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Bird Brains is an absolutely delicious liquid is inspired by a fruity cereal. The medley of delicious notes is complemented by a perfect touch of creamy milk that brings all the flavors together perfectly. Well balanced and remarkably tasty, Bird Brains is one of those E-liquids that will keep you coming back for more. VG to PG ratio: 60/40 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Cuttwood Bird Brains BEASTLY BECAUSE Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, they are proud to provide one of the best E-liquids on the market! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CUTTWOOD BIRD BRAINS

welcome back everyone I'm Mel your vapor
and today we've got another juice review
today we're gonna be taking a look at
cut woods bird brains now is this gonna
be a really good serial bait for you
guys let's find out so today we're
taking a look at the cut wood bird
brains now the bird brains is supposed
to be like a serial bay by a fruit loop
sort of thing now I'm a big serial bait
person I love serial flavors and so I
thought what I would do is pick this up
and give it a try and then review it for
you guys so you guys wouldn't know if
this is actually gonna be worth your
money or not because if you're a CEO of
a person like me you know that all
serial vapes are not created equal so
you're gonna have some really good ones
some really bad ones so let's go ahead
let's move on with the review and let's
figure out if this bad boy is worth
buying so I've actually made some of cut
woods and juicers before and I really
enjoyed stuff like these sugar bear was
good the boss Reserve was good so I've
tried them before they mean they're not
bad juices now I have heard that cut
wood has had some questionable research
done on their juices and some of them
contains some high levels of diacetyl
but this is what I've heard don't know
into the ability or the how truthful
those lab results really are but I'm not
here to talk about that today we're
talking about the juice and so well how
we're going to structure this review
today is we're going to talk a little
bit about flavor profiles how flavor is
different from each person and then
we're going to talk about the exhale
we'll talk about the smell of the juice
we're talking about the inhale all that
fun stuff and then we're going to move
up I'm gonna talk about the nicotine
levels to PG of the VG and then we're
going to move on and wrap it up so the
first thing that you want to remember
and I mentioned this in all of my juice
reviews is that you want to remember
that juice is very subjective flavor is
very subjective my palates different
from yours device that I'm using is
going to be different from yours if you
run this on tank if you run this on a
rebuildable atomizer if you run this on
any sort of device it's going to be
different it depends on how much airflow
you're using there's so many things that
go into the flavor of a juice just bear
that my
when you're watching any juice review
that the flavor is subjective to the
person that is reviewing it for you so
just make sure you remember that and so
what I'm going to do is I'm going to
tell you what device I'm going to be
using today and that's gonna kind of
give you guys a little of a basis on if
you have a similar device the type of
flavor you're gonna get from that device
and you can kind of assume what the
flavors going to be saying the same for
you so today I'm going to be running
this on a sigelei 150 watt temp control
with a mutation xv4 with dual Clapton
coils that are going out at about 0.26
ohms and I'm running this F right at 76
watts so now what we need to do is we
need to smell let's see what it smells
like and let's see if it's actually
going to be you know palatable and if it
smells good
then surely it's gonna taste good right
so this juice kind of has a weird funk
to it to me it kind of reminds me of
like a stale cereal or maybe even like
off-brand cereal like Walmart brand
cereal you know just it it doesn't smell
like straight-up three pebbles or
straight-up Froot Loops it has a little
bit of an A and a weird smell to it you
do smell the cereal but there's
something mixed into it this makes it
smell a little weird doesn't smell it
just like straight-up cereal like you
expect with the most cereal type of
juices but that's the how that's what I
smell so let's go ahead and let's vape
on this bad boy that further ado let's
give it a try one more time
so on the inhale you get like a fruity
pebble mixed with a like a fruit loops
to sort of vape and then on the exhale
you get kind of a little bit less on the
fruity pebble fruit loop mix but you get
more sweet cream coming on the exhale
right especially on the end of the
exhale you get more sweet cream now for
me I'm not the biggest fan of the sweet
cream and then even the cereal itself a
cereal flavor reminds me more of like
stale cereal kind of what it smelled
like it tasted like stale cereal or kind
of like an off-brand like a Walmart
cereal not the name-brand you know this
kind of the flavor that I got from this
juice now it's not the worst I've had a
lot worse cereal babes before so I'd
probably give this like a 6 out of 10
it's not the best that I've ever had but
it's definitely not the worst that I've
ever had so my final flops for the bird
brains juice buy cut wood is that it's
just a little too sweet the cereals
really sweet this really sweet still
it's just it's weird it's a very weird
cereal like I've never had before and
it's just not really good to me it's not
the best I had like I said a six out of
ten I definitely recommend giving it a
try to see if you like it because
there's different people out there that
are gonna enjoy this in fact when my
best friend's has this same flavor and
they said it's the best cereal babe
they've ever had but for me it's just
not my type of cereal babe I like you
know just straight-up fruity pebbles or
Froot Loops in your face that's what I
like not really much a cream like I'm
just eating dry cereal that's the kind
of cereal bag that like I don't get that
with this this is more like really sweet
cream really offer any cereal just
something that I just really don't enjoy
so if you want to pick yourself up some
bird brains I got mine from bakery DNA
and it cost me 1199 and that was for
this is 16.5 mm
that's sixteen point five milliliters
for $11.99 so this will also come in 0 3
6 12 and 18 milligrams and the PG VG
ratio is ATV G and 20 PG also guys make
sure that you use coupon code DNA 10 at
checkout it'll give you 10% off your
entire purchase from vapor DNA and
that'll make this juice that much
cheaper so that's it for our review
today guys short and sweet and to the
so if you are a first-time viewer I'd
like to give a special thanks for tuning
in with us today
my main goal with my reviews is to make
sure that you guys are well informed so
when you make your vape related
purchases your hardware your juices
whatever the case may be you guys are
educated buyers and that you can buy
that right mod that right juice for you
and you don't have to worry about
wasting your money or buying the wrong
thing that is my goal with my reviews
it's not about the vaping it's not about
the clouds it's about making sure that
you guys spend the right money in the
right places also make sure that you
like you subscribe and you share the
video somebody else may be looking to
get this juice so make sure you share it
so that they can you know have a better
idea of what they're looking at and of
course make sure you subscribe because
I'm gonna have a lot more juice reviews
coming and a lot more mod reviews coming
that's it for the review today guys and
as always you guys keep it classy

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