Vape Review of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60ML)

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60ML)

Vape Review of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60ML)

Transport yourself to a nostalgic campy carnival with a bottle of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz! Bite into the body of fluffy cotton candy with an inhale of sweet blueberries. A subtle serving of raspberry appears on the back note creating the perfect fairground treat in vape juice form. Be sure to buy your 60ML Bottle of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz today!

Vape Review of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60ML)

she said I just want to make it to the
mo make make it to the moon and back
back I just want to make it to the moon
what's up guys what's up girls vapors
youtubers everybody else out there this
is a mic tag vapes i'm back at all you
again with another ejuice review today i
will be reviewing carnival by juice
roll-ups or are also it's actually made
by the liquid guys I don't know if you
can see the logo down here in the bottom
Luke liquid guys so let me let me get
off this back screen here this would be
a quick quick little one juice review
today nobody sent this to me I bought it
on my own free will I liked it so much
I've bought three bottles of it already
so we're going to we're going to review
it real quick I'll tell you what I think
and all that good stuff so let me get
off this little christmas world of
warcraft background here and we'll talk
a little bit about this juice take a
quick quick two
now first off I'm using my vapor flask
classic 150 watt temperature control
oh let's see we got it all backwards
here got it about a hundred watts the
point 0.16 ohm coil at four volts this
is on the new smock TF v8 a tank sub ohm
tank I guess you can call it a sum of
tank this thing's damn like a like a
dripper almost so yep that's what we're
Tooting on here so we'll get into it
here also my last review I did mention
that uh I just picked this up this uh TF
I will be reviewing this here shortly I
just started a new job so I'm quite
swamped with uh my new schedule and you
know getting off work and stuff I just
need a little bit of time to unwind and
relax so we got juice coming this tank
to review I will also be reviewing this
fake vapor flask classic more up close
and personal and a few other things on
the way so stay tuned we'll have some
more stuff anyways back to carnival buy
juice roll-ups and the liquid guys now
this is a blue cotton candy from what
they say on the bottle here or on the
the flavor profile or flavor description
is a fluffy cotton candy flavoring
infused with a refreshing blue raspberry
finish now I know what you guys are
thinking everybody's been coming out
with blue raspberry candy or blue
raspberry juice type vapes and all this
stuff it's a-you know there's been tons
of it flooding the market so first thing
I want to say is this is by far one of
the best blue raspberries I've tasted up
probably very very dating close to the
modus vapor line that I reviewed not too
long ago it's it's you'll find it in all
my videos motus had a good one call
buzz that was a blue raspberry candy and
that one was just tasty
this one is more along lines of a cotton
candy and it is quite tasty as well on
the bottle here there on the box
you got these two little cotton candy
sticks here and you can tell they're
pink and pink and blue kind of like a
swirl of the - you know cotton candies
you get it a fair carnival or whatever
from what I can get out of this I
definitely taste the blue raspberry part
but I also taste a little bit of that
pink pink or reddish cotton candy with
it too
so it's kind of like a mixture between
the two even though they only really say
cotton candy flavoring infused with blue
raspberry so it's it's kind of it's
basically both the red and blue cotton
candy or pink and blue cotton candy nice
packaging on the bottle it's real shiny
you know it looks nice and everything
this is a 60 ml bottle and it's an
available in zero three six and 12 I
believe now zero three and six zero
three and six juice roll-ups a website
are actually the liquid guys calm
website I'll have descriptions up to
these two websites that I've been using
liquid guys calm has it for $23.99 and
they only come in 60 ml bottles and like
I just said zero three and six milligram
nicotine I bought mine from ejuice is
calm I will also have a discount link in
the description as well so you can save
a little bit of change on the on your
order and also get free shipping so I
suggest you use that it's probably the
best price I found on this juice
anywhere so far so I'm going to pop this
out of here show you a little up and
close of the bottle pretty much the same
as the box that came in
real nice looking makes you makes you
want to vape it just because it's a
cotton candy who doesn't like cotton
candy yeah so you can tell by the juice
color here it's it's it's really clear
and it's got it's got a bit of a
yellowish hue to it um so yeah in my
experience I've dripped this and I have
been vaping this the past like three
four days and my brand new smoke tea a
v8 and it really doesn't gunk up coils
or you know lose its flavoring it's been
really good juice so far so and
obviously this is my third bottle of
this so I mean I'm really thoroughly
enjoying this vapor production is very
um the clouds linger for a bit and they
drop it's a 70 70/30 blend VG PG so I
mean that's quite typical for that kind
of the blend of juice good vapor
production really really smooth there is
no harshness to this at all no throat
hit it doesn't feel weird coming out of
a in or out of your mouth or nose just a
very smooth well blended liquid and it
tastes exactly like they described it's
it's it's a maybe not exactly like they
describe it but it's to me it is exactly
like the picture shows it's a pink and
blue cotton candy kind of infused
together and I mean it tastes just like
it it is amazing tasting juice guys
I literally cannot get enough of this
stuff so good it's definitely an all day
vape for me by far like I said
$23.99 on a juice is calm and juice
roll-ups also sells it for $23.99 but it
a juice is calm you can use my discount
link in the description
and save up I think it's roughly 15-20
percent something like that and also get
free shipping so I suggest you use that
it'll probably be the best best price or
the cheapest you can find it for so plus
you get free shipping so back to a
little background here not like it's
going to matter but a little Christmas
stuff for you guys yeah I mean there's
not much else I can say about this stuff
the 70/30 blends real nice it vapes
awesome in this smock tfv eight oh there
goes a Murloc on my screen if you guys
are a World of Warcraft fans you know
what I'm talking about
um so yeah yeah I mean this stuff just
is really good juice I honestly can't
get enough of it
good stuff guys I mean if you're looking
for a candy cotton candy type vape this
stuff is definitely a must buy I highly
recommend it it tastes amazing not much
else I can say I mean check it out
really it's it'll be worth your time so
zero three six milligram nicotine 60 ml
bottle 70/30 blend VG PG and it's made
by liquid guys and juice roll-ups so
check it out guys
Carnival by juice roll-ups and liquid
guys good stuff really good stuff so
yeah I mean that pretty much wraps it up
there's not much to sells else I could
really say about this juice pretty much
that at all so check it out if you want
to try it go for it
leave links in the description to below
where you can find it and you know I
guess that's just about it for now
so stay tuned I will have more coming
for you guys very very soon I'll be
reviewing Reaver and grizzly by animal
unleash line that will be coming up very
soon and more other reviews to come so
stay tuned happy holidays and stay off
the nasty cigarettes guys and vape on
always vape on

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