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CREAM TEAM BUTTERCREAM FLAVOR Cream Team Buttercream 100ml ejuice from the makers of Jam Monster is a deliciously thick buttercream that leaves you wanting more. If you really enjoy Cream Team, also try their other flavors within this brand like Cream Team Cinnaroll or Cream Team Neapolitan


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CREAM TEAM BUTTERCREAM EJUICE

what's up people this is sub 0 infinity
back again I'm going to give you another
ejuice yes another Aegis review or
flavor report this one is kind of
interesting it's a collaboration it says
that on the bottle a collaboration
between Jam monster and Kings crest
interesting it is called cream team
butter cream yeah and it says it right
on the bottle right down there at the
bottom it's a 70/30 mix now this says
cream team America's finest ice cream
kind of interesting so today I'm
breaking out an old-school babe on my
smock X cube 2 with the original troll
RDA and in this original troll RDA I
have a set of my own twisted Clapton's
or twisted wire and Wow twist it
no it's original twisted wire dual
27-gauge twisted reading at 0.5 and
vaping it at 68 watts so we're going to
try it out and I'll give you my flavor
report mmm I get almost like a
butterscotch snow mmm that has an
interesting smell to it it's really
light on the smell though let me see how
the raw edge ooze taste give a little
bit on my finger
and that has an interesting flavor and
it's not super strong but it's
so let's juice the wick up get it all
nice and moist yes I know people don't
like that word oh boy he said Moyes oh
you said it again
oh well it is a word and it accurately
describes what I'm doing to the wick so
we'll get a little bit more on here
there we go
actually I might have a little bit too
much take a little bit out ooh there we
go yeah that's better
all right let's get the cap on here so I
can give you my flavor report
there we go
shall we try like I said it has a really
weird smell to it it's it's not it's not
super strong it's not weak it's just
like yeah so I don't know let's see how
it is
pretty good clouds
let me get another they let me see 68
walks let me cut it down just a little
bit let me cut it down to sixty wives it
almost tastes like let me go back up
this is just a different type flavor I
don't I don't know it's smooth it's
really smooth it's not overly sweet I
get almost like a butter pecan type
taste without the guns almost like I'm
not quite butterscotch but a good like
buttery caramel type flavor almost
reminds me of the buttercream icing on
cakes that's the flavor that I'm getting
but not super sweet it's quite
interesting this is one that I have to
say I would have to be in the mood for
now I like buttercream icing and I like
butter pecan ice cream and stuff like
that and this is right along the same
lines but like I said I would have to be
in the mood for it it's quite an
interesting flavor that's all I can say
I mean it's different I can't wait to
try different other flavors from them
too because they've got several
different other flavors so I will put
the link in the description below to
where you can go check this out along
with other other flavors um what I
recommended mmm
it depends it really depends on if you
like butter
pecan ice cream or buttercream icing on
cakes and stuff and if you don't want
like a super sweet sugary taste because
this doesn't have a super sweet sugary
taste to it it is actually a good mild
taste it's not overpowering not at all
fact yeah I got to drip a little bit
more now um it's it's a different flavor
it really is um I haven't seen this this
is fairly new in fact this is brand new
on the market so I can't wait to see
what other flavors they came out with
armed definitely interested in seeing
what other flavors they have um this one
I'll have to spend a little bit more
time on it but for right now it's it's
decent it's a good if a pible on a
flavor scale between one and ten maybe
six and a half seven it's not way up
there it's kind of thick it's good but
you'd have to be in the mood for it
come on bump it back up go back up to 68
wives I think on a hotter build you'll
get more flavor I really do
on this one on the build that I have on
here it's a little limited so I can't
really get a super hot flavor being at
0.5 of course and on the next cube - it
won't go up really super high so I'm
limited on it it's almost at the max
voltage that will put out so but it's a
good one I will say that so you guys if
you liked what you saw please hit the
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going to be bringing you a lot more
ejuice never know what's going to show
up on this channel and please
in your comment if you want to comment
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things let me know never know what I'm
going to bring um also in the comment if
you want to have a shout out let me know
I'll give you a shout out if you don't
that's cool with me
you guys stay safe and date safe and
this is sub-zero infinity telling you
guys vape on people just take care

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