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CREAM TEAM CINNAROLL FLAVOR Cream Team Cinnaroll 100ml ejuice from the makers of Jam Monster is a delicious cinnamon paired with a decadent vanilla cream pastry to give the perfect sweet tooth killer. If you really enjoy Cream Team, also try their other flavors within this brand like Cream Team Buttercream or Cream Team Neapolitan


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CREAM TEAM CINNAROLL EJUICE

what's up people is a sub 0 infinity yes
I am back again finally I had some
problems with my computer I had to
actually reinstall windows on here can
you believe that it really bugs me I was
down for two weeks couldn't do anything
literally so I'm back hopefully I can
keep going with these videos I know this
one's a little bit grainy I haven't got
all the settings right yet but you know
what are you gonna do anyway today we're
gonna do a video on another cream team
this is the final one that I've seen it
is called sinner oh yes from cream team
and it is from the makers of Jam monster
and Kings crest yes this is supposed to
be a cinnamon bun type flavor it's gonna
be interesting links will be in the
description down below you can go there
let's see ultimate fate deals ejuice
deals a juice is calm and whatever other
places I can think of to put up there
I'll put them up there in the
description down below anyway today
we're gonna be vaping it has I been
waving it around on my EBIT primo with
the subs are already a yes so let's have
a good smell of it
yeah it does it smells you got a good
bakery note to it and cinnamon with a
little bit of frosting man that smells
can't wait to vape it i haven't baked
this in a little while
i've been kind of like i said busy
trying to get my computer back up and
running it's been real fun anyway
actually it's been a little over two
weeks i think yes it has well that
smells really good
i haven't baked this in a long while
95.5 Watts on appointment three one
quell my own Clapton coils wrapped it's
not too bad oh man I just can't get over
that smell it smells really good
alright let's uh have a vape and then
I'll give you my flavor report
very definite cinnamon taste to it
you've got like a sweet creamy frosting
and on the backend you've got a good
bakery note almost like a roll type
tastes like a yeast roll
all in all I'll have to say they
actually did a really good job mimicking
a cinnamon bun that's actually pretty
good I'm gonna definitely recommend it
for those of you that like cinnamon now
if you have cinnamon problems or
something like that or you don't like
cinnamon please don't go pick it up
saying oh hey this stuff is too much
cinnamon no I know that I've already
told you that it does have a good amount
of cinnamon but for those of you that
actually like cinnamon rolls and stuff
like that this is the one for you I'll
tell you this stuff tastes really good
as you can tell I've had it for a little
while you can see how dark it is it
comes it's already dark when it comes
but not quite that dark I've it's been
sitting here steeping so it's a little
bit stronger than it would come
naturally when you order it from
wherever you order it from it's good I
will have to say that it is very good i
i hope the sound is okay too because i
haven't quite got the sound right either
this is pretty much starting off fresh
again but this stuff definitely
recommended as with all my videos if you
liked what you saw please hit the like
button please subscribe i'm gonna bring
you a lot more ejuice i'm sorry I
haven't been around for a little while
here but I'm back I'm good getting going
again and in the comment section down
below please leave your comment if you
want to have a shout out done or
suggestions for a future vid please do
so in the comment box if you don't want
to have a shout-out done that's okay
with me not a problem
you guys stay safe and vape safe and
this is Sub Zero infinity as I said I'm
back thankfully I'm gonna send you out
in the cloud this stuff is actually
really great
they bond people

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