Vape Review of Crush Fruits Tasty!

April 24, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Crush Fruits Tasty!

Vape Review of Crush Fruits Tasty!

By Tatyana Dyachenko

An irresistible eliquid containing an otherworldly fusion of pineapples and strawberries. WIth two flavours blended as well this, this is an ejuice which is sure to please the palette of even the most sophisticated vaper. Prominent Flavours: Pineapple, Strawberry

Vape Review of Crush Fruits Tasty!

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Crush Fruits Tasty!

how you guys doing so today we're going
to be looking at an e liquid line three
products from them the company is called
crushed fruits so we've got three
bottles and I'm not quite sure how I
feel about the labeling just to be
completely honest we are here for the
flavor but I feel this should be mention
as you can tell they are very candy
crush themed right down to the game
design pretty much to a tea on the side
of the label in light of everything
going on I can't say that I agree with
this kind of marketing it's not relative
to the flavors that's just my opinion
with everything in legislation but I
feel that that should be mentioned
alright so starting things off we've got
sweet sweet is described as a smooth and
subtle hard candy with gentle watermelon
undertones that is sure to keep you
coming back for more let's be the judge
of that give it a smell watermelon is
loud very loud and I get a candy sniff
but not really kind of but the
watermelon is loud and I got a deduct
points for this I have two food dyes now
some people don't care about this but I
don't I don't like um I think if it's
not relative to the flavor it shouldn't
be in the juice but that's personal
preference some people don't care but I
have to mention that I can see this
dyeing my coils already oh yeah oh yeah
it's pink already oh all right so let's
give it a flavor test this is watermelon
the watermelons there the candy is more
of another tone in my opinion that's
just what my palate is giving me but the
watermelons there and it is candy
watermelon is just the candy is a little
bit softer than the watermelon as you
can tell vapor production is definitely
there these are all 70/30
and it actually puts out like it's 75 25
so it is a thicker mix in my opinion
mouthfeel is definitely directly
relative to that next up we've got taste
now tasty is described as an
irresistible fusion of pineapples and
strawberries let's give it a good sniff
pineapples are loud I'll get any
strawberries and it's clear liquid very
clear actually on the time I get
pineapple strong off the bag on the
exhale strawberries are their tropical
is my typical ABV or all day babe vapor
production is there in this liquid as
well I'm gonna give this a solid 4.5 out
of 5
this definitely matches my palate and I
think this is one I'm gonna keep on hand
next up we've got delicious delicious is
described as a mix of blue gummy bears
and your favorite blue candy definitely
blueberry and I get a lot more candy on
this one than the other - smells good
smells good that's usually a good
indicator not sure if you guys can see
that but it has a slight blue hand
alright give it the flavor test
out of the nose I get a lot more
blueberry and on the tongue I get candy
I don't really get the gummy bears but I
get candy um not sure how else to
describe that it tastes like blue hard
candy to my palate definitely clouds so
according to breezy calm these are now
being sold for $26.99 for a sixty
milliliter and that's a pretty good deal
considering the quality and the vapor
production and how smooth each one of
these are because they are each very
smooth in my opinion with just a
fraction of a throat hit which I
actually enjoyed and these are all three
milligrams 70-37 TVG 30p g's and I would
recommend putting this in an RDA or a
ten they taste like very powerful
flavors and I think you're gonna enjoy
them for the price I'm gonna say they're
worth it please leave a comment let me
know how I did the link will be in the
description below if you guys decide to
buy this juice I recommend it at twenty
six ninety-nine and 60 ml it's kind of
hard to beat that value you're getting
some smooth juice it's 60 milliliters
and you know a thirty typically cost
between 18 and 22 these days so it's
nice to see companies coming out with
larger quantities and a deal so I hope I
helped you guys out until next time keep
it cloudy is gonna be 1%

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