Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey (120 ML)

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey (120 ML)

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey (120 ML)

Love Cosmic Fog's Milk & Honey so much you wish you could get it in bulk quantities? This crowd pleaser has quite a collection of admirers, and if you find yourself among them, this bundle was made for you! It consists of 2 delicious bottles (120 ml) of this iconic, sweet, sexy, marshmallowy goodness, at a rather delectable price!

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey (120 ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey (120 ML)

milk honey my first ever vet views and
it's as sweet as ever
okay guys it's the milk and honey by
cosmic fog and this little guy will
always hold a dear place in my heart it
was the first ever juice that I ever
bought on the first device I've abused
and is it all round for me it's not too
sweet it's not too bear is not too
sickly it's just you know exactly what
you gonna get
it's like goats McDonald's and order in
a Big Mac and thinking I'm in Manchester
they're not whole now and I want a Big
Mac you know it's going to test the
exact same you're gonna get that assim
flavor the same saw bill is a Big Mac
that's what milder honey is to me this
is my packets Wendy marvel red because I
can go two three four five six weeks
smoking just this and I will feel
top-notch and the best thing about I
guess is that you know you're going to
get the flavor is unbelievable I mean
it's it's gonna be a first-time review
this is another all review because these
guys need recognition from a me because
if I could meet the guy who made this
flavor I would give him a nice big high
five but the truth is we're going to
jump straight into it so I'm going to
start with the smell test straight off
the bat nuts
it's creamy creamy noise that's it
there's no get a honey smell I mean if
you go to the website I mean milk and
honey cosmic fog says it should be well
it's a long one put a lid back on close
your eyes and imagine a VIP
okay you see fields of puffy
marshmallows as far as the eye can see
the sky opens and sweet milk runs down
open your eyes in time for the pepper
nerve rich honey to cap it all off the
land of
milk and honey and his studies sounds
pretty special and to me it is pretty
special to some people it might not be
let me know if it's not oh yeah strap
the bar cassette no you smell if you
like his cereal vets if you like the
sweet VIPs if you like the all-rounder
this guy's for you I feel so good we're
going to go ahead and try anywhere again
I'm going to be using the snow wolf 200
watt with the velocity dripper Joule
Clapton build go to build see what it
tastes like
okay she's a fully juiced up and she
smells a delicious
so it's going to show you the vapor
reduction this is running at 0.36 arms
on 85.5 watt the vapor production is
crazy good again it's probably a really
high VG doesn't say on the ball doesn't
say on the website but I'm going to
check it out there's going to be a 70
fee if not higher so the flavor already
I can says is nutty is no this is to me
what I imagined the milkman was supposed
to taste like
okay average other cheerio 100 is cold
but I reckon that is pretty damn close
to what they were trying to do it's just
soaked really nice maybe it's me I mean
everyone has their own individual flair
but what they like again took me a
cherry I'll burp it but I probably won't
enjoy it as much as a nutty milky
flavored with a head of honey
so yeah strap about nuts say nuts a lot
know what because make him in knows how
much I enjoyed this in the ball is
pretty much empty but yeah is know it's
creamy sauce so creamy I mean I remember
last time I tried honey well honey is
going to be sweet and this is pretty
sweet again an all-day event for me this
is this is this set the bar is set the
bar for me so yeah if you guys are
looking I mean I don't test marshmallows
and I'm a big type of guy but I detest
marshmallows maybe they're just trying
to further in that get the sweetness
but no milky and very sweet so let's
just tick the honey box because it is
pretty damn good there you go guys
it's not an in-depth video I gave you
the flavor of you I'm going to be
heading over to try and do some like
product review soon so if you guys want
to know how I think so highly of the
snow wolf and the velocity I will
definitely put in there and show you
so overall the cosmic fog milk and honey
is my first solid 9 out of 10 it could
be improved I guess could it ever reach
a 10 out I will ever find a juice that
will be a 10 let's find out thanks again
for watching guys again I'm still new to
the whole YouTube thing the videos might
be quite long might be quite short
sometimes if you guys prefer the shock
like packed in exactly what it says on
the tin is a review of the flavor it's
the review of the product itself giving
a thumbs up write a comment down below
and let me know cuz I can change the
videos that I can kind of whack towards
you guys if you'd rather see a more
in-depth video where I talk about the
history of the cosmic fog or the history
of the juicers were trying let me know
about that as well but make sure to LIKE
and subscribe I'm gonna post up the
previous two videos on the page and make
sure to subscribe if you liked the video
give me a shirt help a guy out
until next time guys

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