Vape Review of Cinnaberry E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Cinnaberry E-Liquid

Vape Review of Cinnaberry E-Liquid

With Cinnaberry, there are no deceptions and no gimmicks, there is only pure flavour. A meticulously blended juice which consists of Cinnamon and Strawberry Icing that is like no other. A truly special concoction, and a must for all vapers.Prominent Flavours: Cinnamon, Strawberry Icing

Vape Review of Cinnaberry E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cinnaberry E-Liquid

what's going on YouTube vapors of 18
plus ages we're friendly neighborhood
vapors matin path back again with
another cheese review and tonight you
guys got a brand new flavor just
released by frisko vapor they're
actually a local company right out of
San Francisco California here in
Northern California this was sent to us
for the purpose of this review for free
shit goddammit oh by then sorry and a
big THANK YOU to Ben Thank You Ben you
demand from grand vapor station calm you
guys are basically one of the only sites
right now that is carrying this juice
we're going to make sure to leave their
description down in the link for it but
Pat's going to go ahead and agreed you
the flavor profile off of grand vapor
station calm for this juice he'll tell
you the nicotine level everything but
once again I was gonna say I just want
to mention that it was best and the UK
babe Jam 2016 for pastry flavor at one
though word for it so this is like one
of the top naturally agenda juice and 21
that here we go Sinha Barry is the
latest creation by frisko vapor Sinha
berry juice is an irresistible delicious
baked cinnamon roll with strawberry
icing if you haven't had a juice with
this flavor profile Sinha berry juice
take tastes like a cinnamon roll that
came fresh out the oven hmm no we're
going to rate this juice just like we
rate all other juices here on our
channel Pat's going to tell you exactly
how you're gonna rate it on a scale from
zero being the lowest 10 being the
highest gonna start thing off with a
smell test taste test flavor test
covered cloud production and throat hit
and like he said on the scale one to ten
so exactly start it off with a small
test I'm say we just open this juice and
this shit is freaking I'm really
impressed with it already so i'm not a
big i hate cinnamon vapes normally I
didn't like Cheerios by a the vaping
rabbit by they have milk man lined or
whatever you want to call it the fucking
sitting the beefs have I tried I didn't
like the sugar drizzle by cut wood or
like really any of those like cinnamon
roll babes sexers surprised there's like
one actually though like didn't like the
only one out of like here's the wolfie
juice line is I don't like that was it
the cinnamon roll yeah l didn't like it
don't really like it though that was
like the only one that we liked out of
that line that I think there's one smoke
bomb it smells like a fresh cinnamon
roll and you get that nice sweet
strawberry in the background it smells
really good so oh yeah damn that's
killer actually then you get a hell look
like I have a smell the strawberry icing
on it yeah and the cinnamon roll like
but it's like spot-on like so it's a max
VG juice it's comes in nicotine levels
of 0 3 and six I think forgot to mention
that you can tell it to max VG juice
just how thick it is and stuff the
viscosity of it it's not really watery
to shakeys nice and thick um let's go
ahead and fire this up it's got on the
RX 200 with the hayes rd a it's not the
drip or like a lot of people see it's
basically like one of your first what do
you call it like sub tank basically RDAs
and stuff and you just run the cotton
right down into your juice well right
below it's just the normal RDA I bought
it thinking it was the dripper and when
I got him I got fuck do the snotty a but
it's really nice simple macro build
reading to a point five we're going at
41 wats kind of a pit up
babe babe babe take it to the head
straight ahead it's really really good
you liking that this must be good I'm
excited it's real good i'm in for your
treat know what i get from it on the
inhale you get that nice cinnamon pastry
mm-hmm and on the exhale you get like a
nice like creamy cinnamon but that sweet
strawberry kinda just uh gives you a
palate cleanse so you're just not stuck
with the cinnamon and stuff that's what
I really like about cinnamon can be
really overpowering and you're just
stuck with cinnamon basically you're not
with this you really taste that
strawberry icing it's fun it's bomb
that's right yeah yeah it's really good
really like that and now what's pretty
coolest thing to show this about the
bottle bomb all these bottles come with
a batch numbers and dates and everything
i'm not sure if i'll be able to get that
focus so you guys can see but it's
pretty cool so this was actually born on
date was a the first of this month
actually April 2016 so not to a bottle
so you notice just made out of their
first pass that's less that's that's how
the holding the flavor on its fucking
bomb is shit I'd give it a good ended
the spot on how they describe it's only
twenty dollars to only twenty bucks so
definitely for any of you uh norcal
locals and stuff these guys are right
here out of the bay area i'm pretty sure
the right in daly city it's basically
innocent south san francisco so I mean
they know to make sure yeah I give it
two thumbs up like a Briscoe paper to
definitely do by bottle this stuff this
stuff I really good oh yeah this is
something gonna be one of my new all day
babes I could see why one that uh that
vape Jam fucking UK dude the stuff is
killer like damn it's really good in
like what it reminds me of is like on
when I beep that I love doughnuts the
first one the strawberry with the
you get a lot of what do you call it
like kind of like a light cinnamon in a
sense I'm not sure of anyone to
experience that with the TFA's frosted
donut you probably do that's what I get
a lot out of the I love Donuts the
strawberry can I get that cinnamon and
strawberry you actually go back to our
review on I think we still have it up
like I mention that and stuff it tastes
like it's got like a nice cinnamon
strawberry mix to it the same thing from
this that's what it reminds me exactly
just as cinnamons more on a stronger
know oh yeah like right on the exhale
though like all I get is like that bomb
strawberry icing for some reason fucking
delicious bean max PG grey clouds pink
clouds and smooth the shit to the throat
it's getting vibes that's like does that
well like but it's not like it's perfect
it's fucking perfect yeah man I'm gonna
give this Jesus a solid 10 out of 10 it
gets a solid 10 out of 10 you can out of
turn all around got two thumbs up two
films and suddenly recommend you to buy
this for sure twenty dollars a bottle
not sure when shipping costs might as
well buy a couple I'm pretty sure they
got free shipping to a certain cost try
to check all that put it down in the
description down the link that baked the
sin of berry center berry so that label
didn't get to show I don't think we
showed the label which was really dumb
let's get some light on that bitch named
and shove the label look at that baked
sinha berry it's pretty bummed that
label guys label looks like the Cinnabon
label kind of right it's really nice I'm
no I we didn't even show that before you
guys let's wrap this up make sure to
like share comment and subscribe 84
subscribers away from hitting 700 which
will be given away that's going to tell
you we're gonna be giving my two wise
mix it's good batteries included two two
lucky winners and on top of that thanks
to premium be liquids ruthenium pre
YUM my bad we're gonna be given away
their whole line of juice two juices the
leader line it's a strawberry melt and
cream of the crop both very delicious
and it's gonna be 25 of you lucky
winners and be getting that so this
shit's Bob bra subscribe make sure you
subscribe you're not already hit that
button hit the like button subscribe do
it hmm thanks so much you guys peace out
you have a wonderful night

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