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Refreshing tropical deliciousness, cantaloupe melon, papaya, and mangos, Mega Melons is a delicious of mixture of exotic fruits! It creates a very refreshing tropical flavor that’s ideal for those looking for a refreshing, fruity taste combination. VG to PG ratio: 60/40 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cuttwood Mega Melons BEASTLY BECAUSE Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, they are proud to provide one of the best E-liquids on the market! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CUTTWOOD MEGA MELONS

did you guys know you can spell lemons
from the word melons
welcome back YouTube today we're gonna
be talking about the cut would mega
melons and it's one I've been like I've
been on for quite a while I bought this
and I was really like a fast test review
and then just having it sat next to me
it took too much out with me I ended up
living through it so I've got enough
left to do with taste test and I'm going
to talk about it okay it's a con to the
air the cut wood website mega melons is
a terrific trifecta mega melon is a
blend of manga councillor and papaya
creates the delectable combination of
refreshing tropical flavors I'll be
honest I really thought was gonna be a
watermelon flavor I think based on like
the like you know the green and the
orange Larian I thought would be a
straight watermelon flavor so hey guys
we're gonna go ahead and VIP on it we're
gonna see what the flavors I like like I
said it's a mix of like papaya fruits
and all those like Melanie flavors so
I'm thinking like a tropical fruit
flavor I was gonna go do like a close
ball but I think you guys know I've cut
what balls look like so I'm gonna put a
little like screen up top of me give
them a little of a close-up if you guys
haven't seen it but yeah it's gone to
the smell test it's smells like mango
straight away like I've never tried a
papaya fruit Jame
what's the other one that it's meant to
be cancer and I've never try to cancel
it so the one thing that don't happen is
a normal watermelon which is surprising
so yeah this it's gonna be a chocolate
it smells like melon a mango so we're
gonna go ahead and vape on it we've got
it loaded up we're gonna run this at 65
yeah do you guys know that if you guys
maybe drank them to the embalmer juice
boxes that's what this tests like it is
a tropical fruit don't test like warm
melon overall it's a really nice juice I
mean only is 65 watts this tank on the
run it's 75 and you like to taste the
mango really well and again I haven't
tested the pi adventist the council up
so you know all those together i suppose
would be a tropical flavor but yeah I
definitely could own Banga like a juice
drink it's a really nice juicy ejuice
it's like not like this like I've been
recently I got a couple of like bottles
to try out with the easy trip I was
gonna do and flavors test powdery I
don't know if you guys get that I
thought was the coil was Delft but you
know I changed it put some more juice in
it was still powdery flavors like my
mouth dry this one on the round it's
better than juicy and crank it up to 35
if I can only do
their pies on the tank is fantastic the
you well does really well at truckin
Barrow any male on a drip I did trip a
bit of it actually I'm gonna go ahead
and rope anywhere what's go ahead okay
so we're gonna go load up on the
velocity okay weird guys like ours alms
adamantly test the Sam on a dripper that
did the tank which is why I like this so
however coming back to the velocity
right now it tastes a lot more fluey hmm
you can test the air mine go really well
on the dripper it's 85 watt yeah like
really strong flavors of manga maybe
that's like the power in fruit over all
those other guys but in the tank it's
more tropical on a drip risk really me
if you think about the mango you taste
in the manga
and clouds for those guys clouds four
days so that was the review of the mega
melons by cut wood a bit different to
the river line like I think there men
lines like the unicorn milk which I'm
going to review tomorrow
and so like sugar drizzle and stuff like
that they're all quite savory ish like
pastry flavors strawberry flavors of
milky this one's very very fruity and
what they've done is that really well
because if you wanted like a fruit
tropical flavored vet you know what
these guys are nailed it to again cook
would never lets me down I always I love
cut wood it's my go-to if I'm gonna go
buy a preemie juice I've run out so if
you get the chance to go try em if you
like the tropical you like the mango e
flavors melon flavors not so much war
melon like I've tried watermelon flavors
and doesn't quite taste like the
watermelon that you thinking off like
hubba bubba style it is definitely like
a tropical tropical fruit flavor and if
that's what you're into go ahead and try
it and what i'm going to do is i'm gonna
cook up the old videos on top if you
enjoyed this video make sure to check
out the playlists i'll click on the
links down below for like to subscribe
like the video if you did like it share
it to the world if you guys want them
people to see it we've got the easier
coming up how to make your own bit juice
we've got some cool stuff coming up and
we got some more mods to play with to
some boxing's first looks things like
that okay guys make sure to check me on
instagram at Royal Flush of a pin room
review know right Royal Flush vaping I'm
on Facebook just search for oafish
vaping on Facebook and I'm gonna set up
Twitter I already set it up I don't use
it I'm gonna because you guys can send
me questions or things you think we
should review I'm gonna go ahead and do
okay so until next time guys I'm Lou see
you soon

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