Vape Review of Cosmic Charlie Chalk Dust Slam Berry E-Liquid

April 17, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Cosmic Charlie Chalk Dust Slam Berry E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cosmic Charlie Chalk Dust Slam Berry E-Liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

Winner of Best in Show at Houston Vape Summit, Slam Berry from Charlie's Chalk dust is an exhilarating experience for your taste buds! This vape juice perfectly pairs strawberries and cream to provide that homemade, farm fresh Strawberry Ice Cream we all grew up loving! Enjoy fresh strawberries on the inhale with light, savory notes of cream on the exhale. You'll scream for this ice cream!

Vape Review of Cosmic Charlie Chalk Dust Slam Berry E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cosmic Charlie Chalk Dust Slam Berry E-Liquid

what up YouTube
big Olympic Louise cause of you backing
up with another juice review and today
we're here to discuss
Charlie's chalk dust this is a company
of the hell's out of the nine forty nine
out you Cali
okay I think it's Orange County
California I'm not sure if it's over in
California or Newport California but it
comes straight out of Orange County
California 949 area code so charlie
chalk dust
they got one two three four five e
liquids they got five years in their
line for them are sixty forty blends I'm
not a huge 60/40 blend type of guy I'm
at 80/20 70/30 7525 those are my areas
that I enjoy vaping you know 70/30 is
good 60/40 and you know you're going
into the tank realm but still able to
drip realm you know but it's just it's
just a higher PG level which I want to
try to avoid you know if I can get less
PG I'm happy they got a really good
peanut butter in Jesus it's a spiritual
experience according to them of peanut
butter and jelly
now the peanut butter on peanut butter
and Jesus is really good it's a really
tasty peanut butter the jelly it's you
know everyone everybody knows this grape
jelly is something very hard to
accomplish some people are like almost
right they're like almost like nailing
the grape jelly
and it's good don't get me wrong peanut
butter in Jesus is good but it's a 60/40
and I'm not big on 60/40 s they have
another one called dream cream now these
are the classics this is in their menu
called the classics these are their
classics dream cream and peanut butter
and Jesus now the dream cream it's a
rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge
and notes of cinnamon okay and that
one's really tasty okay then they got
their award-winning slam berry which is
just basically a strawberry ice cream a
homemade strawberry ice cream and that
one is tea
but once again 60/40 I'm not big on
60/40 and I wish they made it into an
80/20 and then I would enjoy it more so
the ones I picked up are the 70 30s of
the line I got head-banging boogie and I
got true berry sugar knife okay now true
berry sugar knife pineapple upside-down
cake with blackberry and maple drizzle
sounds interesting sounds really good
and then the head-banging boogie a
tropical blueberry popsicle that'll
knock your pants off okay not your socks
it'll knock your pants off okay
that's the head bangin boogie now the
bottle is just a look at the bottles
it's an Amber bottle that they have a
wrapper on it
I'm guessing or some sort of coating
it's almost like guys almost like a
ceramic coated bottle it's got this
black bottle finish it's nice you can't
see where your level of juices which
bugs me it's kind of like the vaping
rabbit when they had the black bottles
remember when vaping rabbit had black
bottom they had the black bottles and
the big issue with vaping rapid back
then was you get a 30 mil and then you
buy an empty clear plastic bottle 30 mil
and you filled it up and then you'd have
three quarters of the bottle filled up
vaping rapid thought they were slick but
they said oh well we use that extra air
for steeping so you weren't really
getting a thirty we're really getting
like a 26 or 25 mil this one I'm unsure
of I haven't done the test I'm filling
up a 30ml bottle to see if it fills up
the 30ml bottle and the reason why I
didn't do that test is because I started
vaping it and you know once you start
vaping it you're taking liquid away so
therefore I fucked up but I should have
done that test to see if they're falling
under you know the honor code of not
fucking us over you know what I mean so
we got sugar a knife this is the true
berry sugar a knife so this is the
pineapple upside-down pancake with the
blackberry maple drizzle okay
70/30 I'm gonna be dripping it on my vp
RS RDA with my Dominus festive
mechanical mod okay so
take this cap off you can see my cotton
is nice and white okay and let's see
we're gonna drip the sugar knife now I'm
gonna give it a little mix let's give it
a little mix it up I just burnt my
cotton a little bit yeah yeah all right
all right here we go
go ahead and drizzle this on like the
maple drizzle they say is in here okay
all right nice I don't have such a super
sub-ohm bill than this this is like a
point three five home
okay fates really really well you get
the pineapple I don't get a pancake
taste at all I get kind of a desert
taste but not a pancake taste you know
I'm like getting that flowery doughy
pancake but how the hell do you even
create a pancake taste you know what I
mean out of liquids it's like so hard to
do like bakery cake flavors it's such a
tough thing you know so I definitely get
the blackberry blackberry is predominant
in this e-liquid as well as the
pineapple so you got the pineapple and a
blackberry two very strong flavors that
are fighting each other back and forth
but they have a nice mellow subtleness
to them so this is not an amazing liquid
but it's a decent liquid it's a pretty
good one but it's not amazing so that's
something I want to buy 17 times over
it's something I'll buy once enjoy it
not want to throw it away and be like
okay on with the next type of a liquid
you know not bad though pretty good okay
next one some dropping shit now next one
is head-banging boogie the tropical
blueberry popsicle that'll knock your
pants off that's what they say on their
site I'm gonna drip it on my Hays RDA
rockin it on a DPM box mod dodge pipe
mod box mod okay it was a comma gong
wood box mod it's a dual parallel 18 650
fully mechanical box it's really nice
and it's really expensive but now
they've actually been dropping it in
price everywhere I go I see them
lowering the price on it hmm nice bottle
so I like the feel on these bottles and
he feel cold all the time so that's good
I like that just go ahead and stop
now headbang and boogie it's an awesome
awesome awesome e-liquid they say slam
Barry was Best in Show at vape summit in
Houston Texas I don't know if it was
this year or last year but they said it
was award-winning that was slam Barry I
disagree I think head banging boogie
should have been the Best in Show
honestly I think the head banging
boogies a great fucking e-liquid out of
the to the head banging boogies just
top-notch I get blueberry I get a little
lime I tastes like a lime like a citrus
like a bitter citrus flavor in there
it's almost like a cherry limeade but
it's made with blueberry that's what I'm
getting so this is kind of like a cherry
limeade but instead of cherry it's
blueberry so it's a blueberry limeade
which I haven't seen yet and this has a
really nice blueberry citrusy taste it's
not like a rich ripened blueberry it's
like a tart blueberry with like a
citrusy note to it so it's a really good
flavor so I definitely commend them on
the headbangin boogie the true berry
sugar knife it's okay it's not amazing
but it's good you're not gonna hate it
but I don't know if you're gonna love it
maybe you are gonna love it I don't know
maybe I'm just psychotic I don't know
that that could be the case I could just
be crazy for all I know
but the headbangin boogie is dope for me
to you YouTube like comment subscribe
join Cassatt org and the vapor militia
org and support vaping throughout the
United States peace out

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