Vape Review of Crumb DMC Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Crumb DMC Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

Vape Review of Crumb DMC Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

Yo, it's tricky to find a vape juice that's bangin! Beat the hard times and fill your tank or dripper with this undeniably dope vape juice. From the first draw you're gonna be hooked as a sweet red apple front note invades your pallet. A tight melody of cinnamon and crumble cake flavor body adds depth to this e-liquid leaving a sugary sweet after that will leave you saying “Damn, B!” As CRUMB DMC from REMIXED by Motley Brew leaves your lips, experience a perfect mix of apple, crumb cake, and light cream notes. Don't be a buzzkill - walk this way to REMIXED by Motley Brew's Crumb DMC!

Vape Review of Crumb DMC Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Crumb DMC Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

what is up everyone that was weird
JH vapes here with video shop calm and
now I'm gonna do a juice review because
this first one that I'm trying from
these guys is delicious so it is juice
from from a friend of ours over at
motley brew so I have four different
ones here the first one I've already
been trying and it's amazing this is
their remix
oh gosh well anyway this is their bubble
pop and it's pretty delicious that's not
gonna focus anyway this is their bubble
pop and their description is this
deliciously sweet combination of
strawberry Kiwi watermelon and bubblegum
is on fleek and that is true
not sure what fleek is but it's it's
definitely that so yeah
I already have some in here but man the
flavor on this stuff
it's just like bubble pop tastes like
bubblegum and I love it it's freakin
so these guys it is 70/30 mix they do
come in 0 up to 12 milligram nicotine I
believe but yeah I mean it's just really
good stuff so I have the bubble pop and
we got some more to try out so let's go
to the next one alright so the next one
is called old fashioned R&R sorry about
this light guys is only I'm in a
basement so it's the only a the only
light source that I can use is my
photography light but the description on
this is the finest premium whiskey a
dash of spicy bitters aromatic citrus
notes and a but uh sorry a touch of raw
sugar cane highlight this rendition
rendition of a classic old-fashioned
which is you know obviously the old
fashioned as far as the drink so I
should have opened this before let's
give this a smell whew that does have a
little slight hint of whiskey smell and
I like whiskey okay I can mess with this
and give this give this a shot here
let's dip some on the old sapore here
let's give it a shot
I think I shall enjoy oh yeah that's
really good I wasn't really sure about
it but you definitely can definitely
taste that you definitely taste a little
bit of that whiskey taste to it
it definitely does have that have
somewhat of a sweet taste to it as well
thumbs up mottely brew good stuff all
right number three is called almost
famous so the description of almost
famous is freshly baked cakes excuse me
engulfed with warm wild blueberries and
rich the praline pecans finished with a
dusting of powdered sugar
damn man it sounds like I'm about to
have a five course meal over here this
is this is insane again I should have
opened this already but you know what so
let's give this a smell test I'm sure
this is gonna be delicious
I don't smell much I don't get it I
don't get much of a smell on this one so
let's use this up here
let's try this out all right here we go
I'm not much of a fan of that one as
much as I am the other two I don't taste
much with this one I might have to I'm
gonna have to come back to this one I'm
not a hundred percent sure I'm not
tasting anything to be honest with you
getting about that much blueberry oh
try God so the last one we're gonna be
looking at it's a cool name Crum DMC
obviously Run Run DMC but anyway the
description is walk this way to discover
a tight blend of green apple crumb cake
and light cream I am a huge desert fan
when it comes to the juice man I'll the
bottle our work on these is so cool this
one is the best
the other ones are cool but this one
takes the cake no pun intended well pun
all right let's give this one a smell
test here oh that doesn't def definitely
has a desert smell through it Cheers
I can almost taste the sugar wow that is
that is delicious that is my favorite
one oh yeah that is one of the best
dessert flavors I think I've ever tried
you get that that cake and that sugar
that the green apple is kind of it's in
there you can definitely taste it but it
isn't overpowered at all oh this is
delish this will be gone soon all right
guys thank you for watching
member check out motley Bru their their
juice is some of the best I've ever
tried especially that crumb DMC man if
you like dessert you would definitely
definitely love that stuff but anyway
guys I'm out for the night thank you for
watching remember they do shop calm we
got that that giveaway going on two
people are gonna win 500 milliliters of
juice each so make sure you get on there
it ends the 31st so you have about
eleven days to to get that in so stop by
enter to win get yourself some juice see
you later

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