Vape Review of Cuttwood - Mega Melons E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Mega Melons E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Mega Melons E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

This e-liquid combines the flavours of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya to create this tropical flavoured e-liquid.

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Mega Melons E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Mega Melons E-Liquid

what's going on YouTube how you like the
map northern Cali vapors and I sorry
I've been kind of late on the reviews
you guys had all the giveaways going on
but kind of late for this geez couple of
years late but who cares it's a cut wood
mega melons now for whoever's never
tried this or anything
it's a papaya mango it's alright give us
give us a moment
we'll be right back and cantaloupe so
papaya man mango and cantaloupe whatever
where do you want to put it whatever
that's that's what's in it that's what's
supposed to be in this juice but it's a
70/30 juice you guys and three milligram
nicotine just like goes you guys on a
scale of one to ten flavor vapor
production and throat hit you want to
see an eight at least in flavor can be
I'm sorry yeah sorry flavor and vapor
production for now they throw it in it's
been like almost two weeks you guys are
getting a little rusty here and then on
the last but not least the throat hit
you want to see a 5 a 5 is like
basically a nice almost smooth throat
hit but you get just like that a little
bit of nicotine by that you need to get
the fucking satisfying just like it's
like it's almost like let's go ahead and
give her a smell
how she smellin sir well I get like all
three perfectly i perfectly get the
cantaloupe it's not like overpowering
Mike and some little bugs I know the
papayas perfect too like papayas really
pungent normally like nasty that's
perfect the papaya in it and even though
the mangoes get in it - so like
overpoweringly sweet or anything yeah
like the Philippine mango mmm it's good
but it's just really sweet smells nice
smells pretty good
smells nice smells nice not too bad
tastes like shit tastes like s smells I
mean you like cantaloupe mango papaya I
mean definitely like this can see if you
were like papaya domingo and the
cantaloupe definitely gives it a good
mix I think the papayas are kind of to
calm the sweetness of the mango and the
cantaloupe down
give her a fire up so I got it on the
smoke X cubed - you guys 44 watts so
reading it at point two zero ohms I do
have this on a staple staggered fuse
clapton so it's got some pretty good
vapor production and I got it on the yep
atomizer but I actually do have the mmm
postholes which I have drilled out spout
to around like two millimeters so and
here we go with the first hit
nice cloud what did you say the ratio
and the shoes clothes against a 70/30
which is about ready it's about writing
clouds nice though yeah it's like
perfect cool definitely with that a
staple fucking oil shit nice right on
staple stagger diffuse Clapton that's a
little yeah it's a little mouthful so
how are you liking that like it's pretty
good I mean it could be a little more
sweet my opinion but I'm that type on
sweet kind of guy vapor like almost like
you babe it and it's so nice and sweet
you can still taste everything on your
lips that's really what I like in AG's
but it's good it's not overly powering
Lee sweet I definitely could vape it
like all day like on a little change I
don't know if I could be that bottle
after bottle I don't think it would like
I would say like be like an all week
vape and stop just constantly vape it
every single day it is like an all day
vape I could vape it all day probably
for one day and then rotate something
else in my cycle but it's pretty a
relative pretty good e-juice I mean it's
nice it's nice and smooth the throat
hits perfect on it though it hits
perfect um it tastes taste like it yeah
I mean I've been it's not bad at all
overall I would definitely give them a
thumbs up on this and I would give the
flavor probably a seven it's damn near
an eight it's just cuz it could be a
little bit sweeter in my opinion but
it's still definitely sweeter yeah but
if you're a person that doesn't like
sweet babes this is probably right up
your alley if you like mango cantaloupe
and papaya but uh it's really good I
mean even the vapor production eyes for
being a 70/30 so what you would expect
from it
it's nice and lingering kind of see it's
probably fucking up the camera view
I mean like you think it's burgers like
where's the money like like the price
it's somebody in quality if you're if
you're into buying premium e-juice
prices I mean you're not out there
trying to get 120 ml for 20 bucks I mean
you're used to going to that brick and
mortar and buying stuff I mean yeah
definitely give it a try if you've never
tried cut wood I mean a lot of people
already have
they have like 150 million I mean
they're really fucking huge yeah
definitely and definitely if I can get
juice like in its around room 50,000 I
know I said no it's good though I like
it it's pretty good anyways you guys
thank you for watching sorry I will try
to get some more juice reviews out there
soon just trying to get some more
giveaway prizes which will hold out now
show it in the last video so we got two
bottles of ice melt two bottles of pound
cake by glass bottle of pebbles donut
bottle looper and some pancake man you
guys now you guys wall top shelf
EGC yeah so we'll have all this stuff
free giveaways make sure you subscribe
you guys every 75 subscribers we give
away two bottles of e juice so make sure
you subscribe it's written you know and
make sure you come forward please yes
I'm sure you watch the giveaway video
announcement but make sure you do
because if not sorry someone else is
gonna beat that shit I don't you anyways
you guys thank you so much you guys have
a wonderful night

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