Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Kryptonite 70VG E-Liquid

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Kryptonite 70VG E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Kryptonite 70VG E-Liquid

Fruity perfection from the Melon with a splash of candy: if you're down with fruity vape juice, you've gotta get this one in your tank! Crafted in Cosmic Fog's new blend of 70% VG/ 30% PG, it will supply a festive dose of deliciously fruity fun, with some truly magnificent cloud capabilities.

Vape Review of Cosmic Fog Kryptonite 70VG E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cosmic Fog Kryptonite 70VG E-Liquid

hey folks Jim here from tobacco
solutions and thanks for tuning in this
is gonna be a short review but it's
great news for those of us who enjoy the
cosmic fog ejuice and i moved on to sub
own baby stay tuned to find out so as
you could tell by the title of this
cosmic fog in February has changed their
formula for their ejuice from going to
50/50 pg/vg to 70 percent VG and 30
percent PG so that's great news for
those of us who enjoy the cosmic fog
ejuice lineup but have gone on to
sublimating and wanted something with a
little higher VG we're in you know when
you when you do Sybil and vaping you
want the clouds and you want the flavor
so doing the 50/50 PG VG you're not
going to get that plus the throw hits
quit maybe a little too harsh for those
of you who want to do those direct lung
hits so this is great news that cosmic
fog has now changed your formula now
it's 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG so
let's take a closer look at their ejuice
lineup I've got four flavors here that
I'm going to review and we'll go over
each one of them individually so these
are the four flavors that I've tried out
all the more 15 milliliter bottles the
first one is the Kryptonite second one
is the shocker
third one is the sunrise and the fourth
one is the sunset and as you can see
it's 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG as
of February of 2016 now I looked at the
ingredients and they're all the same for
these four different flavors you have
propylene glycol which is at 20 percent
glycerin at 70 percent you have nicotine
for my level was 3 3 milligrams so 3
percent natural artificial flavors 20
percent so what we'll do now is we'll go
over each one of these individual
flavors and I'll give you my personal
opinion on how they taste
so the first one I want to discuss is
the Kryptonite flavor of the cost
foggle item and I think this is probably
one of the most popular flavors that
cosmic fog has kryptonite is probably my
second favorite of the four here that
I've tried and I guess the best way to
describe his flavor is probably a cross
between cantaloupe and bubblegum
definitely some kind of a melon but
cantaloupe was probably the closest that
I could come to and you know those old
bubblegum flavors with a little square
square reddish bubblegum zones
bubblicious or whatever it kind of gives
me that kind of flavor so if you could
combine cantaloupe with bubblegum this
is probably what kryptonite tastes like
the second one is the shocker and this
is probably the favorite one that I've
tried the shocker one the shocker tastes
somewhat like an unsweetened lemonade
you still have that that subtle lemon
flavor but it's not sweet it's it's
actually really good and I could see
myself vaping this on a warm summer day
especially after I just got them on the
lawn this would be a great flavor to
have when you're vaping definitely a
summer type of a liquid the third one is
the sunrise and the sunrise is mainly
it's it's a tropical flavor it's so
mainly like pineapple with some Kiwi
overtones and I don't know why they call
it sunrise it seems more like a you know
something like apparently they wanted to
make it look like it's something in the
morning but it to me it'd be more of an
afternoon type of an e liquid definitely
tropical sweet fruity type of flavor and
the last one would be the cosmic fog
sunset this one's got a lot of complex
flavors in it it's I taste caramel I
taste a hint of maybe cappuccino or some
type of a Nescafe cream coffee now that
the flavor and the smell are two
different ones and when you're smelling
it it smells almost like maple oatmeal I
also get a hint of tobacco in this thing
when I'm tasting it so it smells like
maple tastes like caramel hint of
cappuccino a little bit of tobacco I
would call this actually sunrise
and this son said just because I have a
bit of a coffee flavor going to this a
really subtle one a lot of a lot of
complex flavors in this sunset I got to
tell you folks I'm really excited now
that cosmic fog has changed our formula
to go 70% BG
I'm sure I'm in good company when I say
that when I shift it over from above on
vaping to several vaping I started using
the e liquids that are specifically made
for some vaping I kind of stopped using
that 50/50 PG VG and went on to more of
a BG concentrated eliquid so this is
great news I really missed the cosmic
fog flavors are really good so the
question you may have is well how does a
vape let's go ahead and try it trouble
more as you can see folks so the vapor
is definitely there it's fits really
good now when it comes to cosmic fog you
have two different bottle choices you
can choose from 15 milliliter or 30
milliliter and as far as nicotine
content you go from zero three six
twelve and if you want a lot of nicotine
you can go up to 18 milligrams I do have
a lake on the bottom of this video for
best price guarantee for cosmic fog so
definitely check it out if it's
something that you want to try that's
all I have for this review I'll see you
guys next week with a new review from
tobacco solutions thanks for tuning in
folks have a great day

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