Vape Review of Cuttwood - Tobacco Trail

April 24, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Tobacco Trail

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Tobacco Trail

By Ekaterina Mironova

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood is an e-liquid comprised of tobacco and sweet honey.

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Tobacco Trail

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Tobacco Trail

what is good vape fam this is Joe of all
vapes and I am taking it very chill
tonight I've got the vape cave all to
myself listen what don't you hear
anything right because it's all about
you and me right now and this badass
review so if you couldn't tell who I'm
reviewing okay it's cut wood all right
now and you guys have heard of cut wood
before they are pretty much the
granddaddy's of ejuice i mean they've
been in there since the dawn of ejuice
creation am i right now
some of you may not have heard of cut
wood and those of you that haven't or
haven't tasted it before never never
fear because Joe of all babes is here to
save the day now those of you that have
liked me and you've been kind of locked
in for quite some time leave the other
guys alone to have never tasted this ok
we don't want to scare away the newbies
because we want this community to stay
alive and continue to thrive as I say am
i right but cut wood has sent me five of
their most signature flavors for quite
some time I've been sitting on these
guys this is a review way way overdue
because they took real good care Joe
evolved age so I can take real good care
of you guys so we're gonna start from
beginning to finish in no particular
order but I'm gonna read off the flavor
profiles to you of these flavors really
really solid flavors and I mean I
couldn't be happier with this stuff
really happy that I get the opportunity
to review cut wood with you guys so the
first one that we're gonna be talking
about is bird brains now judging by the
color of the label which they all pretty
much look like this old fashioned kind
of a you know Old West type of font I
really really dig that three milligrams
Nick level because that's what I do and
on the side you get the big fat cut
woodsy and the three milligrams right
there and signature 15 milliliter
bottles so the bird brains is described
as a fruit cereal and I'm kind of
dumbing it down here so that we can get
to the nitty gritty of this and
typically you know
we're talking about the fruits cereals
you've got you know one or the other
you've got your fruit loops and you've
got your fruity pebbles now there's
subtle differences between the two not
too much really to get it to twist over
but this one was really solid because
the the flavor profile was really
spot-on very very true to profile just
tastes like you're eating a big bowl of
Fruity Pebbles in my opinion now the one
thing that I will say about that is that
the citrus level on fruity pebbles can
sometimes be so high especially on some
of those other fruity vapes like tricks
or whatever that you can just kind of
burn my taste buds a tad but you didn't
have to worry too much about the bird
brains because the flavor even though
being true to profile don't forget about
the milk the milk really chilled that
citrusy flavor out you can taste the
rainbow of fruit flavors in there and no
that wasn't a plug for another type of
vape you really can there's a melange of
fruit going on in there got your
strawberries got your berries got your
melons and so on and so forth so you can
taste you know individual flavors out of
this vape and the milk really really
cools and chills everything out with a
nice kind of a fresh creamy taste to it
little wee bit of citrus just to kind of
keep the tradition ality of it going on
but not enough to burn out your taste
buds so if you like your cereal vapes in
the morning this one is a really solid
one in my opinion and you can't go wrong
with cut what they've been around for so
long they really are the granddaddy's of
ejuice so we're gonna move on now to
boss reserve and this is if you're
familiar with cut wood pretty much one
of their top selling ones this one is
the most complex in terms of just
mixology layers of flavor you know just
so much stuff going on in here and you
know it's it's kind of one of those ones
where I think every good brand has you
know just that one signature flavor that
they say you know it's been secret
stashed and it's been steeping for like
a six weeks you know or something like
that in hermetically sealed containers
but the flavor profile on this one is
golden honey graham cereal with roasted
nut clusters drenched in milk and sliced
bananas is really really is an amazing
this one can kind of go both either way
you know it can go for the dessert
lovers or the breakfast lovers to me
that sounds like an excellent breakfast
in my opinion but because it is so rich
and dense and sweet and just amazing
great earthy flavors you got that golden
Grammy cereal flavored going on and
they're kind of a granola very deep and
rich subtle deep undertones I know you
can't really have subtle and deep some
people can say but believe me it comes
on subtle and it comes out deep
everything the creamy flavor mixed with
the sliced bananas right up on the back
and just kind of floats everything very
nicely and the roasted nut clusters add
a really earthy grainy taste to it so
it's it's very very unique in terms of
just the amount of flavors that go into
this very rich thick and dense eliquid
solid cloud production on this bad boy
I'm not seeing what the ratio is and I
didn't get a whole heck of a lot of info
on that because I didn't get a flavor
card with the flavors but definitely go
online if you've tried anything bye cut
it's almost redundant to say this but
then again like I said there are a lot
of people out there and hopefully some
of you guys are watching this right now
that I've never tried cut wood so I want
to enlighten you guys it's a really
really great set of flavors but put
something in the comment section below
if you have any questions if you've ever
tasted any of these let some of the
other guys know and they can get a
little bit of a feel to just outside of
my opinion as to what you know goes into
the mixology of all the stuff that cut
wood has to offer just give everybody a
little bit more of an informed opinion
so Mega Millions is the next one that
we're gonna go to and you know first I
thought it was just kind of a
traditional melon blend and you open it
up you smell it oh it is so refreshing
and sweet it just kind of makes Mike my
tastebuds pucker you know I mean not in
a bad way but it just makes me salivate
too at the same time it has kind of a
tart but very very sweet and mellow
taste to it and it's not just melons
that go into it but the majority
obviously is mango cantaloupe and just
to kind of give it a
little taste of something exotic a
little bit of papaya kind of on the back
end a little bit you know everything's
sitting in this little bowl of mixed
happiness it you know I want to go out
and eat some right now
I love love nice cold melons on a warm
summer day you know what I'm saying it's
just so refreshing it brings happiness
to you and it just it's so fun to vape
this one is a great palate cleanser you
got some of the heavier vapes that exist
out on the market and I love a good
heavy vape don't get me wrong but every
now and then I've gotta cleanse the old
palate you know what I mean and I'm not
gonna be you know mouth washing scope
24/7 just to refresh my taste buds from
one flavor to the other you want to keep
vaping you want to do something that you
enjoy but now that we have so many
flavor combinations and brands that with
so many profiles out on the market we
have the ability to come up with a lot
of unique flavors that we can enjoy from
you know some of our all day vape stew
some of the new ones that we want to
test and try mega melons is absolutely a
- thumbs up for me it's one of the best
melon vapes that I have ever tried great
thick dense clouds on this one and kind
of go a little bit in between on your
tank in my opinion especially with the
wattage because granted I know I love
and most of you guys do to a nice warm
vape but if it's a hot day outside play
with a little bit let that urn to intake
valve open up and just fill your mouth
with wonderful vapor and it just makes
it just a little bit less warm nice cool
refreshing vape kind of goes along with
the flavor process anyways you guys are
definitely gonna love this one
especially if you like the fruit vapes
so we're gonna go on to the second to
last this one is one of my favorites and
this is the sugar drizzle
so sugar drizzle is pretty much a
dessert lovers of paradise right here
this one is classified as basically and
I'm shortening this down a unique
cinnamon with milky cream and you know I
guess the closest thing you can compare
it to is a glass of milk with a warm
cinnamon roll it's just it really is an
amazing combination not necessarily
creamy by any chance because it mimics
that of like
pastry but it has that traditional
cinnamon and sugar flavor with just a
little bit of kind of just a barely
barely a buttery undertone just to kind
of bring it up on the backend a little
bit and let everything mix up nice and
warm and happy it's a great great all
day vape because it gives you something
just a little bit light with a little
bit deep at the same time and it really
does just kind of coat every single edge
of your taste buds on your tongue giving
you just kind of a mixed flavor balance
that is really out of sight really
really solid sweet flavor great vape
from beginning to end thank you guys are
really gonna like that one too
and last but not least and this is
definitely one of my favorites I'd say
this one the boss reserve and the mega
melons but this one is unicorn milk so
typically your strawberry kind of milky
flavor everybody loves that kind of
stuff but the classification profile is
a unique strawberry extract with four
delicious delectable creme mixtures
there's a lot of different types of
creams out there I mean I'm not gonna
get into the culinary bet you know bases
of the background of it and all like
that but you know it's different layers
just basically in terms of how decadent
the cream is sweetness buttery Yatta
Yatta and so on and so forth whether
it's Airy whether it's light but the
strawberry extract on this one is very
very light tasting it's not super super
sweet so the thing that I liked about
this is that it basically it reminded me
more of a strawberry flavored cream as
opposed to a creamy strawberry blend
because it was something that made me
feel a little bit more like I was
getting away with murder without adding
a bunch of calories on you know I'm
saying great into the day vape it's a
really really good morning vape as well
for some of the kind of into the
breakfast you know vapors I know a lot
of the time when I wake up in the
morning I don't necessarily want to vape
on something super super heavy I just
kind of want to let my tongue you know
just kind of get ready for the day and
just taste on something nice and light
and as the day progresses at the end of
the day I'm usually hitting anywhere
between three to six milligrams
depending on the day you know what I'm
saying you guys know what I'm talking
but the Unicorn
milk is a really really fun vape it's a
really light airy taste to it
great cream structure with the four
different blends of cream and as they've
put in their description on their
website the strawberry extract really is
a nice unique strawberry because it sits
solidly true to profile but it almost
tastes a little candy ish in its taste
candy esque if you will but it's it's
really light not super-sweet not tart at
all you know it's almost unfair to
discuss pros and cons when it comes to
cut wood because they've been around
forever in a day I mean they were they
were there years ago when this you know
when this vaping culture and community
really started to thrive and raise up
like wild flowers you know what I'm
saying in the springtime so that's why I
say I mean if you know vaping you
basically know cut wood and and you know
backwards and forward got nothing bad to
say about this company I want to say cut
wood thank you very much for having the
patience to stick it out with Joel
evolved Apes it was definitely worth it
for me and I think it was worth it for
all of my viewers if you guys are
interested in cut wood please go on to
Instagram check out cut wood on IG and
if you dig this review I've got so many
more awesome reviews coming up if
there's anything you guys would like to
see definitely give me a DM on Instagram
or put something in the comment section
any particular brand or flavor profile
and I will do my best to get it in
specifically for you so the rest of us
can all be enlightened and just see what
other kinds of flavours and brands and
profiles that are available for us on a
regular basis you know what I'm saying
go on to my Instagram account at Jewel
evolved Apes underscore - I've got an
awesome giveaway going on there right
now and a solid giveaway going on once
every single month and sometimes more
than every month I've got almost 210
thousand followers on Instagram once I
reach that point I'm gonna have a big
badass giveaway that all you guys are
gonna love so stay tuned - just keep
watch on my Instagram account I want to
thank you guys all for supporting me
thank you for watching love yourselves
love each other make sure that advocacy
stays alive guys sign your petitions you
know what I'm
want to make sure we can keep doing this
and make sure while we're doing it you
keep it cloudy

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