Vape Review of Crush Fruits Sweet!

April 24, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Crush Fruits Sweet!

Vape Review of Crush Fruits Sweet!

A smooth and subtle eliquid full of hard candy flavours with gentle watermelon undertones, a delicious and refreshing ejuice that will surely be your next all day vape. Prominent Flavours: Hard Candy, Watermelon

Vape Review of Crush Fruits Sweet!

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Crush Fruits Sweet!

what's going on fuckers this is eric
here the real Dale vape reviews in 2 day
is number two on crush fruits today i'll
be reviewing delicious delicious is a
blueberry gummy bear got your warnings
ingredients 18 + 21 + + select states
the UPC on that side this is made by the
Schwartz the same people to make the
naked 100 this was sent to me by premium
vape supply com for the purpose of this
review that will not change or alter my
opinion or review in any way this is
available on premium vape supply for 22
dot 95 cents not a bad price for 60 mils
of juice I've seen this on other sites
for 2999 good deal if you use my coupon
code TRD 10 that'll save you an
additional ten percent dropping the
total to twenty dollars and sixty five
cents but if you hold off july four
sales coming let's do a smell test here
smells like a blueberry gummy do a
little taste test a really strong
blueberry gummy this is available in a
zero three or six milligram nicotine
like i said it's a 60 ml bottle and
let's have a vape
clouds bitch cloud production on this is
great i have it on a twisted kanthal 88
wats it comes in at a point 27 there's
no die in this juice if you watch my
last video you seen that the sweet had a
pink to red color this is just your
typical eliquid keller taste is a
blueberry gummy i don't know if it's
something i'd preferably all day vape
but the flavor is on point if you like
your gummies if you like gummy vapes
then this is definitely something that
you got to look into flavors delicious
i'm just not too big on the fruit so I'm
not too big on gummies there has been
out of all the gummy flavors i tried i
think there was one peach rings that i
liked and that was blow vape i'm just
not big i'd rather eat them i don't know
i might be able to vape this
flavors definitely there like I said
blue blueberry gummy for sure Early's
blueberry candy my nicotine level is
like throat hit smooth no peppery taste
doctor knows nothing like that good
nicotine the Schwartz does it right when
it comes to making their eliquid as far
as i know from what I've tried all in
all good vape I'd recommend this if you
like your gummies I the blueberry the
blueberries along the lines of the gummy
flavors like if you eat a blueberry
gummy bear you're not getting a punch of
blueberry it's just kind of blended in
with the gummy that's exactly what you
get out of this if you're looking for a
perfect blueberry vape I don't think
this one would be it it's predominantly
gummy so if that sounds like something
you would like go check it out
twenty-two ninety-five I believe I said
it was yeah twenty-two ninety-five my
coupon drops it to twenty dollars and
sixty five cents july for sales coming
up that'll drop it even cheaper if
you're patient $25 or more get you free
shipping hundred mils of juice or more
and a purchase get you free priority
shipping look at them clouds not sure
what the VG PG ratio at it is it's not
on premium vape supply and i do not see
that on the bottle my guess would be a
max VG this one actually does have the
batch number and expiration on it right
there the sweet did not have that there
was nothing on the bottle so I guess
they just forgot it like I said if you
like your blueberry gummy candy gotta
check it out
lot of flavors if I if they're not
really for me I give them away this one
I'm going to keep i got i could
definitely vape through this i just
don't know if this would be one I by
personally we all have our distinctive
taste buds and what we prefer taste is
subjective so maybe this will be your
favorite you look whatever I don't know
I hits just smooth in out everything
blueberry gummies for sure as always I
thank you for watching like subscribe
share thumbs up this video if you
checked it out and gotta fight for your
right to vape kazaa safada not blowing
smoke amsa the vaping militia I think I
was all that I normally announce all dot
orgs if you ain't fighting for your
right to vape ins going to be dead so
will you on them cigarettes

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