it out if you guys I like it if you guys
try it live in the comment section down
below let me know what you guys think of
it once again this is what I'm on right
now and I really really can't get off it
any comments any questions leave them in
the comment section below follow me on
Twitter and Instagram administered crazy
187 zero check out the site lunatic calm
and I'll catch you guys on the next one

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