Vape Review of Cinna-Fun E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Cinna-Fun E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

Vape Review of Cinna-Fun E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

By Ekaterina Mironova

Vape a breakfast favorite that can be enjoyed all day with Cinna-Fun by Vaper Treats. Emulating a universally delicious dessert, Cinna-Fun brings a cinnamon bun topped with vanilla icing right to your tank. The inhale of this vape juice brings a warm gooey bite of cinnamon bun front and center. While you enjoy the rich delight of cinnamon buns, an exhale of vanilla icing brings these flavor notes together to blend the perfect all day treat. Be sure to buy a bottle of Cinna-Fun E-Liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML) now!

Vape Review of Cinna-Fun E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cinna-Fun E-liquid by Vaper Treats (60ML)

today I bring to you the cupcake man by
vapor treats hey there ladies and
KJ and EO is back in the house this time
I bring to you a juice review of the
cupcake man by vapor treats this is
really cool stuff right here they come
out of Costa Mesa California although I
heard they're going to be relocating
later I'll give you more on that later
towards the end of this video it's kind
of important and the prices and the
sizes they all come in 60 ml bottles
they're $25 plus shipping shipping is $6
from local vapes the ratio is an 80/20
blend that's a TVG 20 PG and nicotine
strengths available are zero two four
and six milligrams I got mine in two
milligrams kind of wish they had three
but I'm good with two or four either way
but I got mine in two I did purchase
this juice it was not sent to me for
review and they have a couple different
flavors available there is the cupcake
man and there is strawberry cookie
butter and from what I could see on
their Facebook page they're about to
release another one called Cinna fun and
it looks like like a Cinnabon type of
thing pretty cool alright so the flavor
description of this one is cupcake man a
vanilla cupcake drizzled in sweet
strawberry frosting topped with
sprinkles and the other flavor which I
do not have that I hope to get soon one
day is strawberry cookie butter it's a
warm and creamy freshly baked cookie
drizzled with butter and strawberries
that sounds so good you know guys know
me I love strawberry vapes okay so
cupcake man right here let's do a smell
check first of all it smells like it
smells like that um like strawberry
buttercream frosting that you had had on
top of a cupcake that's what it smells
like and there's a little bit of vanilla
cake goodness in the background they're
really delicious smelling let's do a
taste test
it is totally like the icing on those
cupcakes rich sweet strawberry like I
said like buttercream icing that's the
way I see it at least and a little bit
of vanilla cake in the background the
cake is more of an backseat in this
flavor okay you know how some bakery
flavors is like a lot of cake present
sometimes people like them but sometimes
people don't
this one the strawberry frosting is more
up front all right so we're gonna vape
on this right now I haven't loaded in
the sapporo RDA I have a Clapton bill
dual coils it resistances to 0.3 one
ohms and I'm vaping in at 75 watts and
let's do this man I'm a man that flavor
first of all it is hot it is so hot I
turned off my a/c to do the review so
you wouldn't hear this loud buzzing
noise in the background but I'm
suffering yeah don't mind me though I
always take one for the team you guys
know that I always go out of my way to
do anything I can alright I the flavor
going in I'm getting like strawberry
frosting only on the way out that
strawberry like I said it to me it seems
like like the buttercream the heavy rich
frosting that's really sweet that's what
I'm getting strawberry though and at the
end telling right after it I'm getting a
little bit of that vanilla cake goodness
that you would expect from a cupcake
when you're vaping and you're blowing it
out it's almost like someone took one of
those vanilla of yellow cupcakes with
the strawberry icing on top smashed it
together and then you take a whiff of it
this is what like I'm tasting totally
totally smooth on the throat smooth out
the nose really totally smooth I mean
and it's totally sweet totally rich if
you like strawberry frosting I know I do
I love strawberry goodness from anything
I mean it yeah if it's done right and
this is done right this is good really
tasty it so matches the description and
because of that you know that's the way
I rate things this flavor I'm totally
giving a kg and EO flavor rating of 5
out of 5 there you go really well done
you guys vapor production all right
let's try it I'll do one from the side
one in front of the camera let's do this
lot of vapor got a read rip these
Clapton's sure eat up juice you know
totally fogged me out right nice dense
clouds they totally linger in the air
delicious flavor like I mentioned I mean
I love this stuff you know I bought this
just to let you know about two months
ago maybe from I bought mine from
flawless I had it for about two months
and I've been vaping on it leisurely you
know this is one that I bought so I
would have done it right away but you
know the ones I get for free from
different manufacturers they kind of
have priorities so I wanted to sneak
this one in today to let you guys know
about it before I run out because I'm
right near the end of the bottle and
yeah I definitely want to get some more
of this stuff really good so that vapor
production test I know where I'm at I'm
totally at a kg and EO vapor production
rating of four and a half out of five
there you go alright so that is my take
on the cupcake man from vapor treats
guys if you like a sweet rich strawberry
with a little bit of cake flavor you're
gonna love this I totally recommend it
double thumbs up KJ antio approved right
here okay oh boy is it hot I can't wait
to turn that air back on boy
all right so that's about all the time I
have for you guys oh yeah whoa whoa
one more thing I mentioned they're gonna
relocate and it's a shame you know from
what I hear they're gonna be probably
going into Vegas you know what's going
on here don't you folks California has
made things so tough on juice
manufacturers that they're squeezing
them out of the state and it's a shame
because we need everyone in the state
having business as much as possible so
you know we're like so far backlogged on
taxes and whatnot
you know it's companies like this that
help our economy and it really is a
shame really a shame that they're
getting squeezed out and all you could
do is try to fight for your right to
vape so make sure that you join kasaa
CAS AAA I always have a link to them in
the description there's also not blowing
smoke thought that can't talk not
blowing smoke dot org
there's so FATA there's a lot of
different organizations that help stand
up for our rights to vape you guys
really need to get in on it I've donated
my own personal money before to these
charities and I think you guys should
too because they're helping fight for
our rights to vape and you know if
things were just a little better
companies like this would not have to
move out of state it's just a shame real
shame all right that's about all I got
for you right now thank you guys so much
for watching I hope you enjoyed this
video if you did show me some love and
hit that thumbs up button and if you
haven't subscribed go ahead and
subscribe I love you guys on my channel
really appreciate it you guys comment on
all my videos just totally really
appreciate it from the bottom of my
heart thanks again guys take care have a
stellar day be excellent to everyone and
most of all remember me I am KJ Andy Oh
your host with the most see you on the
next video guys peace out

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