Vape Review of Circus Cookie E-Liquid

April 16, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Circus Cookie E-Liquid

Vape Review of Circus Cookie E-Liquid

A popular e-liquid that will leave you wanting to run away with the circus. Prepare your palate for a a spot on rendition of circus cookies, topped off with sprinkle-covered.

Vape Review of Circus Cookie E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Circus Cookie E-Liquid

what is going on guys honest some
reviews back at you today with some more
juiced reviews I just got this one in
today and I was just so freaking excited
about I wanted to go ahead and give it a
review so this one's gonna be circus
cookie 60 ml bottle for 2595 again at
vivo vidcom which I think now is gonna
be somewhere up in this region and then
I'm gonna put the link down in the
description below so this is like I said
a 60 ml bottle it's got a cool little
packaging right there and then on the
back you've got your nicotine content
which is three milligrams balsa 6080 20
VG PG and then it's got your California
Prop 65 million episode of minors the
ingredients and you got three milligrams
on the side three milligrams all that
good stuff so once you open it up you
get the actual bottle of juice which is
right there get the same kind of stuff
right there on the back and you also get
a an adapter for dripping your juice
back a little bit easier seeing live
that little screw on top but has no
dripper you also get a sticker that says
circus cookie will end up putting that
back there somewhere home of all and
then let's see here this is just a card
right here that has circus cookie and
then it's got their Instagram website
and email address and a phone number
that was really close to the camera
movie now you can see its paws that if
you want to contact them and I have not
tried it out or anything yet so we're
gonna give it a go and open this up it's
got a sail right there I did break the
syllabus so I could smell it and it
smells spot-on one of those little
animal cracker cookies a little white
and pink ones with a little sprinkle on
it's dead
damn close on smell so I'm gonna be
running this one on the dot mod version
two I got fresh cotton in here and
haven't droop anything yet but man I
just got off of work and came home and
wanting to use this now I'm kind of
scared to use it because everything that
I've read oh man I just dumped that shit
all over everything and I've read people
are just like once you stop or start
dripping that stuff you're gonna run
through a bottle quick so if that's the
case I might as well just go ahead and
leave the website up after so I can or
some more but I do want to try and I
don't know like I've told you guys
before sweet juices like this if they
had how much sweetener they've got in
them and how bad they're gonna go gonna
be a cool as anything as you can see
this is my first time trying this stuff
out as well and should we get enough on
the quo so anyway like I said this is
circus cookie and it's going to be like
I said it's just going to be one of
those little animal cracker doodles a
little white and pink ones with a little
sprinkle all over him so now my brewing
- I'm excited about this one let's give
it a try is the circus cookie
turn that down a little bit it's hot and
I doubt mom used to that goon airflo
I see the hype now is justified for this
stuff that is spot on to one of those
little cookies
like seriously spot freak out on how do
you recommend this one for sure and it
is gonna not last me very long at O so
like I said 60 ml juice I'm gonna go
ahead of the ship that's good
really freakin good 60 ml bottles $25.95
comes in zero three or six milligrams
and Nick turn my fan on it's really
vaping here now I'm gonna be Bo babe up
there pick it up if you want some I'm
neon Stallone this is circus cookie cuz
shit I'm out

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