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By Ekaterina Mironova

Chubby Bubble is a mouthwatering bubble gum that brings us a new twist on our favorite classic bubble gum flavors, except this bubble gum will never lose its flavor. Chubby Bubble Strawberry is a gushing strawberry profile complemented by sweet and chewy bubble gum. To top it off Chubby Bubble also comes in a BEASTLY 60mL bottle at the same price as a 30mL! VG to PG 70/30 This Product Features: 60mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - 60mL Bottle of Chubby Bubble Strawberry BEASTLY BECAUSE Chubby bubble will bring you back. A combination of fruity flavors and chewy bubble gum will have you blowing BEASTLY bubble gum flavored clouds! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of CHUBBY BUBBLE STRAWBERRY

what's going on everyone welcome back to
another juice review today we're
checking out for word liquid sent over
by vape society supply look what the
dogs doing fuckin dust your face off
don't you chew on my duster get out get
out get out go now she thinks you're
playing with her get it get out of here
oh go you both do you get out I'll do
this myself what's going on everyone
welcome back to another juice review
today we're gonna check out for liquids
that were sent over by VAP society's
supply links will be posted in the
description and today's liquids are
coming from chubby bubble vapes take it
away Angela so we have two different
juices from their line we have the
chubby bubble vapes which are fruity
bubblegum flavors and then the chubby
fruit babes are fruit mixtures there we
go and let me have a look at the bottle
presentation we got some chubby gorilla
bottles and we got some glass dropper
bottles and the labeling is nice and
appealing to everyone there you go
don't do that hold on wait stop
yesterday's video was horrible bad
quality bad audio and for some reason I
kept doing that through the whole video
and I know how annoying it was so I'm
not gonna do it this video take it away
alright stab me after the video stop
you're gonna get the dog excited we're
going to start this all over again okay
so you can get all these as 60ml zort
120ml the nick levels are 0-3 so Toby
tell them I know I'm just watching you
okay then VG PG is 70/30 the first one
we are going to try is a good price and
in here price okay will you do it just
review this is way it works you do price
I understand that $15.99 guys 1590
another child
these are $15.99 nice alright easy peasy
ratio we're starting off at the bubble
gum line yes
very bubblegum all right vici the flavor
profiles just say strawberry bubble gum
yeah all right let's do it make sure
your setup is yep all right take it away
Bambi though don't look at me when
you're vaping look at them they want to
see you do it smells good tastes really
oh my god why did you say that you have
to wait until I try it you know I don't
know yesterday that's why this is not
gonna work out between us with the
videos I don't think I want to find a
new candidate are you divorcing me from
your videos yes I think so
mmm it's got a very nice strawberry
flavoring and there's not a funky
strawberry aftertaste on it's a nice
bubblegum flavor it does actually taste
like strawberry bubblegum holy hell it's
not too bubblegummy either no it's not
that's good yeah it's got a nice
strawberry in him a bubble gum exhale I
thought for sure this juice was gonna
suck because he wants a fake bubble gum
what it actually does taste really good
yeah but we're only on the first juice
so it could go back down the line here
it's like a candy strawberry with a nice
little bubble gum kick yes beautiful
that's a good one very good that is a
good that one's a keeper I think we got
a keeper we got a keeper
all righty the next one is bubble purp
which is a sweet grape bubble gum flavor
oh that's gonna be good I hope it's good
don't say anything don't make faces
would you just pull here off there a
piece of cotton Oh take it away
don't sit who was most creepy that is
very good it tastes Wow yeah that's got
a really good great bubblegum flavor it
makes you want to drink water because
it's so bubblegummy yeah that's it's
just like a bubblicious great bubblegum
noon mm-hmm
the grape isn't too strong on idea there
I think there that is very good yeah
great bubblegum nailed it
beautiful there's not no other way to
describe it I can't give you any kind of
like you know it tastes like decadent
grapes and luxurious bubble gum no just
like great bubble gum that's it plain
it's simple doesn't taste funky either
really good no funky after flavors I'm
very happy about that
I was little worried I don't like funky
aftertaste you know I noticed every
video you say that what that everything
is gonna have a funky aftertaste and
there's the end the video that you like
yesterday's video you said you really
didn't like one juice and then I said I
liked it and at the end of the video you
said you liked it no I said you did no
okay carry on
do you like hash this out here I'm the
video let's do it let's box it out how
many minutes do we have in this video we
have as long as you want we could just
do it now we don't need boxing gloves so
just use fists on fists come on do
anything you flinched baby so the next
one is fruity vapes line and this is
Kiwi melon and it is a satisfyingly
sweet Kiwi combined with juicy melons
yeah that's so nasty have you ever had a
Kiwi melon you like what no how's their
Kiwis Kiwi gives me heartburn this is
real Kiwi take it away Kiwi
Hubie sound like a porn star don't say
anything just where's the deal G yet
because the do G is very quiet you
kicked her out she's pouting sprite
chewing up that something well hurry up
and write there you go
take your time relax that one's okay
it's a taste pina colada or like suntan
lotion no I taste the melon in it but
it's okay there's like a pina colada or
like a drop of suntan lotion in there
yeah something's in there
there's no it's more melon than Kiwi I
think there's gotta be pina colada in
here like there's no bad aftertaste it
tastes good but I don't it's not one of
my top picks though but it's it's it's
not bad it was not bad just not no it's
more melon I don't really taste any kiwi
it's more Melanie I can see myself
laying in a thong on a beach beeping
this nobody wants to do that they might
okay yeah this one I don't know
yeah all right last stop is very pear
mm-hmm blueberry pear yes which is fresh
pick blueberries and ripe pears
what the hell mixes blueberries don't
know I've never had a pear a liquid
before don't say anything I'll make a
face tape it and hand it over there we
go the master is going to test it
it's gross you know it's weird though it
actually has a semi-decent flavor it
just no I don't know it it does have I
mean it's got so you just now here we go
no you just said it was gross it is
gross but I'm agreeing with you that it
does have decent flavor in it but it's
gross you have to be your own woman
don't you like pear though there's no
blueberry but I see little blueberry I
taste the pear just that's a weird
combination it's guys but if you like
parents gotta taste like Perry I have a
hands soap that smells like this that's
what it is yeah I think it's a good
smells like hand soap it doesn't taste
like some well maybe it does I don't
know it's just too weird I wouldn't mix
those together No
all right so the bubble gum line was
really good but the fruit line was not
so good the combination of the weird
fruits I think just wasn't our to our
liking yeah but I think bubble gums the
bubble gums were really good what are
you doing what is this really doing for
this is great you're going off the
script we have a script you have to go
by you know yeah pretend we do oh I'm
gonna ever video everyday this week I am
so drained oh yeah all right we don't
have any giveaway no we do we have a
giveaway for this every June I thought
you meant to announce all anywhere
there's no we do have a giveaway though
what you guys gonna do is comment below
hit the subscribe button if you're not
already subscribed and in the comments
section let us know which liquid out of
these four do you think you would like
and then next week when we do our other
two videos will let you will randomize
all the comments and we'll pick two
winners for today's video and then the
video from yesterday that was horrible
quality horrible audio and just all
around bad it was just bet the audio was
screwed up the video was screwed up I
don't think it was well you'd probably
watch it I did watch it whoa I don't
it was masked I didn't like it Oh why
are you putting out products you don't
like product it was a video because I
wasn't about to rework I recall these
atomizers every time we do a juice
review I clean out all these Animas and
we do it all over again and I was not
about to rip those for atomizers again
just to do that juice again no way why
would you have to do what get to do that
juice again just because I heard you
pull the cotton oh all right we're done
we'll see you guys later
I'll tell you Sunday so I'll see you
guys on the show not another leap show
7:00 p.m. Central Time don't don't be
promoting your stuff links will be
posted in the description see you guys
later bye bye say bye I'm like this you
gotta say bye good bye there you go bye

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