Vape Review of Creme Anglais E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

April 21, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Creme Anglais E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Vape Review of Creme Anglais E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Creme Anglais E-Liquid is a sumptuous, smooth custard vape with a dimension of warm, full-bodied vanilla. Delicately sweetened with brown sugar for a subtle hint of caramel, this e-liquid is an absolute must for all custard fanatics. Details 10ml E-Liquid 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.2% nicotine strength About Decadent Vapours Decadent Vapours are one of the UK's market leaders in the production and supply of e-liquid which are all made in Britain to the highest possible standards so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best. Their Decadent Vapours brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community.

Vape Review of Creme Anglais E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Creme Anglais E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

hi everyone Martin here welcome to a
very quick video a very quick eliquid
review and it's 14 decadent vapors I saw
Luke one of the mixologists at vet fest
and I used to do before I sort of had a
break from reviewing I used to do their
flavors of the month than I expect her
or I hope that I will continue to do
that for you now but he knows that I'm a
custard fan and he asked me if I'd like
to try their crème anglaise and I said
yet course I will if I like it I'll do a
quick review so here we are decadent
vapors obviously one of the bigger
brands out there this particular one
crème anglaise is I think it was a
flavor of the month so there's plenty of
other reviews out there to compare to
but it's some I I quite like it it
unfortunately I've got it in point six
instead of point three and it is a 50-50
mix so it's a little harsh in a dripper
it's available in 0.6 1.2 or 1.8 so
there isn't any point three and they do
it in 10 and 30 mil they describe it as
a sumptuous smooth custard vape with a
van full vanilla flavor that is
sweetened with brown sugar and a hint of
caramel an absolute must for all custard
fans so it is it follows that custard
trend and I've actually been comparing
it to Digby's mums custard and that's
what I'm going to do in the video
initial smell is more of the brown sugar
caramel it does smell very much like
Digby's mums custard it doesn't taste
quite the same though which will do i'm
using the sigelei hundred watt I've got
the big block 454 and vaping at 35 watts
on a point five own coil but I have got
the Duke bees to compare so let's give
it a try now it's a little bit harsh in
the dripper for maybe
it is a 50-50 mix most of the stuff I
bait bape is 70 30 but let's get the go
excuse me now the more I vape it the
less harsh it becomes and it's actually
a really good custard it's sort of it's
quite sweet on the inhale but there is
that bitterness of the caramel and the
brown sugar at the end and it reminds me
very much of mrs. B's true dairy custard
Scott's custard cream those type of
flavors really quite custody now if I
compare it to Digby's
I find Digby's a lot smoother and quite
a nowhere near as sweet but it's got the
same babe base undertone so if you like
Digby's mums custard there's every
chance that you're going to like this
it's just a little bit sweeter it
definitely has a much sweeter finish to
it and there's a bit more sweetness on
the lips compared to my favorite custard
so it's one that I've got to recommend i
think if you like custard there's many
many to choose out there i personally
like custards that are custards not a
custard that has 10 or 15 other
ingredients in to try and make it stand
out from the crowd it should be that
custody vanilla with a bit of caramel
and maybe the brown sugar like we've got
in here so um it's one I definitely want
to recommend to you just remember that
this is a 50-50 mix so it will work
quite well in your different RDA rta's
and and tanks and sub own tanks and
things like that dripping it at a lower
own rate and a higher temperature can
make those inhales just a little bit
harsh on the lungs for me anyway because
I'm used two point three and this is
point six but the point of this video is
to let you know that you know I've tried
a number of decadent vapors flavors and
some of them just aren't for me you know
they they major in doing all of the
flavors to cover all vapors but this one
does stand down
definitely one that I could vate when I
perhaps want to break from my my all day
and something a little sweeter like I
say I would bracket this in the in the
Scots custard cream and mrs. B's true
dairy custard range it's got that
sweeter custard finish to it so that's
all I wanted to share with you it's a
595 I think for 10 mil goes up to 30 mil
a good range of strengths checking out a
decadent vapors that's creme anglaise
thanks very much for watching everyone
and i'll see you in the next video

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