Vape Review of Contra E-liquid by Wick Liquor

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Contra E-liquid by Wick Liquor

Vape Review of Contra E-liquid by Wick Liquor

Fruit lovers rejoice - Wick Liquor's Contra e-liquid is a satisfying blend of sweet and tart fruit flavour inspired by Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote. It's complex and satisfying, perfect for an all-day vape. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths About Wick Liquor Produced in the UK, Wick Liquor e-juice has created a streamlined collection of four premium blends for vapers to enjoy with complex flavour blends that keep people coming back for more.

Vape Review of Contra E-liquid by Wick Liquor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Contra E-liquid by Wick Liquor

hey guys London vapor back for an e
liquid review now the liquid we're going
to take a look at today is the third and
final of the samp was always handed at
vape jammed by wick liquor and it is
contra now we've discussed with liquor
in the last two videos but quick recap
they are a uk-based e-liquid
manufacturer from Sanford Tamworth in
Staffordshire and if you head over to
their website with liquor calm
you will currently find for liquids
available across varying flavor profiles
alongside some really snazzy merchandise
as well so go over and take a look let's
head into the review usual weapon of
choice for me my co shorty with the 1.2
ohm dual core build sitting on top of
the I 41 because the IPV mini has
decided to die so what we're going to do
we're going to kick it off at 20 watts
and as you can see straight away it's a
TV Jesus juice so vapor production is
excellent and this is another one for
you fans of mouth-watering fruit lips I
can describe this quite simply and it is
basically skittles rip lodge right from
the inhale you're getting a really
gorgeous mixture of orange there's a
lemon in there there's a hint of a
raspberry in there blueberry in there as
well there's so much fruit going on in
this and it just literally intermingles
together like you've taken a handful of
skittles and just random in your mouth
and chew them all at the same time there
is no way on hills earth I am going to
pick out every single fruit in this one
but what we will do let's pop it up to
25 Watts see if anything else pops its
head up
and I forgot to mention the smoothness
of this right right from the inhale all
the way to the back of the inhale into
the exhale really really smooth crisp
vibe and the aftertaste is lasting a
good 2025 seconds after it after you
exhale as well but there is just so much
fruit in this vape it is good to me
impossible to pick everything out you've
definitely got the citrus notes in there
you've got a nice orange in there you've
got a bit of lemon in there as well but
like I say you've got mixed berries in
there I'm picking up a raspberry there
could be a hint of strawberry in there
but I'm not gonna say a hundred percent
certain it is but I'm just getting a
little hint there and there's a
blueberry in there as well
and just by putting the extra 5 watts in
to me I'm also getting a hint of a black
currant in there as well but like I say
it is such a mishmash of fruits been put
into this and it is as I say just
literally like you've taken a handful of
skittles out the bag shoved them in your
mouth and chew them all the same time
because you've got all those flavors
into mingling together a really really
nice fruit vibe this one is it an all
day vape for me yes no doubt about it a
new fruit fans are gonna love this you
guys look like you're sweet vapes are
gonna love this as well it is just such
a really nice refreshing mouth-watering
vibe there is really nothing that I can
say wrong about this juice it's a really
really nice one so there you go that was
the review let's have a look at what you
need tonight
now with literacy or a UK e-liquid
company and their website is Whig liquor
calm they currently sell their liquids
in 15 mil and these 30 mil glass bottles
with the dropper caps and budget release
that off you've also got your tamper
evidence seal there as well
and also the bottles all comes wrapped
say you can be fairly certain that
there's been no tampering with them have
a look at the labeling you've got really
nice clear labeling there with your
nicotine content all the information
about the juice you use by dates etc
there and you've also got all your
warnings and your not for under 18
triangle as well you PG VG ratios on
these you're looking at a TV g2 20 PG
your nicotine strengths available are
zero milligram 1.5 milligram 3 milligram
and 6 milligram and your pricing
excluding shipping for a 15 milk glass
bottle you're looking at 7 pound and for
a 30 mil glass bottle like this one you
are going to be looking at 13 pound but
to be honest for the issues well worth
the money and of course worldwide
shipping is also available at checkout
so go over and have a look there we go
folks that was the review for wick
liquors contra thank you for watching
and I will catch you next time

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