Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Shocker 70VG E-Liquid

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Shocker 70VG E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Shocker 70VG E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

A whole lotta flavor and some crazy big clouds await you with this new formulation of 70% VG to 30% PG from Cosmic Fog! It's no shocker that this flavor is a total shocker! Just when you think it's all about the sweet, fruity and candy notes, you get a full blast of lemonade! This vape juice is perfect, not too sweet and not too tart, buy your 60mL bottle of Shocker by Cosmic Fog today!

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Shocker 70VG E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cosmic Fog Shocker 70VG E-Liquid

I am back now I do tell you on the
review of cosmic fog was so impressed
with it
actually use the bottle beautiful went
out and is it's say I'll try and get
another bottle and that bloody have I've
actually got another bottle and this one
is called shocker watch this right the
this shocker what an apron easier class
they pull anything out of fresh air over
war flavors I'm gonna get from that but
we're gonna put it to the test and find
out now I did say I think it says in the
previous review that I actually went to
the site of cosmic fog and it wasn't a
lot of the wasn't a lot of information
as far as where you could buy it from
maybe it just didn't look at the site
properly I don't like to do an awful lot
of research that's that's just the way I
am but I was so impressed with the last
juice that I did try that for I've got
to try and nor by any we asked called
this shocker and it doesn't give
anything away on what it is but at the
end of the day lists Mel let's see what
sort of a rumor I get from a ball I
can't say it's another one of those low
mga things I think it's basically it's
based on the person who uses the dripper
I use a drip for one of my home don't
use one when I'm out and about so it
should work out okay that last one
really good and I'm hoping this one does
as well now the first thing we will tell
you about the juice is that it's
actually crystal clear doesn't appear to
have any food colorings in whatsoever
labeling more less the same label is
what was on the last bottle still still
sure about them graphics me but it's not
Michael you know that's what they
decided to bond good water now I know
they've got an absolutely massive
following if you actually read a lot of
reviews online you go so what vaping
size vaping groups etc to just see now
they always saw a mentioned cosmic fog
as B
out there on his own and after the last
one which are reviews I've got to kind
of agree on that but you know me
basically kept silent as it is if it's a
disaster it's a disaster
so what we're gonna do is we're gonna
give it a quick smell see what the
Romans get from it and then we'll stick
it in a drifter and find out what we get
from it there and hold the ball
I love these drifters love them I'll
smell that why is it it's smelly a
little bit like like like sort of a
fruits out back sauce citrus fruit salad
that sort of sort of a roll then it
looks like an air freshener oh yeah it
smells really what's like an air
freshener my bloody mystics all over the
else anyway we've done wrong bits that's
not very excited and though what we do
is stick it on a dripper the same
derivative used on the last review which
was the derringer
it's only a clone but I say what this
this absolutely rocks and we're gonna
stick some juice in and see what we get
from it now that's just I've got to be
honest lastly prime the wick just a
little bit because last time I did a
review wasn't quite primary so give me a
couple of pots to get there so here we
firing up and bazookas you know I'll
look snap crackle and pop without a
doubt so cosmic fog the shocker the
first thing we'll do is we'll test it on
the vapor production you know I mean
this more important things especially
for cloud chases out there never really
go into that although I've got to be
honest I sort of sneak them in every now
on there so I'll give it a two on that
and see what sort of date the production
we get
can't argue with that whatsoever now
what's unusual is that this is the same
mg level as what was on the last one and
I didn't really get much of a throat it
and this one I seem to be gained a bit
more from it so give it another two and
just check that throw it out again yep
I've got to admit I'd be quite happy
with that frog ear I haven't got an
issue with that I know like things
stronger but since I've got into
drippings during that you know whenever
I'm old I've sort of gotten used to it
you understand what I've noticed since
I've been vaping I've actually cooked
mine it levels down I should just say
I've cooked me they pin a bit down
without knowledge I'm not doing it
purpose I just not notice you know it's
like okay another I don't have a vape
for the last hour or something that
absolutely it's a mark on my throat it
right now I could I could live do that
now flavor flavor I've got to admit it
tastes nothing like the aroma that I got
on the smell test absolutely nothing I
tell you what I'm getting from it and
getting some sort of strawberry
strawberry strawberry raspberry no it's
strawberry I'm getting some sort of
strawberry on the inhale and then I'm
getting this real shot that's probably
why we calling this shocker of of citrus
no great through orange lemon real
strong taste of that and this sort of
Mary really well together and we have to
give that another tooth
a little bit a little bit love it
absolutely spawn you know what I'm going
to do I'm just going to take the air
ring got that all together let's see if
I put maximum now in it whether it makes
a big difference
I'm gonna strip it a little bit more on
its chin you have to be a bit longer
than I expected this love it love it
just do the Box on one side stick the
top back on nice try full air I'll just
listen to this it's on Apple whether
you're listening pushing the bottle long
and a fuzzy start again beautiful
absolutely rocks or glass doggy still
exiting the lungs that's got to be Dave
do something that I don't love it
a little bit now before we go any
further I'm telling you right now this
company has not contacted me they've not
asked me to do a review they've not sent
me a ball free of charge absolutely
nothing to do with cosmic fog whatsoever
so don't think I'm saying it's good
because they may have sent it to me they
haven't done a lot saying nobody want I
send me some you know fine but no thing
goes from there not doing a review for a
shop this is my own personal review for
this liquid gas to get down on the suits
it's so Moorish
beautiful absolutely you know it's it's
not very often I get stuck for words if
you actually watch my reviews and quite
a talkative person but on this I'm
getting a little bit stuck because it's
like it's just doing what and you know
what I expect from I need you saw Rani
I'm absolutely got loads it backs up
ingen around in your mouth love it love
it I could actually take up dripping
with this full sign with that now oh my
god I've got nothing else to say that's
my review on another cosmic photons
doctor try and get another one now on
another herb a juice from cosmic fog and
that one was told this shock thanks for
watching see you yeah thanks for
watching my video you all know me on
YouTube as Professor laters if you like
the way I do my videos please take time
and press that button there just
subscribe because you never know
something might come up in the future
that interests you and not only that if
you actually take time to press that one
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you're gonna be involved
what's better than that nothing so
please take a little bit time and press
the book right now

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