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Circus Cookie Cotton Candy 100ml ejuice is a great flavor of circus cotton candy, providing a delicious all-day vape!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CIRCUS COTTON CANDY EJUICE

what's happening in YouTube it's
j-league thanks everybody for tuning in
once again and guys I got another ela
creep you to bring you today this one's
gonna be on circus cotton candy so let's
go check it out
alright guys in the circus cotton candy
I actually picked up well I didn't pick
it up but my buddy picked it up at
Poppy's vapor lounge in Marlton New
Jersey you know to shop I always
frequent and talk about all the time
basically he wanted something that takes
to like cotton candy and zero nicotine
now you guys know I normally vague three
mega teen but I still wanted to go ahead
and do a review on this before he
started vaping on it to let you guys
know my thoughts and opinions um I've
had a few people asking me about
different cotton candy flavors so I
thought this be another good one to
bring for review if you guys tuned in to
the beginning when I first started my
youtube channel I did a review on the
circus cookie and it was pretty good
over time it was a coil killer so this
one maybe as well but what we're gonna
do guys we'll go ahead and I'll show you
guys the box here we'll show you the
bottle open it up smell it let you know
what I get from the smell will they'd
want to go over to vapor production on
me and how the exhale will go over to
throat hit I'll let you guys know it's
an all day vape for me if of course I'd
recommend it to you I'll tell you why I
wonder why we not go out and buy this
and I will grade each category a being
the best F being the worst and then
we're gonna go ahead and wrap it up
alright so here's the box right here it
just got looks like a little circus tent
on the front says zero comes in a zero
three six milligram make a teen it's a
70/30 VG PG
and it's a hunter Mill bottle I was able
I was able to get it for twenty four
bucks and my buddy was able to get it
for $24.95 so I'll do a little research
and put a couple down below underneath
in the description if you guys are
interested all right so it's got some
cotton candy swirls up on the top there
and on the back here just gives you all
the warnings all that good stuff it
looks like it's made in the USA
manufactured by puffs vapor or puff labs
alright and here's the bottle looks
identical to the outside of the
packaging here just says circus cotton
alright and again it is 100 mil bottle
so let's go ahead open it up and I'll
let you guys know what I get from the
smell so it smells basically it smells
like OH in my opinion like a bubblegum
cotton candy although it doesn't state
that has bubble gum in it it definitely
has a little bit of that bubble gum base
to it so I definitely take it definitely
smell a bubblegum cotton candy and more
or less like like kind of like a
bubblegum blue razz cotton candy in my
opinion it smells really good though it
absolutely smells good we'll get the
smell solid b-plus
yeah it does smell pretty nice so we're
gonna go ahead guys
they'd want where to get it ripped and
ready to go here on the dead rabbit RDA
on the captain Pete you 70 110 watts
0.12 ohms
let's have a baby paper production as
you can see it's pumping out the vapor
guys and it's actually an 80/20 I said
70/30 so it's actually an 80/20 blend
it's putting out the clouds we're gonna
get the vapor production of solid b-plus
they're nice they're dense they linger
around for a while so it's definitely
gonna pump out the vapor throw it in on
a scale of minimal to no minimal to hard
it's basically minimal non-existent it
is a zero once again so I'm not getting
any throat here from it so you guys are
you know not looking for a throat eight
you're definitely not gonna get it in a
zero and you're probably not gonna get
it in a three either it is very smooth
on the inhale and the exhale so it's
going to be but I'm just a little bit
more and then we'll start talking about
all the different flavor notes that
we're picking up from it here we go it's
actually it's pretty good we're gonna
drip a little bit more in there and it's
definitely got in my opinion like a
bubble gum base to it though I
absolutely am picking up on little
remnants of bubble gum even up the
nostrils very smooth very very
consistent it's just a really nice it's
almost it reminds me exactly of a
bubblegum cotton candy you know what it
reminds me of to be 100% with you it
reminds me of the bubblicious cotton
candy bubble gum that is exactly what
this is reminding me of right now again
I don't think they're supposed to be any
bubble gum in it I believe it's just
supposed to be a straight-up carnival
cotton candy but it absolutely is
reminding me 100% like a cotton candy
bubblicious gum it's good it's really
really good I actually am kind of happy
that it has the bubble gum flavor to it
I think it's making this e-liquid that
much better in my opinion now it is very
sweet so it's probably gonna do a number
on the coils and on your cotton so keep
in mind that if you are gonna buy this
you may want to stick to dripping it I
haven't made that out of a tank although
uh you know it may hold up in a tank for
a period of time but you may go through
pretty fast let's go ahead new a couple
more so only inhale it's absolutely got
that bubblegum base to it on the exhale
I get that cotton candy and it's uh it
leaves a at least a really good after
takes now the aftertaste that's leaving
in my mouth is definitely it's
definitely at the cotton candy it's got
the bubblegum I mean they they hit it on
they definitely hit the mark I don't
know if they were going for the
bubblegum or not but if they were trying
to go for like a bubblicious cotton
candy gum they would have nailed this
spot on I don't think they were going
for that but that's exactly what I'm
getting from this it's definitely a
sweet one so if you guys are not into
real sweet liquids you're probably not
gonna like this one it's definitely
sweet but if you're looking for
something that's loaded with flavor
maybe you load it with sugar cuz it's
probably got a lot of sugar in it just
gonna be real with you guys it's
probably not gonna be the cleanest on
your coils new your cotton but if you're
looking for something with a ton of
flavor then um and you're looking for
something with a lot a lot of cotton
candy flavor and if you don't mind a
bubblegum I definitely would recommend
this to you now why I wonder why I would
not go out and buy this I would go out
and buy it regardless of how it's gonna
be on my cotton inkowl's and I will come
back I will come back in a week or so I
mean I'm not gonna be vaping on all that
much but my buddy will so I'll get his
opinion on it he vapes out of a tank so
he's gonna let me know how it is and
I'll let you guys know what his thoughts
were and if it ate up his coils quick or
not but I will come back and let you
guys know in the description so tune in
for that one if you want to check back
periodically but yeah it takes really
good and this isn't my first time vaping
on it so this is my first impression of
it so far so good
I could say that as of right now I could
definitely bake this all day
that in that bubblegum it's it follows
up through the whole vague so it follows
up on the inhale it definitely follows
up on the exhale it's absolutely a
bubblegum cotton candy in my opinion um
I'm curious to know if anybody else
who's had this doesn't take the
bubblegum at all because it's there it's
100% there now again everybody's taste
is the taste is always subjective
everybody has a different palate but I
would almost guarantee that most people
are probably gonna taste what I'm
tasting with this and that's basically a
cotton candy bubblicious so if you like
that then you're absolutely gonna like
this one if again if you're not into the
real sugary sweetie like what's your not
gonna like this one it's not gonna be
the one for you so I'm just you know
tuned into some other reviews that I
have or go look at some other YouTube
reviewers and see if there's any other
cotton candy flavors out there that may
pique your interest that aren't as sweet
but so far so good I like this one so
yeah guys I would recommend it to you
and now for the price not bad at all 24
bucks in my local vapor shop 100 mils I
don't think that's bad whatsoever but I
will put a couple links down below and
where you can go pick it up at that's it
for this one guys I won't keep rambling
on guys don't forget in 2000 subscribers
we're gonna have a giveaway coming up we
got some art epa's RDAs we got some
tanks some juice so please guys make
sure you like comment subscribe let me
know what your thoughts and opinions are
and if this one piques your interest at
all until the next time you guys
remember bacon saves life smoking takes
lives and I'll see you soon

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