Vape Review of Cuttwood - Boss Reserve E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Boss Reserve E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Boss Reserve E-Liquid

This e-liquid contains golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters with banana milk flavourings.Prominent Flavours: Honey, Cereal, Milk, Banana

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Boss Reserve E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Boss Reserve E-Liquid

what's up chain gang Maddi ice here from
convicted vapes back for another ejuice
review for you that's right the vaping
public because I love you motherfuckers
um doing something something pretty cool
tonight as usual it's pretty interesting
because this this stuff sort of hyped up
it's not like extremely hyped up but
it's hyped up and it's supposedly the
number one ejuice seller in a juice
company in the industry right now in the
United States I don't know how much
truth there is to that but supposedly it
is tonight I'm reviewing um cut wood cut
wood e-liquid the sauce boss as they're
known boss reserve and this is
handcrafted in Los Angeles California
and this is 3 milligram nicotine 3
milligram nicotine cut wood boss reserve
so like I said they're pretty hyped up
and they are supposedly the number one
e-liquid in the in the United States
right now number one wholesaler um let
me read you something about them off
their website this is coming off of cut
wood calm sea utt wood calm and I'm just
going to read you about their uh their
About section here it says cut wood
prized it prides itself on providing
quality made products through research
development rigorous testing and
innovation we are dedicated to providing
the best East sauce on the market while
we are committed to making superior
products we are also devoted to
providing consistency through our
product lines and customer service at
cut wood we are proud to make our
products with only approved high quality
ingredients and the best flavors in the
world that's a pretty boss statement
right there it's bold that's a bold
statement the best the best the best
flavors in the world um
Jesus let me read you the description on
the on the boss reserve the flavor
profile and on the boss reserve the
flavor profile is going to be a golden
honey Graham cereal with roasted nut
clusters drenched in creamy milk and
layered with sliced bananas man that
sounds fucking good a golden honey
Graham cereal so I'm guessing that's
Golden Grahams because that's like the
only cereal out there that's a golden
honey Graham cereal with the roasted nut
clusters honey bunches of oats I don't
but drenched in creamy milk and layered
with sliced bananas so this is a graham
cracker honey graham cracker honey nut
cereal uh with milk and sliced bananas I
love Golden Grahams and I love bananas
so this sounds absolutely delicious and
there was originally four flavors there
saying there's only three here you got
the boss reserve which I'm reviewing now
unicorn milk which is pretty popular
also I'm going to be reviewing that too
and monster melons now they also had
sugar bear I don't know I have the sugar
bear right here so this is proof BAM
sugar bear but it's not on the side I
don't know if they stopped making it or
what the deal is I'm going to find out
more about that but that's a whole
nother review so right now there's only
three flavors on cuttwood calm and like
I said this is the boss reserve I
believe this is a 50/50 I'm not positive
I'm almost positive it's a 50/50 it does
not say on the bottle just gives a
little nicotine warning not for sale to
minors keep out of reach of children and
pets do not use a pregnant may contain
trace amounts of peanuts and other nuts
um USP vegetable glycerin USP propylene
glycol natural and artificial flavoring
this product is not FDA approved which I
like I like the fact they put that on
the bottle system just to let you
consumers know this is not FDA approved
none of this shit is that we're vaping
all the ingredients that go into it or
FDA approved but once you put them
together and make any juice it magically
um it magically may
not fda-approved so whatever that's
besides the point so the boss reserved
three milligram nicotine by cut would I
have this loaded up in the cherry bomber
box mod the all copper cherry bomber
awesome box and I have this with dual
zipper coils 24 gauge zipper coils in
the bail atomizer by El Diablo let me
make sure we're dripped up here put a
couple more drops so I'm not expecting
this stuff to cloud up that crazy
because it is a 50/50 blend it is pretty
thin if you look at it in the bottle
it's pretty fucking thin it's not as
thin as water but it is very thin you
could tell it's a 50/50 uhm yes I am
dripping this even though a lot of
people probably prefer this out of a
tank i dripped the cut would i've
dripped it before it's fine dripping it
or out of a tank let me give this a
smell test okay yeah I smell golden gram
I smell golden gram cereal I smell that
nut cluster they're talking about I
don't smell milk at all like I don't
smell anything milky it smells creamy
but it's not I don't get milk I do get
the bat on the back end of the smell I
do get the slight essence of bananas so
everything they say is in here and I do
get a honey a sweet honey I get a very
sweet honey smell too alone with the
banana on the back so everything that
they say on the the flavor profile I get
out of smelling the bottle except the
milk which is probably the cream
whatever type of cream they're using in
it but here we go
vapor production
vapor production is very nice for a
50/50 blend this is pretty impressive
this stuff really clouds up more than a
lot of other 50/50 blends that I've had
so cloud production is nice on a scale
one to five I'm gonna have to give this
a three three-and-a-half definitely
because it it lingers and it's very nice
clouds but it's not really thick they
don't fall to the ground like a high VG
juice so I'm going to give it a three
and a half it's very impressive for
50/50 as you can see no problem with
clouds there um they do linger too a
little bit throat hit none to speak of
there's absolutely no throat hit at
three milligrams of nicotine none
no burning no tingling out the nose
nothing out the nose smooth as butter
smooth is possible there's almost zero
throat hit zero stinging out the nose
flavor okay this is where this juice
gets interesting flavor wise on this
boss reserve from cut wood
on the inhale I get more of a honey
Graham like a honey Graham cereal tastes
like a Golden Grahams and honey just
Golden Grahams really on the exhale it
sort of all comes together I get the
hunt I get the graham cracker taste I
get the honey I get the nutty nut
cluster taste and I get the bananas on
the very back I do get the banana out of
this juice now I notice there's a little
bit of a strange aftertaste with the
shoes it's not bad it's just it's a very
strange aftertaste almost like they're
using a whiskey or a malt liquor type
deal I can't explain it but I do get
everything that they talk about on the
flavor profile um another thing about
this juice as I said my other reviews
sometimes these 50/50 blends make me
feel like shit and it's not just 50/50
blends it's certain ejuice I don't know
whether it's the nicotine or what the
deal is but I do get um a shitty feeling
I start to get a headache I start to get
nauseous and just generally vaped out in
general and I can't I can't vape it
anymore this does not make me feel like
shit at a 50 50 50 VG 50 PG this is an
excellent blend the flavor is great um
does it live up to all the hype you know
because people rave about this stuff
it's okay it's not the best it's really
good it's really good if you like graham
cracker if you like honey graham cereal
and you like bananas um and you like
nutty flavoured vapes I definitely
recommend this this is this is a really
good juice and I really usually don't
vape 50/50 blends but this is very this
is a very pleasant surprise at a 50/50
this is excellent it's good juice it
this is this is definitely a quality
gourmet juice
and I do get that milky creaminess on
the exhale that they're talking about
when they say milk I do get a creaminess
to it which is I guess the milk so
really this all comes together on the
exhale for me um you taste everything
like I said you taste the graham cracker
the honey graham taste you taste the nut
clusters you taste the the creaminess
you taste the bananas it's it's a pretty
good accurate description they give you
on the website and I did not get this
from cut wood comm um let me check
something here real quick this juice
actually came from VV vapes they have a
website VV vapes com like my good friend
Vinnie Sara over there does carry this
juice let me click on this and let me
give you guys a price here
I don't see a price it's making me sign
in to use the shopping cart so I'm not
going to do that but I believe I paid
around twenty two dollars for this
bottle so these go these go generally
for $22 for 30ml bottle so like I said
you can get this on cut wood I don't
know if they're just a wholesaler
because it says wholesale inquiries but
uh you can get this where I got it Vivi
vapes calm I think it's twenty two
dollars a bottle around there for 30 ml
bottles this is good juice guys I'm
gonna give it a thumbs up not gonna give
it two thumbs up cuz I'm not absolutely
in love with it it's good it's good
would I buy another bottle yes I would
buy another bottle it's it's pretty good
I would purchase this again so that's
really all I got for you
thumbs up on the boss reserve its
quality try it out if you like graham
cracker if you like sweet graham cracker
and if you like bananas I definitely
recommend this it's got a very nice
nutty taste to it I think that's what
gives it the strange aftertaste but it's
good it's a good strange it's like a
good weird it's different it's very
I like how they mix the golden graham
cereal with the bananas on top that's
pretty cool and the nut clusters it all
comes together for a very unique vape so
I'm gonna give it a thumbs up on the
boss reserve buy cut would get yourself
a bottle that's all I got for you guys
until next time remember to comment to
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but it was all in good fun so but anyway
guys until next time vape on and
that's right you fucking got it take it
fucking deep to the bottom heavy metal
see you next time

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