April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Cola Ice E-Liquid by I Love VG

Cola Ice E-Liquid by I Love VG is an e-liquid that features the flavours Cola and Menthol. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Cola Ice E-Liquid by I Love VG

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cola Ice E-Liquid by I Love VG

yo yo yo welcome to another edition
little bro babes well what can I say
thank you much to all my new subscribers
and the old ones and we know it goes if
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just in the corner give it a little
press to get me to that new magic number
but what's little bro with vaping on
well little bro is still under I love VG
range there we go
and we've got three famous fear yet
three flavours the first one is the
public and the second one's gonna be
apple dazzle and the third one is Cola
ice so let's get crapped on with it this
one what we got this on we've got it on
my wasp nano arm ice Knowles 200 watt
pulse coming out 70 watts at naught
point seven ohms
let's give it a bit of a vapor see what
we think that's the bottle give you a
look at the bottle as well yeah the
Blackbird let's give it a vape straight
away the cool our turrets you straight
away and it's not overly mentally or
cool Audrey it's not overly it's just
subtle and nice and then straight away
you get in the blue Bri it's a right
nice blue rib but not only subtle it's
not like loads of it in there but the
main flavor of this one is the
blackcurrant the blackcurrant hits you
so you're getting straight away you feel
the cook nice coolness of the cool armor
on it you're getting the touch of the
blueberry but then all of a sudden the
black the blackcurrant takes it
completely over it reminds me sort of
like that term like Cynthia like when
you're a kid using a bag of it like a
sherbet so like a dip dubby stuff and
you should get it in them 10 pence mixed
bags and back time you stuck it down you
throw all the bit when wet at the side
here it sort of reminds me of that but
the main flavor on this one is the
blackcurrant axe that you get the cool
artist straightaway in and then you've
got the blueberry which is six lovely
and then the main flavor that whacks you
especially on the XL is the blackcurrant
and it is really nice is it my all day
babe well yeah I don't mind these sort
of Apes again it's one of these I'd
probably come to a thing do you know
what today I'm gonna have a little try
that one yeah it's not bad lot to get
much too little around the bottle there
we go they're all the same Eastern the
bottles and the coming the 30 mil packs
you get three of the bottles in the
theatre meal pack all this is TPD
compliant which everything is really
nowadays and because it asked a bit yeah
so didn't all the warnings on the bottle
and this is like this for all three
flavors that I'm going to be doing today
so we don't have to go back over that
rather we're going to go onto the next
flavor and the next flavor we've got is
apple dozen there we go and what we got
the song we've got this on my smock g3
20 with the cheat at the OBS cheater two
coming out at 70 watts at naught point 1
8 ohms
let's give it a vape you see what within
well that's different
straightaway you get in on the on the
inhale you get in like a lemonade come
why made as well
yeah what you getting into getting a
lemonade and a lie made which is real an
accent then all of a sudden it's got an
apple underneath it that's really nice
and it's a red apple it's a sweet red
apple it's like you've got them like a
red apple in around and you're bitten
even the nice sweetness of the skins
they're suddenly very funny of a
production all the beads are 7:36 you're
gonna get plenty of a production this is
really really nice I really do like it
what you've got is you've got a lie made
and a lemonade and then on the exhale
you're getting that sweet and it is it's
a lovely sweet apple and it's a red
apple that is sola different I've not
really had a flavor like that before and
I really do like it
some look at the bottle there we go
apple dozen is it my all day babe this
is my all day vape I really do like it
like I said you get in a lemonade
and then you get in a sweet red apple
and it's still in me enough now I really
do like it
so yeah thumbs up on this one is my all
day vape I could make this quite a play
all day right then let's move on to the
Kohler ice there we go and what we got
this on we've got this on the trusted rx
200 and with my velocity RDA coming out
at 70 watts at not 0.25 ohms
let's give it a bit of a vapor see what
hmm how'd you know I'm into me colas I
really do like me colas
yeah you getting the : straightaway it's
not the best of colors I've ever tasted
boy sees there it's a nice color isn't
like a roller cola or a cheap cold lace
it's a cola and then the cool articles
in and it's quite nice it could to me it
could do me a little bit more cool
harder but yeah as a cola goes this is
not bad at all
like I said it's not a roller Kolhapuri
it is a proper Cola it just tastes like
a proper Cola and then underneath it you
get in the cool order which for me there
could be a little bit more of it but
it's there it's nice isn't it my old oh
babe do you know what it is I quite like
it I you know I like me colas I can't
stand the chemically colas the ones that
are like your old colors I don't like
them at all I really do like that yeah
it's one that I would go to as an all
day vape it could do a little bit more
cool harder for me but yeah I quite like
well once again was just go over the
boxes for you all TPD compliant this is
your 30 mil ones you get 10 10 mil 10 10
mil goal you get 3 10 mil bottles in it
and all TPD compliant all the details
for I love VG will be down in the
descriptions with all my detail so you
can find me on Instagram Twitter and
Facebook and once again if you've liked
the video make sure you like subscribe
share and there's one last thing to say
people keep them juices flowing

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