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By Tatyana Dyachenko

Straight from the unicorn farm, where the rare unicorns graze about, Unicorn Milk is characterized by a blend of fresh strawberries and four unique delectable creams! VG to PG ratio: 60/40 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk BEASTLY BECAUSE Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, they are proud to provide one of the best E-liquids on the market! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CUTTWOOD UNICORN MILK

well so much for natural light because
look at that that is horrible who wants
to see that
I feel like an x-man or something what's
up guys my name is Shawna we're back
again so today we're taking a look at
cut woods unicorn milk this delicious
topper here hopefully you guys can see
that and my lighting is not destroyed
try to get some natural light up in this
thing and it just doesn't work to my
at all everything I tried to do
something just really bad happens and it
kind of ruins it that's you know that's
neither here nor there
so cut wood has been around for a long
time they they're kind of like the go-to
juice guys in the in the market there
are they they have a big share of the
e-juice market they're really popular
juice a lot of people enjoy it I have
had cut wood Jews before and I believe
it's sugar drizzle I think they changed
the name sugar bear sugar drizzle it was
changed to something else and I done a
review on it I'm not sure I think I did
if I did I'll post a link in the
description right down there okay so
this stuff right here is called unicorn
milk and this is like a unicorn juice
it's a strawberry cream there's a couple
different spins on it from different
used lines I have reviewed juice man's
version which is unicorn porn and that
was actually a really good juice I
thoroughly enjoyed unicorn porn by a
juice man and I'll also put that link in
there as well it is in older videos you
guys will have to bear through that okay
so I do want to know before go any
further into this review that this
version of unicorn milk that I do have
is zero milligrams of Nick there is no
nicotine in here and it's actually
fairly cool because I have actually
never had use with no nicotine in it is
just something I don't do I prefer three
it's my go-to juice 3 for dripping 6 for
tanks that's all me that's what I enjoy
this stuff was actually lent to me by a
friend so I go ahead and try it out and
give you guys a review of it ok so cut
woods flavor description on this is a
strawberry cream with like four
different kinds of unique cream four
different kinds of cream watch so I was
actually pretty intrigued by it we're go
ahead and take an up-close look at the
bottle right here hopefully it stays in
frame you got your cut with logo right
here on the side unicorn milk some
warnings and precautions a UPC and all
that good stuff you know it's a it's
actually a fairly pretty bottle there's
a lot going on there it's pretty
simplistic the presentation is nice it's
got a childproof drip cap
which is always nice he said the price
on this is $13 for 15 milliliter bottle
23 dollars for 30 milliliter bottle and
$85 for a hundred 20 milliliter bottle
okay so we're going and crack this mamuh
JAMA open right here and see exactly
what it smells like I'm trying to debate
whether it's actually like a natural
strawberry smell or not I'm I'm
conflicted I want to say it's a natural
strawberry but it's not and I want to
say it's like a candy strawberry but
it's not it's like an overly sweet
natural candy strawberry smell how about
that we're just gonna go run in the
middle we're gonna go meet in the middle
with all aspects right there that's it's
really creamy the smell you're getting
on this is super creamy you could
definitely smell the strawberry it's
there it's it's a unicorn juice if you
haven't had unicorn juice it smells like
strawberries and green BAM okay so I
have this stuff loaded up right here on
MVP 3.0 Pro dish with a tugboat RDA a
nice chuff cap running a 55 watts with
some new cotton on that manage Emma
we're good to go so this is unicorn milk
my cut would actually I almost forgot
this is a 40 PG 6 t VG blend so there's
that too
important information cloud production
is OK the clouds do dissipate pretty
fast again this is only a 60/40 blend
absolutely no throat hit goes down like
fresh air
it is worth noting though that again
this is a zero milligram of Nick so that
could have a lot to do with it as well
but even even so the juice doesn't
really seem like a very throaty kind of
okay so here's the verdict right here
it's definitely a strawberry cream
unicorn juice I'm getting exactly that a
strawberry cream when the flavor
actually hits your palate the strawberry
lightens up on the sweetness when you
smell it it smells it's like an
extremely sweet strawberry when you
actually vape it the taste of it you
kind of lose some of that sweetness and
it kind of turns into more of like a
creaminess kind of like like the
strawberry kind of just melts the cream
in your mouth whoa was a big one but as
you can see the clouds dissipated fairly
quickly this good vapor production but
they they just disappear after like five
seconds as far as tasting poor creams I
it's creamy I can definitely say that I
can't I don't really have the palate to
distinguish four different unique creams
inside the juice but it is a good juice
overall it's a really good juice and I
could definitely go ahead and recommend
it to you guys dates it is exactly what
it says it is I really like how the
strawberry actually kind of feels like
it dissolves to cream in your mouth the
flavor just kind of morphs from
strawberry to cream one of the things I
feel like it's missing I feel like it's
missing a little bit of a little bit of
something and that's because I comparing
this to juice man's a unicorn porn and
that is the same aspect of unicorn milk
except juice man adds I hit the cinnamon
to it and it makes all the difference I
much I actually I prefer juice man's
unicorn porn over cut woods unicorn milk
but it's really all about personal
opinion here if you want a little bit of
cinnamon in your juice a little spice to
that unicorn definitely go ahead and
check out the juice man if you guys want
your basic overall just genuinely good
strawberry cream milk type II juice and
definitely go ahead and check out cut
woods unicorn milk okay so I'm gonna go
ahead and give this use two thumbs up
it's just an all-around good juice
there's nothing bad about it if you guys
want to pick up a bottle yourself you
guys can probably go try it out at a
local vape shop I'm sure most
brick-and-mortar stores are going to
carry cut with one shop around you
doesn't have it walk across the street
to the other vape shop because there is
a vape shop every quarter mile nowadays
but if you guys can't find it there is a
link for it right down in the
description and you guys could pick it
up there too
that's that anyway guys if you enjoyed
this video be sure to thumbs up and stay
tuned for another one fight

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