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By Ekaterina Mironova

Upon relaunching their entire line, Cosmic Fog brings you a brand new flavor, Sonset! Japanese Nashi pears are blended with delicious crème brulee and are then coated with sweet and salty caramel. Finish off the day enjoying some Sonset! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Cosmic Fog Sonset BEASTLY BECAUSE This is exactly what the doctor ordered! These premium E-Liquid flavors will just about meet any vaper’s needs. Smooth and tasty with no compromise, you just can’t go wrong with Cosmic Fog. MADE IN THE USA! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of COSMIC FOG SONSET

what's up YouTube it's Deanna with Windy
City fake reviews in today I will be
doing just a quick little juice review
for the cosmic fog sunset it's a one of
their newer ones I am a huge fan of
their milk and honey that is like one of
my all-day vapes has been pretty much
since the very first time I tried it and
I wanted to go ahead and give this new
line a try
their original flavors are all 50/50 PG
VG and I realized that I do have
sensitivities to PG so I only vape
higher VG liquids now so I was really
excited that their new line actually is
a 70/30 blend so this is what the bottle
looks like and I love their bottle art I
think their little cloud is just
adorable just tells you the name and the
milligrams some warnings and I actually
love the look of these black frosted
bottles they are actually clear bottles
it's just you know on the bottom you can
see through it um but it's not very
practical for when you want to see how
much you look what you have left in your
bottle especially if you vape it like I
do and I have hardly any of this love to
do this review I have been forcing
myself to not vape it just so that I
could do this review but according to
their site this is what their
description of sunset is it says a vape
that can transport your body and soul to
a spring time Fiji sunset we started
with a puree of Japanese national it
with a French inspired creme brulee the
closely guarded recipe is then topped
off with a generous portion of soft
salted caramel
and if you have seen any of my reviews
you know that I am a huge huge desert
vape junkie so I will drip some of this
on and let you know what I think
all right boils nice and saturated just
smelling you can smell the pears like
right off the bat the first thing I
smell is the pear and I do smell some of
the caramel um not really sure what the
creme brulee really smells like her if
it really has a smell vote from what I
can smell it's like pear and caramel for
so I'm vaping this on my smock r8e
with my 13 heavens nine hills clone RDA
I have a point to build in here and I'm
vaping it at about 65 watts and they
just dribble juice out from turning this
thing on its side so let's go ahead and
take a vape as you can see really really
good call production being that it's
only a 70/30 I it's it's I liked clouds
on this one and it's really smooth very
smooth vape I don't get any throat hit
I'm gonna take that first inhale you
really get that pair taste and I am a
huge pair of ape fan I have a DIY that I
do that just like pear and cranberry
with a tiny bit of cinnamon in it and it
is definitely the one that I am pretty
much vaping all day long so I was
excited to find that this one had parent
it and let me tell you it does not
disappoint it's like a really nice fresh
kind of juicy pear taste to it you get a
lot of that creaminess from the creme
brulee and then on the exhales when I
get that really nice salted caramel it's
not like a heavy salted caramel but it's
not an overly sweet caramel it is just
awesome like it like honestly I think
this may become my new favorite from
them over the milk and honey now if they
did the milk and honey in a 70/30 maybe
I would go for that one but definitely
because this one is the higher VG and I
absolutely love love love the flavor on
this one
I like I said have been having a very
very hard time not vaping at all before
I can do this review
so I got the 15 mil bottle and I
honestly don't even remember where I
purchased this from I was buying some
coils for my Heracles tank and I saw
this and it was only $8.99 and a lot of
the other websites have it for $12 for
the for the 15 mil so I went ahead and
got it for $8.99 and like you said for
life I mean I cannot remember because it
was so long ago I was like right after I
had surgery so it's been about a month
since I first purchased this um so yeah
unfortunately I do not remember which
website I purchased it from so if I do
find it I will put it in the description
I'll put the link in the description
below but if you just search for cosmic
sunset and then sunset with an O its ons
et and they have a sunrise that's ISO
and RIS II not sure why they put the O
instead of the U but yeah I don't really
care because it's just that good so that
is pretty much it for the review and I
know I am several days like and I didn't
do my Sunday savings like I had planned
so I think from now on instead of
telling you what is supposed to be
coming up in the week I'm just gonna
play it day by day and when I can get a
video up I will get a video up I am
actually getting better at work every
day I don't really have any more pain
from the surgery at all so yeah yeah
like I said I hope to get back on track
and get videos put out on a regular
basis but I'm not gonna make any
promises at this point so thanks for
sticking with me welcome to all of my
new subscribers and the 100 subscriber
giveaway is going to end on Sunday I
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you have enjoyed this video if you have
please give me a thumbs up and until
next time I hope you have a great day
and keep calm and vape on

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