April 23, 2018

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Sonrise 70VG E-Liquid

Like a tropical escape, only better because it's yours anytime you want it: this vape juice is a “Sonrise” all day long! Comprised of delicious kiwi, passionfruit, and pineapple, along with some underlying tones that remain undisclosed, this is one tropical, fruity masterpiece!

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Sonrise 70VG E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cosmic Fog Sonrise 70VG E-Liquid

what up YouTube it's you man Sam from
flavor chase of vape review today guys
need you to review for you guys today
we're gonna have a good look at two new
flavors by cosmic fog these flavors were
sent to me by my man Ian at vape society
supply.com so I want to send a big shout
out to my man in today we're gonna have
a good look two juices so not gonna be a
fucking hour and a half so today we're
gonna have a good look at sunset from
cosmic fog I do believe this is like a
tobacco but we'll go ahead and take a
good look at that and we're gonna have a
good look at Oh what is this here oh
there we go
kind of got confused this one sunset s o
n se T and this one is Sun Rise s o n R
is e this one's in a red label this one
is in a blue label my camera keep
shifting for some fucking reason in
which I have no idea after the review
after the review I'm not even done did
the intro we'll go ahead and get down
and dirty with some atomizer throw this
on my brand-new shiny mech mod and I'll
get you guys my opinions on these juices
so stick around I'll be right back guys
I can't make this shit up it's just
actually pulling my shit here we go all
right better here we go
today we're gonna be having a good look
at cosmic fog Sun rise as you guys can
see it's a cloud with some sunglasses
kids are screaming right on schedule
would you expect anything else this one
I do believe is like a tropical blend
that wouldn't go ahead and get you guys
some descriptions on these juices and
sunset which I do believe is like a
tobacco scream all you want really every
single time I do it today is mod of
choice I just uploaded a review on this
fucking beast and oh I love it
check this motherfucker out very nice
mech mod but having bee box mod with
dual parallel 18 650 rocking out like a
son of a bitch shout out to my man Chris
at ck customs for hooking me up with
that one I'm gonna go ahead and throw
them on some atomizer so first off let
me go ahead and get you guys some
descriptions on these juices like I said
they were sent to me by vape society
supply.com so the first one we're gonna
have a good look at is going to be
sunrise now these are 15 milliliter
bottles at 3 milligram nicotine and they
are in black coated bottles okay you got
all these warnings here you got like if
you guys can see that let me see if
it'll focus you see that hazard like the
question mark it's actually raised right
so pretty good you got your warnings you
got your ingredients you have all your
cosmic fog vapors calm you have all that
good stuff this is a 70 VG 30 PG 15
milliliters and let me go ahead and get
you guys some descriptions and some
pricing on these sumbitches
all right sunrise by cosmic fog 30 mil
bottles gonna run the 1899 so not bad
okay we're gonna go ahead and
to show you guys the nicotine levels
they do make it in zero three six twelve
and eighteen so there's a wide range of
nicotine's if you guys are so inclined
to go ahead and get bigger or larger
volumes of nicotine in your e-juice but
anyway here anything coming from vape
society supply they give you their
Techland from the brand they do make it
in 30 mils and I do believe in fifth
thank you
they do make it in let me see do they
make it in it
yeah they seriously they do make it in
15 mils and I do believe they make it in
30 ml bottles as well so let's see oh
yeah there we go
by cosmic fog let me see mmm 30 mil 30
mil alright 15 mils is 1099 sorry it
took me 30 fucking minutes to figure
that one out let's go ahead and get back
to sunset alright sunrise so sunrise at
3:00 milligram from the Bren this unique
take on frozen Hawaiian drink will take
you to a sun-soaked morning on the Big
Island sweet and savory passionfruit
blended with smooth exotic Kiwis and
pineapples all it takes is one hate to
know that this is yours will be your new
all-day fruit vape it will leave you
searching for all the hidden flavors
until the Sun comes back up sure VG PG
70/30 flavor profile passion fruit Kiwis
and here we go let's go ahead and give
it a good shake now let's go ahead and
not talk alright here we go
let's go ahead and give her a good smell
oh wow
these were sealed like from top to
Midway a little past midway all the way
down to the name there so they were
pretty much sealed from head to toe this
one I'm getting passion fruit up the
fuckin wazoo pineapple and kiwi holy
shit everything in there passion fruit
kiwi and pineapples that's exactly what
I'm smelling and it's a very fresh
passion fruit like the passion fruit is
hitting me right in the fucking nose
it's really really good oh yeah man
check it out very clear liquids
very good all right let me get this
fucking I love this thing let's go ahead
and throw it on my good old forge v2 by
MC V then you go ahead and throw that
son of a bitch on there there we go
forge v2 by MCV Philippines let's see
what kind of college we got them they're
single used for Clapton in this bitch
and I think this one ohms out to around
point two or something like that so
let's go ahead you know I feel like I
want to dab this one on my hand to get a
good flavor oh wow dad I'm getting a lot
of fresh fresh pineapples and
passionfruit so that one taste very very
nice let's go ahead and saturate my
you go ahead and set that up I hope you
guys are doing good guys we're almost
there five thousand subscribers my kids
scream like not sucking the juice Oh
Billy this mod is a fucking beast anyway
let me go ahead and saturate my bed
saturate the wick and put it up as dual
curl on the fucking box fucker
it's fucking uh so shiny and I love this
thing I would fuck you but it can't cuz
I'll break you in half
bitch and here we go cosmic fog by
cosmic fog by cosmic fog yay fucking
sent you fucking deep alright cosmic fog
sunrise here we go
cosmic fogger right there this is
sunrise this is the passion fruit Kiwi
and pineapple let's go ahead and give
her a shot make sure my air holes are
open up here we go
oh wow
I'm getting a lot of fresh passion food
on this one and pineapple on the exhale
so I'm getting pineapple on passion
fruit on the inhale pineapple on the
exhale so very very nice if you guys are
into like fruity kind of babes which the
summertime is now on its way in I hope
it'll get here quick because I am so
sick and tired of this fucking winter
sick and all this all of bullshit I
can't take it anymore
I need me some fucking I need me some
spring nice warm weather I don't know
about you motherfuckers but in NYC I am
so sick of that shit we go around to
cosmic fog sunrise let's do this vapor
production is excellent if you guys are
into passionfruit vapes yeah this one's
good I'm getting a lot of passion fruit
on the inhale a hint of Kiwi on that
inhale as well and pineapple on the
exhale so very very good babe oh
this one is definitely getting a pass
for me son
what is this I keep getting the tube
mixed up sunrise by cosmic fog not bad
for a 15 minutes 1099 and you have 1899
for a 30 mil so if you guys are into
like passion fruit Kiwi and pineapple
then I would definitely definitely give
this one a pass no throat hit whatsoever
this is a very smooth juice and I'm
definitely gonna go ahead and recommend
this one I'm getting a lot of fresh
passionfruit if you guys ever tasted
passionfruit then you guys know exactly
what I'm talking about and I'm not
talking candied passionfruit could you
stop and if you get a lot of fresh
passionfruit on the inhale and it's
pretty much the predominant flavor in
this juice and which is very good I'm
getting a hint of passion fruit and kiwi
on the inhale and on the exhale I'm
getting a fresh pineapple like a freshly
cut pineapple they're using very good
flavorings in these juices
fuck yeah man damn for a 70/30 it's
doing pretty good man
all right so sunrise by cosmic fog I'm
definitely passing that if you guys are
into fruity passion fruit babes yes
definitely gonna go ahead and give that
one a go so that one definitely gets a
pass for me 1099 for a 15 min said it
seven million fucking times
ready shit let's go ahead and do that
and I poured out a special atomizer for
you fucking guys cuz I know you guys
love it
kids screaming don't Mar the fucking the
the romper room next door
but here thankfully you know what I want
you guys to do me a favor leave me a
comment in the comment section
hashtag no driptip fucking look at me
spread that we're gonna spread that
hashtag all over fucking YouTube and
Instagram so in the comment section if
you guys love hash tag no drip tip fuck
it go ahead and write it down the
fucking comment section here we go we
have a single transformer coil on the
mephisto on that amazing CK Kustoms box
oh god I want to fuck it look at that
look how clean these just fuck boxer
just can't because you know let you keep
my penis look at that look how Rory I'm
not talking about the mod but I fucking
I I absolutely love that motherfucker
alright let's go ahead and give it a
shake scream away because it's can you
keep it down then you think it's funny
they fucking laugh and they do it on
I want me to do it they want me to do it
job holder corner yeah they do it on
purpose you hear him giggling I like to
make him fucking giggle then my babies I
love my babies there may be a small fat
my little my son is so small by just
small all right here we go let's go to
sunset same thing on the labels black
coded bottles Sun set and get you a
description on this one babe society
supplied don't forget to use the code
ejuice for 20% off your order that was
unimplemented by me that was well in
place before I came along to vape
society supply.com
some set by cosmic fog 1899 for a 30ml
and 1099 for a 15 mil ok 0 3 6 12 and 18
milligram nicotine this one comes in
there take away from this is also a
oh this one oh wait a minute this one
sounds really good from the brand a vape
that can transport your body and soul to
a spring time fiji sunset ok we started
with a puree of japanese naxi pears and
blended it with a French inspired creme
brulee what all right the closely
guarded recipe then topped off with a
generous portion of soft salted caramel
shit I was totally off for about that
but that sounds really fucking good so
let's go ahead and give you guys a shake
no let's go ahead and give you guys a
small test let's see what we get I smell
the caramel and I smoked Aires that is
one fucking amazing that is one amazing
that smells really good by small a lot
of fresh pears like the Rhine of the
pear like when you cut that pear open
and you get towards the center like that
earthy pear that's exactly what I'm
smelling and caramel or caramel or
caramel or about it fuck you guys there
yeah I thought it was a tobacco but this
the caramel that I'm smelling or the
caramel the caramel
whatever you want to say let's go ahead
and juice it up another clear liquid if
you guys can check it out it is
very clear and these bottles are coated
I guess that would be good for the UV
protection for the liquid so that's
actually really really good that they
did that I notice a lot of ejuice
companies are coating their bottles yeah
I'm getting pear and caramel that one
smells good and this one we'll go ahead
and judge it and see how she does on the
vapor production and taste so you know
for me it smells I don't know if it's
just me but um I mean I got this thing
on upside down like a fucking derp for
me it actually smells like tobacco the
caramel it actually smells like tobacco
and I don't know if I could be wrong let
me know in the comments section no drip
tip that is a very interesting fucking
profile man wow I'm tasting a lot of
fresh pears and a hint of caramel I
don't get necessarily could you please
just don't necessarily get the salted
caramel but I'm getting a mixture of the
pear being that it's a very sweet and
the caramel may be a little bit salty
yeah maybe I am getting the salty
caramel well let me go ahead and give
you a vapor production test and I will
go ahead and take it from there
that's a very interesting profile I'm
getting very sweet pears and very sweet
yet salty caramel or caramel all over
the fuck you want to say it but yeah
yeah that works well that's really good
that's really Pleasant I'm getting the
salted caramel now now that I've gettin
you know more saturated in my the kids
are fucking crazy today what is jag no
drip sip fucking bitches vapor
productions good no throat hit very
smoothly juice and yeah I'm getting the
pears I'm getting the salted caramel or
caramel however you want to taste that
that's really a shocking flavor profile
and people is gonna like that because I
actually thought this was a tobacco
juice but you could smell it you can
taste the caramel or caramel and you
actually get that fresh peach no driptip
fuck it shit I'm giving a very fresh
sweet pair and a caramel that's how I'm
gonna say it fuckin a caramel yeah so
that one works it actually is really
good and I'm gonna go ahead and give it
a read rip and I'll let you guys go
beyond your fucking lay we go that's
actually really Pleasant I've never
tasted any cosmic fog juices prior to
this review so this is actually very
surprising I actually like the Sun set
in the Sun the Sun set is the one I'm
vaping now and the sunrise it was the
one I just did before that but on this
box mod I love this thing I swear to God
I would fuck this box I really would
can't that's just no what's your cute in
your penis moment I just can't do it
yeah I'm getting a very whiny fresh
sweet pear and caramel so that is a
really really different kind of flavor
profile so actually that's pretty much
where you can tap the table and you're
doing fucking reviews there eh but yeah
so that's pretty much gonna do it for me
I hope it wasn't that long and giving
another date is a productions excellent
no throat hey and surprisingly this is a
really good flavor profile I never
thought I would encounter a pear in
caramel and a salted caramel at that
so cosmic fog sunset I'm actually gonna
give this one two thumbs up because this
is a very different and unique flavor
profile now keep in mind taste the
subjective I may like something you may
not always keep that in mind alright so
cosmic fog sunset yes
two thumbs up because it's a very
different flavor profile in which I've
never tasted the likes of and Sun Rise
I'm actually gonna give that one two
thumbs up because I tasted fresh passion
fruit fresh Kiwi and fresh pineapples so
thumbs up on these two liquids man you
can get them at vape society supply.com
don't forget to use the code ejuice and
like I said in the beginning that's not
my code I don't make any money I ain't
affiliated fucking ripped rippers I
don't make anything off it I'm just
trying to save you guys a little bit of
cash it's 20% off you're in juice orders
so yeah I want to thank my man Ian at
vape society supply for sending these on
to me I'm giving him both a pass I
really really liked I didn't think I was
gonna like this because I thought this
was like a tobacco juice but it's not
it's a salted caramel and pear and in
which is very very good and Sun Rise is
gonna get to thumbs up because that's a
very fresh passion fruit Kiwi and
pineapple vape and which I really dig
both those flavors so that's it that's
gonna do it for me I hope that wasn't
that long for you guys because hey to
juice reviews I never do it but anyway
thank you very much for watching I keep
looking over there look at you guys like
that better thank you very much for
watching this review if you liked it go
ahead and leave it a thumbs up you know
I appreciate it
hey keep looking at myself thank you
very much for watching see you guys in
the next video hashtag in the comment
section no drip tip see you guys in the
next video I love every one of you
motherfuckers every single one of you
guys watching my videos not in that way
but you know two tears in a bucket
bucket thing two-stage rich peace out
guys I love yous see you later

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