Vape Review of Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle E-Liquid

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle E-Liquid

Sugar Drizzle e-liquid combines the flavours of cinnamon, sugar and cream.

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle E-Liquid

what up YouTube
shit boy Kimo baked up and dripped out
who don't Fisher and I'm here with the
juice review real quick on this sugar
drizzle by cut wood metal alright this
is 120 ml bottle and you're gonna hold
onto your socks or this because uh we
all know cut wood is like both all the
juices dude you know and their prices
ain't dropping so they're still on that
premium level so is their price alright
shut the drizzle is for 30 mils is
$21.99 and then for 120 mils $69.99 now
I bought this myself
you know nobody gave this to me I went
and I bought it myself and it comes in
it comes in zero one point five three
six and twelve and eighteen so you got
options you got options
all right now the flavor profile is a
sugar drizzle expertly balanced as a
bakery cinnamon with sweet milky cream
to create a all day vape herbal ejuice
that will hit those breakfast cereal
notes your taste buds crave it's a 70/30
VG PG blend and I mean you see I carry
with me I put in this little 30 mil I've
been vaping this shit man but um what
can I say dude you pay for what you get
you know oh you get what you pay for
whatever the fuck
it's fucking tasty this is tasty ass
juice all right you see why they on top
of this shit you know working you what
could you say about this is the source
boss line what I see source boss
sugar drizzle it's fucking delicious
dude I get that the cinnamon is not it's
not like POW all the way like you know
it's not too strong but those creamy
notes I just perfect and just like the
right amount of cinnamon it's fucking
it's good I gotta say it is good you
but those prices man pretty decent crop
of cloud production for 70/30 you know
and I'm vaping it and three milligrams
and make a team strength but of yeah man
it's good it's good I can't even I can't
even front man you know but yeah this
price is like a little bit fucking but
it is good I wish they would drop them a
little bit you know maybe you know so
the consumer could you know get it but
uh not everybody got $70 to pull off a
fucking 120 mils dude when there's a 20
25 bucks for 100 mils sitting right next
to it you know so I mean it is what it
is do you get what you pay for like I
said it's a fucking good juice it's
tasty as hell man you know and that's
what it is I'm not seeing it on home
come on giant beeps calm that's why I
see this but maybe you shop around you
can find it somewhere cheaper you know
but I will put a link to this website so
you can take a look for yourself
and yeah I mean it all depends man on
your pockets look but uh that's gonna
conclude my juice review and
I hope you like it nobody and scare you
away with that fucking price jeez is
what uh yeah that's gonna do it yeah and
also like I'm gonna subscribe feel free
to leave whatever comments down there
you know let me know what you think of
the video what I could do better and
yeah I'm out you too so peace thanks for
watching and I'll catch you on the next

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