April 21, 2018



CREAM TEAM NEAPOLITAN FLAVOR Cream Team Neapolitan 100ml ejuice from the makers of Jam Monster is a another delicious rendition of the trifectas of Ice Cream. Delicious Vanilla, Decadent Chocolate and Delicate Strawberry Ice Cream flavors If you really enjoy Cream Team, also try their other flavors within this brand like Cream Team Buttercream or Cream Team Cinnaroll


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CREAM TEAM NEAPOLITAN EJUICE

what's up people is a subzero infinity
I'm back again to give you another to
review this one is coming from cream
team yes another cream team flavor I
told you I was going to try and do all
their line this is the second one I
already did um what is it butter cream
that stuff was actually pretty good it
took a little bit for the flavor to
settle in and it actually came up it was
actually really good it is a little bit
of a clover because of the amount of
sweeter in it but it is a very good ice
very good ice cream flavor like a butter
cream ice cream flavor so this one today
is Neapolitan yes Neapolitan now this
stuff it says right on the bottle it's a
70/30 so yeah it's not super high VG but
it's pretty high
anyway the this is also from the makers
of Jam monster and Kings crest I've
never heard of kings crest I have to go
and search for them anyway this stuff
says it is a delicious rendition of the
trifectas of ice cream delicious vanilla
decadent chocolate and delicate
strawberry ice cream flavors sounds
so we're going to smell it first right
away I get a good strawberry smell and
there's a little bit of a vanilla
I don't smell much chocolate yet but
today we're going to be vaping on my
EVIC primo with the sub-zero RDA
so well and we're also vaping it at 90
watts yeah
90 watts all right let's get this
dripped up and get it wet and moist so
we can give you a
good flavor report by the way you can
get this at ejuice deals and ultimate
fate deals calm and I will put the links
in the description below so you can go
and check them out they have three
different flavors of this cream team the
this one the butter cream and they've
got one other and I will try and get
that other one for you
so you know we'll have all three up here
so far I'm pretty impressed with this
one I will have to say let's give you my
flavor report here we go let's have a
thief hmm I get the chocolate on the
backend on the exhale very very good the
strawberry and the vanilla come in when
you're inhaling and then it mixes in
with the chocolate on the exhale this is
a very very sweet ejuice it seems like
it's going to be pretty much another
coil dunker if you got to bake this
stuff sparingly it has a very good
flavor I will have to say that
pretty decent clouded flavor rating
between one and ten I'd have to give it
about a seven and a half maybe eight
it's up there I mean it's really sweet
the liquid itself if you look at it it's
kind of amber I mean it's quite amber so
it's got a lot of sweetener in it
I'm only vaping at 3 milligram Nick so
yeah that that is pretty dark so you're
going to want to watch your coils
overall though I think this is actually
one of my favorites of the gem monster
line the different ones that they have I
mean I've done the custard shop I've
done Jam monster now I'm doing the cream
team and I'll still love the jam monster
strawberry and the Apple that stuff's
really good the blueberry I will have to
say I didn't care for it too much I
still have a little bit left here but as
you can see if you watched my other
video it was almost clear now it's got a
little bit aged on it and it's got a
little amber to it the flavor on the
blueberry is actually coming through
really good now so it just had to sit
and speed to bring that blueberry out
it's coming you know it's not one of my
and I love blueberry veyts but it's
getting there and as far as the what is
it tough stuff yeah the custard shop my
favorite one on the custard shop has to
be the blackberry this stuff I love it
I've got to order another one because
I'm really low I mean you can see how
low I am on it it's some getting there
that stuff is actually really good but
we're not talking about those we're
talking about Neapolitan I really do
enjoy this as I said I'm going to have
to be vaping this sparingly because it
is super super sweet so with that being
said you guys if you enjoyed this video
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I'm going
bring a lot more ejuice and a lot more
other stuff as I said in previous video
I've got a mod and I mean a kit coming
there you go I'm testing it out now so
just give me a like Saturday maybe I'll
be putting it putting it up so there you
go look forward to that um please
comment if you feel like commenting um
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if you don't that's cool too not a
problem um like I said please subscribe
I'm going to be bringing you a lot more
you guys from me to you
this is Sub Zero infinity you guys stay
safe and bait safe and I'm going to send
you out in the cloud I actually like
this stuff but I am going to be vaping
it very sparingly because it is quite
sweet they found people

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