Vape Review of Cuttwood - Manic Mint

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Manic Mint

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Manic Mint

Manic Mint is an eliquid by Cuttwood. It contains flavours of peppermint.

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Manic Mint


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Manic Mint

welcome back to my channel guys survey
found a lot here today with our douche
review it's really hard now because I've
got so many different juices to review
and I honestly don't know what to choose
so if you want to actually go and watch
my vape jam haul video and I did realize
I spelt haul as in hate a ll rather than
hate a UL but I have to correct that if
you want to go and watch that video and
you see any juices that I laid out on my
bed that you want me to review next
then then let me know drop in the
comments alright because on sale I can't
decide I'm basically to put in my hand
into one of the bull ring bags and just
picking one out of random so today's
random pick was actually cut woods he
won they're free brand new liquids
this one is manic mint now I did try the
other two and for the life of me I can't
remember what they were
so if you know what they are drop in the
comments but they gave me two of these
bowls just to review just to manic mints
mainly because they didn't have any
other ones so I just want to make same
clear guys because before I went to make
John quite wild before I went to major I
commented about about people leaving
negative feedback on babe jams Facebook
page sort of cotton bacon on my hat so I
just if you built this deck yes so I
made a vlog about people asking for free
shit and I was I was against that
because it must be irritating for the
exhibitors you know who want to sell
their products so basically I didn't go
up to anyone and say here's my card I'm
a reviewer at anything to review I never
I never said that what I did do was ask
them if it was okay for me to vlog there
because I didn't want to just go
straight up to a stand
who was smoked for instance with a
camera there be no yeah right so I'm
gonna smoke here they've got this amount
I asked every store if I was allowed to
block there and then when I finished I
said you know take
card if you want to check out the blog
and so that was the only reason and then
they would say you know do you mind
reviewing this or have some of these
juices to review and which was amazing
which was amazing what I never once said
I want free shit or I'm a review up give
me same to review I never once said that
because I don't think that's the right
etiquette to have and whether you go
into a shop whether you send an email
whether you go to one of these fake jams
Bay for expose a professed you know I
don't finish the white it occurred to
her anyway so I got out of the way
little rambling on and I forgot to cover
up my cockatiel because he's already
starting is I'm not talking to him
but cut would manic mint it's like this
there we go it's focused in now so it's
in this little wrap-up thing and we need
to just open this it's good cuz I'll
stop biting my nails I can get into
packages a lot easier now and I believe
it is something to do with the TPD now
that all the liquids probably have to
come with the little bit structure
manual thing this is a long one I mean
how many trees is it gonna take to fill
up all the little we looking boxes with
this piece of paper this is what the
bottle looks like and it looks like a
cool little bar it's got an interesting
little top on it there you go now I do
agree with this label because this
actually does contain nicotine unlike
tanks or mods it's interesting I've not
seen one like that before
it's got these little extra crown pieces
do you see that yeah it's weird I've
never I've never seen that on anything
like that yeah cool
to this wick this up I'm gonna do like
at Y maps because I'm sure you don't
wanna sit there watching me wick this up
because it does take a while
all whipped up ready to go all juiced up
ready to go now it's not the if I'm not
the most attractive build I've ever done
but I just I just whacked one in there
because I still using the the triad
genesis bios modus because I'm gonna run
it through its paces talking to a really
honest review about that rdta and
obviously I'm still using it as my just
plaque because again I want to do a
review on this but I want to leave about
a week or so just because I want to make
sure I know what I'm talking about when
I'm going to review it and yeah so the
screen is on the bottom also 24 gauge
Kanthal 7 wraps wraps around a 3.5 milky
reeds in at point 4 ohms
they're jewels so manic mint what do you
expect it's gonna be it's gonna be a
minty flavor it's not a heart menthol
which is when I first I'd made peanut
menthols used to be really harsh now
it's pretty pretty big bacon felt going
in for years now so when I first started
mem folds were quite harsh and I went
straight to meant for liquids because I
used to smoke menthol cigarettes have
your jokes have you unbias like I'm for
cigarettes and gonna used to be Richmond
menthol cigarettes but yeah terrible it
smoking is terrible and it meant bones
used to be quite harsh for me and I
hated them for a while but just recently
when I have been vaping a lot more mem
files we've liquids that have a lot more
meant for him or mint and they seem to
be a lot more smoother so I don't know
if they've changed it but it feels a lot
more smoother and that's what I'm
getting with this I feel this is more
like a spearmint kind of thing but
you're getting a nice kinda like how to
explain it okay like when you brush your
teeth and then you drink some water and
it feels really cold you're kind of
getting that sort of thing coming in and
then you're getting that really sweet
sort mint bolt on the way out or the
sweet sort of mint sorry on the way out
it's a nice mean it's so not yes a nice
mint it really is
manic mint it's a cool name I like it
manic iminium life is over
it reminds me of Magic Mike I don't know
why I love associating them to things so
maybe not maybe not spearmint maybe
peppermint that's I think that's what I
meant to say it's more of a peppermint
vape it's an enjoyable vape so it is
actually a 70/30 blend and I think vape
jam it was retailing at 6 pounds for a
10 mil bottle now I know a lot of people
always think cut woods an expensive make
well I think personally I've seen a lot
of 10 meals beforehand before the TPD
and that was around 6 pounds so it's not
too expensive and I can't for the life
of me remember the other two flavors
they had so if you know what they are
drop them in the comments nice paper
production for 70/30
really good flavor as well if you enjoy
your minty baits and it is a smooth mink
baby it's not harsh but that could be
because as the industry progresses maybe
the mint that they use in and the mem
foam stuff isn't as harsh on your throat
as it used to be this is a free
milligrams you can get in free six and I
believe you can get it in twelve I know
the UK
ecig store is selling the 30 mil for
nine pounds obviously they're gonna stop
that eventually so if you do want to get
it at nine pounds for 30 mils that's
pretty good so head over to the UK
easiest or so yeah I would suggest
something go out and buy this if they
enjoyed their minty vapes it is what
you're gonna get you know is exactly
what you're gonna get on the tin it's a
minty vape and it is an enjoyable vape
you know it's refreshing is it an all
day bake-a-thon might get a bit too much
after all
while even though it is quite smooth
that could just be me personally but I
do I can see myself vaping this maybe
after like a nice meal it would be a
nice thing to vape trying to cleanse the
palate a little bit but yeah guys it's
me sir paid for a lot I hope you liked
this little review give it a like hit
that subscribe button and don't forget
to check out the rest of my content and
I'll see you again tomorrow peace

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