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The perfect blend of spicy cinnamon and creamy milk, Sugar Drizzle executes a bakery cinnamon treat with sweet, milky cream. If you’re looking for an interesting twist on a classic cinnamon taste, then Sugar Drizzle is right up your alley! VG to PG ratio: 60/40 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle BEASTLY BECAUSE Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, they are proud to provide one of the best E-liquids on the market! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CUTTWOOD SUGAR DRIZZLE

alright hey everyone out there in
YouTube land KJ and EO is back for
another review this time it's adduced
review from a company called cut wood
and it is there sugar drizzle a lot of
people before recommending me to try
sugar bear I was informed that that lion
was renamed to sugar drizzle here's a
close-up of the bottle
here is a close-up at the bottle
cut wood sugar drizzle handcrafted
California USA there actually I'm from
what I'm seeing there in Irvine
California which is Southern California
tells you the volume sixteen point five
milliliters nicotine three point three
nicotine 0.3 usually they say 3% but
point three is the same thing so anyhow
you got your warnings here regular
warnings that everyone has California is
a little stricter so we have to put more
stuff got a barcode okay the only thing
I'm not able to find is the PG VG ratio
on their website
I'm guessing it's probably a d VG 20 PG
or it may be 70/30 I mean you could just
tell from the thickness of it right I
mean it's pretty thick juice and I like
it because it actually gives me a good
few puffs off it before I have to read
rip because I am a dripper fat it
sounded weird right all right so we're
gonna drip salon let me read you the
profile really quick on their website it
says an expert balance of cinnamon
bakery meats sweet milky cream to create
a very all day vape above East sauce
that hits those breakfast cereal notes
your taste buds crave alright I'll go
with that
I've already been vaping this I just got
it yesterday and look at this it's like
halfway gone okay yeah it's pretty
addicting if you liked the description
you'll like this to me well let me just
say pit first
very good vapor production I have it on
my dual 1860 beast box mod with the
forage RDA which is a grape flavor RDA
probably use it for all of my testing
from now on yeah a shit ton of vapor the
flavor Wow it's cinnamon but it's not
over-the-top cinnamon where you're gonna
be like yeah you can't vape anymore
no you could do this all day it's
literally to me it reminds me of a
cinnamon graham cracker dipped in milk
to me at least I mean some people say
it's like Cinnabons I read and different
things like that but to me it tastes
like a graham cracker cinnamon graham
cracker that's like soaked in the milk
really delicious man not a lot more to
say about it it is very delicious I give
it a double thumbs up as far as my
standards go and it is cut wid brand
sugar drizzle I will put a link to it in
the description down below I will also
put a link in the description to the
website I picked up my bottle from
Charlie's vape bar and lounge here in
Encino California and if you're in this
area definitely hit them up I think this
bottle was like 9 bucks or something at
it's totally worth it I mean they have
the best juice prices anywhere all right
well I am KJ Andy I'm going to sign off
for now you all have a beautiful day be
stellar sending you out with some vape

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