Vape Review of Cuttwood - Outrage Orange

April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Outrage Orange

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Outrage Orange

Cuttwood have entered into the world of orange, and we thank them for that! Outrage Orange is simply a no-nonsense, straightforward orange flavour .

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Outrage Orange

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Outrage Orange

what's up guys the vape is off back
again but done with me yet again like
all my videos and another review P today
on the new juice by cut wood a lot of
people further cut wood it's probably
the most well known brand in America for
juice always got the biggest store down
and vape Expo the boys are the biggest
stop here and there's it's just well
known everywhere basically and the base
of their brought three new flavors at
once a tobacco flavor the other one was
a lemon and lime flavor with a bit mint
as far as I'm aware and I think it's got
a livid line what's all the tobacco ones
called but this was the outrage orange
which is I don't dial and I explain
doesn't open his fairways supposed to be
anyway our red rolling G says that it's
just a fresh bite of orange that's all
it says it's not don't say no else it's
just fresh bag of orange I'm going to
scream a limitless idea or Nia it's got
some all freshly winked actually this is
morning boy yeah we've already seen the
couple bottles they're a pretty
straightforward kind of looks like a
Daniel's bottle I think on the front
yeah kinda I mean design on that wasn't
nice to the boss reserve will not end in
ages ago liquid in the color is like an
orangey yellow a color to kind of go
with it I may join you on the front
there cut would you hazard warnings and
it is made in where they say did say
somewhere I'm just positive it says on
the bottom where the California USA it's
in a 3 milligram and we'll talk about
the price of it later on
VG PG ratios to 70/30 mix and yeah let's
crack it up and give it a smell get it
dripped on a freshly wick and see what
we think
strange I used to be a massive family
cook would I used to love the unicorn
milk I love the boss reserve I was okay
and the bird brains and I must've found
there are few other ones that I wasn't a
fan of as well
so Derek tantor's never sauced up in
that ones oh okay sure but obviously
cheb are eat yeah economically sound
sorry sugar it's everything
watch Melanie let you give this know it
does smell like and I bought lavishly
you think yeah there's not really much
flavor profile online when you look for
this it basically just sticks orangey
other mom there's not much into detail
with it are that sort of thing not much
going on really is the that it no I
don't mind if you've noticed as well
this bottle slightly bigger than the
average this is actually a 30ml bottle
the usual company milk although
20.5 that's it yeah our sixteen point
five or fifty one other look I'm really
strip to anyway damn socks you already
seen online anyway yeah I'm just having
a lot safer if I could find a better a
better rare description description of
it to be fair and I'm not really I'm not
really seen anything to be fur I have
tried to live in London before any good
it was nice but it's not an all-day
thing it's not as good as the neon green
slushy from element far that range it's
nowhere near or not it's it's not for me
anyway I tried it in eBay pal in
Wakefield sat down with Terry he had the
tester in the shops I thought yeah why
not give it a bash and they didn't have
the outrage or engine so I couldn't try
that one and hit on the tobacco we just
got given the Olivia diamond from his
boss to give it a bash so we're yeah I'm
gonna get this anymore I'll tell you
exactly why I bought this from a bit
later on and well I didn't exactly buy
it but I'll tell you right now going
from who
oh it's not they don't have smell like a
away aren't as sweet so the cop it
smells really through a really orange
you money mint outrage orange with it
lime to back on trail anyway give it a
second sorry nice I'm gonna give it a
Dan's not gonna do this a house it oh
yeah I'm gonna miss it's pretty much dry
in right now so yeah
basically we're doing interview we live
on on the cupcake man this stuff here
you only seen this the review won't but
it will be on this before this one comes
on simply won't check out and the rest
of the videos as well but yeah how much
- I'll take ok we're done that's
probably about the nicest thing to do
would take a drink anyway water so we
try and clear my second babe hey will
you a boss really mind it sweet sweet
orange yeah I'm getting a bit of an a
shit on pumpkin ale to be fair and that
could be to do away with citrus and I
feel the cup words about before I've
always been a bit harsh as well ever
gives up nicotine side even though they
something here free it's the juice it's
at this might sound strange to me the
juice itself is sweet but there's not
much flavor doesn't make any sense here
no no crap you can have a bust
yeah I'm not on fresh way
it tastes dry it just tastes dry
why not thinking good things be so
father like chop-chop minion it's like
I'll be honest if you have to summer
looks like really fresh and orangey this
is personally it's not something I I've
gotta and personally I think I got fresh
squeezed from elements yeah it's getting
better the more of a but it's getting
better slowly it's not like an Amish you
saw like a veteran just kind of like a
chemically orange I got to agree there I
mean not speaking of cut wood because
they've done some really nice flavor
jokes and I think they've got this one
wrong yeah he's been more flavor in
there for definitely I think to compete
we wear like an element fresh-squeezed
it needs more engine there it really
does more of everything in there yeah I
think so
by Farley to double the concentrator not
by five it's just not it's not an
all-day baby it's not something you'd
write people but I might going throw
this in the cupboard and then paper as a
backup maybe something like that that's
probably why I'm gonna do with this just
waiting at engine oh I won't go on my
way to buy it skating my sweetness but
then just orange like an exhale of a
really really faint oh yeah I mean you
know there's not much going on at all on
a are not getting much to be fair just
sweetness and if you look at the ball is
rather than running with it being a
70/30 it's not it's not I think is the
juice wasn't it 70/30 it's certainly
that you know where they expect that not
a flavor concentrate to be happy yeah
yeah you would really expect that to
build the low me with the thinner ratios
of pg/vg of thinner than the thinner the
juice basically I've generally found
with the American stock to be really
spot-on and it's on the concentrating
there are tons of flavor but I'm not I'm
not finding this for this one
the court bot reserve was when my
all-time favorites I've had tons of
balls all that before and it's been on
my all day vape I've aids in all sorts
of things they used to put it in the
tank before so what a bit money it's not
an all-day sort of thing you can do
maybe we don't have HCA or something
like that but it's not something you can
drip and this stuff I don't think it's
triple either really it's not a trick
the juicer no but I mean the flavors so
divinity on these ideas and we are
running flat wire guys you know we're
not running rubbish pile so it's not a
little bit build you would expect it to
be a lot more flavor some through all
this yeah so Mike resorption of this
jokes throw air that is if you were to
put it in a time you might not even get
much flavor than that it's like they can
pure VG with the touch of orange yeah
that's that's basically what we're
tasting pure VG with a bit of orange in
there not much going on whatsoever can I
recommend it no I can't recommend it and
what I've gone by about often no I
don't worry chef easy as I can see you
know eyeball that no no I mean our
lights it just stuff I bought this not
so high price online as well the online
price of this stuff is way over price
that I think I mean I think the 15.5 are
sixteen point five mil butters like the
range from around ten pound a bottle and
the 30 mils Oh camera falling there
sorry guys
guns you know after that well anyways is
still following if there's a little bit
oh well anyways 30 more bottles online
around 16 pound and the 60 ml bottles
are $24.99
know what I think he's a bit of a price
for 60 ml bottle of juice over this
stuff as well with cut wood I know me
I'm normally really impressed we cook
with juices and with this I'm run oh no
I'm gonna agree and I'm a little bit
close to cover but I'm kinda odd on it
and so I thought technical riches of
stuff and but no it's not Michael forty
it's not something I quite I'm back to
be erased you stop falling
yeah we're falling down push you up as
well sorry about our guys anyway this
juice can
commend it no I wouldn't buy it would
recommend it to you guys if me and um I
don't like a juice we will tell you if
you like a juice we'll give it a good
review we'll tell you exactly tasting
not tasting much from this there's not
much we can really say
live the flavors we've had before these
sponsors your neck is choose to cook it
mother just mentioned they've all been
spot-on their stuff I've got my way and
by again there's something that a high
quality the premium the thick juice the
cloudy there everything that I ever want
in a vape and this couple just doesn't
do it for me no I stopped doing it for
me either and what a couple article that
I liked I did like the Oakland A's car
but they still that I didn't like but
just mad melons that would have
responded mad melons alight
melons as the people when they
originally created what's called monster
melons and no chains and modern melons
or some reason yeah that one I did like
the world of the one that are likes but
you're kind of wouldn't calm milk with
sugar bear yeah originally was called
sugar man the change because something
different children sugar drizzle sugared
result that's the tone and the melons
and sugar trees or I didn't mind I
thought they were very flavor so even
though the one a low low VG about
considering you know usually the quite I
by 18 and above I think with this one
core really interrupt the game
especially if I want to bring out new
flavors as well I think the thing about
it is is what's upset me is when you've
tasted elements elements freshly
squeezed and you're thinking wow that's
just like drinking a cup of orange juice
you expecting cut wood with a been
around so long and then no the
competition you would expect this orange
to be absolutely up there but it's not
it's not no no I mean if we're moving on
to excel
not this week over the weekend after may
go down there if we see them down there
and they ask us what we think to the
juice I'll tell them straight yeah I'm
actually gonna say that I don't like
this one each there's not enough
concentrate in there it's really we
can't taste much
I'll tell them exactly what we're
tasting Smith me and I'm not like it
like I've said we're not going to tell
you if we love it will praise it will
tell you and will say go out and buy it
because we love it if you're not going
to tell you we don't like it yeah
there's no planning lied to guys you
know basically for this Polyjuice I've
got here in the cut stuff I got from a
guy on Castleford market basically what
I do is I go down there but a few gotta
do something before the been spot-on and
I send all like this bottle brother when
I try to markup would want to get a
review on it says well yeah but here you
go take it do it of you on it let us
know makes it tell people where you got
it from that sort of thing giving their
prey so there are really nice people
there's three people running the stall
or on the stall at one time so if you
don't know local area definitely nip
down they've got plenty of the stuff
that you are gonna like you don't know
like this stuff put they've got plenty
other stuff that you will like pancake
man French dude but all the other cords
all the cosmic fogs some of them wanted
wonders some roofless or the savage
there's loads of juice that they've got
down there anyway that's worth checking
out but this one I'm gonna bother with
it whatsoever no no no I'm not for the
price Ian I mean you know I mean I've
been looking in this like sixteen panels
water for 30 mil mother like this like
25 26 for 60 mil I think I'm on the
market down there or selling this I
think it was ten or twelve panel for
this bottle which I think still a good
price compared to what the online to be
fair yeah we're making yeah when you put
it aside you sixteen point five mils and
there's virtually same price then yeah
it's just a shame that the 16.5 original
ranges is bad I really wanted you see I
wanted to taste the tobacco wanted not
my tobacco fibers the little toy is out
the other line and good I wanted to try
not what aftertaste in this I'm
skeptical I don't want to want to try
yeah no the alignment kind of tastes
like a one called you Oh that'd be nice
yes but anyway I don't like this stuff
don't recommend it wouldn't recommend
anyone buying it it's not as good as
this happy to be called a massive up
there they're one of the biggest
companies in America for a juice and
they've always got the biggest and
everything out there they're always
advertising all over the place and for
days I so behind that's what it's
overrated right for what are you getting
from this corn juice
it feels I'll tell you what it feels
like it feels like the it's as with a
lot of good juice and they've been
riding coattails and then all of a
sudden they've gone we're gonna bring an
old juice lime out
okay yeah and people are by it because
the names good it's thick it's stuff
like this that really ruins a name
so if caught what if you ever decide
that you know if you ever watch this
please go back to how you want to win
your jewels because your original
choices were absolutely it's almost like
they're 60 yeah sorry it's almost like
that the channel is chalk 60/40 range it
looks really really thick like sad like
it's it I'd like to see you go back to
our you are doing it plenty of flavor
absolutely fantastic jewels this one for
me and oh no I don't like big
disappointment from caught would you yes
a big disappointment I have tried a lot
of the other flavors all the original
rings at the brought out and when the
bottle broke bends out I give that a try
like wow this stuff's amazing yeah and
then the next thing that they bring up
is this stuff and I'm like what are you
doing what you played up not good not
good whatsoever massive disappointment
to me in more free anyway so I'm not
complaining that I go for free with guys
giving me purpose they just to do if you
want so definitely go out and give them
some love check them out that sort of
thing if you are in the local area there
are party front market on a Wednesday
and outside the museum there outside the
museum and on Castle Rock it drop near
super drug Sundays and then also down
time cafe on Friday the other yeah
Thursday or Friday the domina so well
yeah definitely worth checking those
I've got some great stuff him yeah I've
got this in lot as far as I'm aware but
don't buy this from them
buy the good stuff from them buy the
good stuff i mean that i reviewed stuff
down the i feel the juices i reviewed
that are up on my channel as well they
up in from them and i'll give them some
love and check out some of their juices
but me and don't ever take a vape anyway
off this pretty poor juice and that'll
be it from me and down today if you
wanna go hit the like button on our
facebook page i will leave the link
below or make up to a thousand lights we
are doing a giveaway would be doing up
250 likes and we're giving away five
bottles of premium juice one what scott
Crypton I know about cosmic fuck
kryptonite a couple junior car milk
which we love the worst bamm-bamm's
cannoli Obama's cookies and cream
cannoli and there was one it wonder what
was it now and they would have a Rocket
Man are morphing rocket mom that's why
we rocket mom definitely going to voters
that I like anyway so everyone else
liked a thousand lights will be entered
into the giveaway so definitely going to
get involved with that as well we also
do live streams every Wednesday the Q&A
Diplo knows yesterday and got a really
really good audience watching but we're
doing this way up slowly have not
stopped me and dollar after getting more
viewers and more people watching
especially on the Facebook page on the
live streams for people getting involved
there and then on the chart that's
really nice for people to get involved
if you are getting involved massive
thanks to you guys also if you add this
just before and you've experienced it
let us know in the comments section let
us know what you thought if you've liked
it tell us what you're tasting if you're
trying it through a tank etc just let us
know basically I will also leave the
links to my snapchat account my history
on my account
and the Twitter account below in the
description so you can go and check
those out give us a follow yeah that's
sort of thing you're always private
message as well if I have a chat with us
or comment below or through the Facebook
page you can give us a message to them
we reply as soon as we come
but yeah me and now we're gonna take a
vape of this juice who would don't
recommend and then I'll be from being
done so if you've enjoyed it let us know
thanks for watching guys I'm gonna take
a break anyway hey guys

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